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Alan Smith: Evan, <Rank> <Name>, do you remember McChubs Shoes? Linda McChubs was found dead in their old factory.
Alan Smith: Go now and put the killer behind bars!
Evan: Is she dead? What a shame, she was a good person, and so beautiful also...

Chapter 1

Investigate Abandoned factory
Evan: Linda looks asleep, right? How could she be murdered? There isn't any blood in here.
Evan: This purse can't be empty. Let's take a look at it later.
Evan: And we should also talk to Linda's brother, Liam McChubs. He discovered the corpse, and it's suspicious he's done it.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Linda breathed and took into her some kind of venom or poison.
Daniel: I couldn't guess very well which one it was, because there were a lot of toxic components in her body! She must have taken drugs everyday.
Evan: What about the killer?
Daniel: It's hard to tell something. The killer didn't touch the victim, as there weren't any signals of contact.
Daniel: But when the killer dropped the venom in the air, they accidentally dropped something else. The cannabis they were smoking!
Daniel: Linda breathed the cannabis smoke too, but she didn't use it as a habit. Your killer does!
Evan: I hope we didn't breathe anything of that at the factory, <Name>.
Daniel: You need to be hours there to die. You'll just feel dizzy for a while.

Examine Purse
Evan: Such a way to take drugs, <Name>! This purse only had pills.
Evan: Well, apart from that ring, obviously. Now I look at it better, it's got a name written on it. I can't read it. Her boyfriend? Surely. Let's see who it is.
Evan: And also, we should give this to Sabrina.

Examine Ring
Evan: This ring says "Lewis Bender". I don't know him, but he must have had a relationship with Linda.
Evan: Let's ask him about her girlfriend.

See who Lewis Bender is
Lewis: Is she... Is Linda dead? Really?
Lewis: Why? She didn't deserve it! I'm sure Liam did it. Liam hated her, he said she had mental problems, and that she was guilty for his bad acts.
Lewis: Liam uses cannabis, and he said Linda had twisted his arm into drugs.
Evan: And what about you? Do you use cannabis?
Lewis: Well, Linda used to give me some times and I often do now.
Evan: We see you hate Liam. Why, Lewis?
Lewis: Wouldn't you hate a kleptomaniac? If you wouldn't, I would.

Analyze Purse
Sabrina: This purse was touched by someone apart from Linda. I found fingerprints, but I don't know who they belong to.
Sabrina: The one who took the purse moved the pills to find something. They were very anxious and their hands were also sweating.
Sabrina: They were looking for money, I guess. But you know your killer is a kleptomaniac!
Evan: Interesting.

Evan: <Name>, we should take a deeper look at the factory's roof. The venom that killed Linda must be there.

Investigate Factory's roof
Evan: Isn't it suspicious? A flask of mayonnaise in a factory's roof.
Evan: And it's got a bit of dust! Do you think it's the venom which killed Linda down there?
Evan: You have good skills with it, <Name>. Would you take a sample?

Examine Flask of mayonnaise
Evan: This is what we're looking for, <Name>! Well done! Let's ask Daniel if this is our murder weapon.

Analyze Powder
Daniel: This powder is a lethal substance, and probably cause Linda's death.
Daniel: But I couldn't know very well what was it. Your murder weapon hasn't been determined yet.
Evan: D*mn that killer!
Daniel: As this was in a flask of mayonnaise, you can deduce your killer eats mayonnaise!

Ask Liam McChubs about the murder
Liam: I'm not going to shed a tear, I shed them all before. She was already dead.
Liam: The good thing is she stopped suffering.
Evan: What do you mean, Liam?
Liam: She used drugs, she drank alcohol, she smoked, she did everything wrong! One of the wealthiest families in this city, with a stupid girl.
Liam: I'm glad my parents finished with the firm. Linda would have ruined it before we could do anyhing.
Evan: Why didn't you try to stop her? Maybe things might have gone better.
Liam: Stop? She'd never stop. Since she gathered with those "friends", she got worse as days passed. I don't like to blame, but Marilyn is responsible.
Evan: Marilyn? We'll get her in the headquarters.

Ask Marilyn Yanks about her friendship with the victim
Evan: What do you know about Linda McChubs? Did you use to meet often?
Marilyn: We're good friends. We gather to have a party, enjoy the night, things like that.
Evan: She... she's dead.
Marilyn: Really? Oh, poor her! We will miss her. She was funny, and she always helped everyone.
Marilyn: She told me once to stop using cannabis, she said it was the worst drug. But she used every drug in the world, so I kept using it.

Evan: Did you see that? She uses cannabis, <Name>!
Evan: And, well, she isn't as bad as Liam told us. She's worse!
Evan: Marilyn was trying to take your wallet. I didn't expect Linda to have kleptomaniac friends.

Chapter 2

Gino: Are you working in a new case, guys? When will I go with you?
Evan: One of this days, Gino.
Evan: We're working on Linda McChubs's death.
Gino: Is she dead?
Evan: No, we're imagining it because we're bored.
Gino: People said they used to hide important things in that factory. Why don't you seek there?

Investigate Industrial machine
Evan: If that venom was in the air, that duct might be the guilty one.
Evan: And this torn page can be useful too. Can you piece it back together?

Examine Air duct
Evan: Those molecules could be our murder weapon. I'm very nervous!

Analyze Molecules
Daniel: The substance in the duct is called "paladium". It's a metal, but it was grated, to say something understandable.
Daniel: A metal can't kill anyone, unless you breathe air with it.
Daniel: The paladium coincided with the sample in the flask, and with another sample in Linda's lungs. This is your murder weapon!

Examine Torn page
Evan: This is a contract. Why would someone tear it apart?
Evan: Hey! That factory is actually hired! Zack Clewn owns it and Linda McChubs paid the rent.
Evan: Let's ask Zack about it.

Ask Zack Clewn about his contract with the victim
Zack: I know her, yes. I own a factory where Linda used to work. But I haven't seen her since the company closed up. Three months ago.
Evan: And who paid you "since that moment"? Is the factory still yours?
Zack: Linda didn't pay "since that moment", because the factory wasn't used anymore.
Zack: I used the money she used to give me to buy cannabis for a medical treatment, so I'm getting poor.
Evan: Do you know anyone near to Linda?
Zack: Her brother, of course. And David Hickets. He was the security guard when the factory was still working.
Evan: Ok. Would you like a ham and mayonnaise sandwich from the café?
Zack: Yes, please.

Question David Hickets about his job in the factory
David: I worked as a security guard for McChubs Shoes in the factory, but no more than that.
Evan: Do you know who Zack Clewn is?
David: Yes! Do you know him?
David: He owns that abandoned factory, and he's a kleptomaniac. He always put his hand in my security post to take my money.
Evan: Is there any other access to the factory?
David: You can walk a very very long way to the backdoor, or go past the security post.
David: Only the McChubs have access there.
Evan: Then Liam is one of our main suspects, <Name>! But before talking to him, we should check that security post.

See if Liam could access the factory
Liam: A kleptomaniac security guard says I'm responsible for my sister's death and you just trust him.
Evan: You hated Linda. She drove you mad. Why were you both at the same time in an abandoned factory?
Liam: I don't know, I just felt like going there. She was in danger!
Evan: We know you use cannabis. What are you able to do when you're high?
Liam: Kill stupid police officers like you who just like messing with me!
Evan: You're just as horrible as mayonnaise.
Liam: How can't you like mayonnaise? That makes you even weirder.
Evan: We'll check your factory again.
Evan: <Name>, can you go up and see the ventilation system? I'll get you there in a while.

Investigate Ventilation System
Evan: That paladium surely went through this ventilation system, and this piece of fabric was here. We can't take it so easy, <Name>.
Evan: I'll send it to the lab and see what it is.

Analyze Piece of fabric
Sabrina: That piece of fabric is useless itself, but it's the kind used for ties.
Sabrina: Your killer's tie must have hooked in the ventilation system and when they pulled, this fabric stayed there.
Evan: Then our killer wears a tie. Thanks, Sabrina.

Investigate Security post
Evan: This book is a register book, <Name>. Every visitor's name is here! Let's see how easy it was to get in.
Evan: And... this flask of mayonnaise must belong to David. It must be here since the factory closed. Look at the green part.
Evan: Wait, <Name>! Marilyn's name is in the book. It's old, but she could get in and out easily.

Ask Marilyn if she went to the factory
Marilyn: What's wrong with me at the factory? Linda was my friend, and I have the right to visit her.
Evan: What did you do there?
Marilyn: We just used to smoke a while, talk, have a snack.
Marilyn: She used to tell me not to put mayonnaise on her sandwich. I like it but she didn't.
Marilyn: I feel sorry for Lewis. That boy really loved her. Neither does he like mayonnaise. What a coincidence!
Evan: And what about her brother?
Marilyn: Liam never liked his own sister. He hated Linda, and he hates me too.
Marilyn: I wouldn't be surprised if he'd done it.

Chapter 3

Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, you are a great <Rank> but that Evan Day is slowing you down.
Alan Smith: Go back to the factory entrance and find something right now!

Evan: Good idea, <Name>!
Evan: We're heading to the factory entrance right now. That security post must have something good.

Investigate Factory entrance
Evan: Were those glasses here the last time we checked the security post? These are useful, I swear!
Evan: I bet this is the killer's blood. Take a sample and give it to Sabrina.

Examine Bloody glass shards
Evan: Great job, <Name>! You're awesome. Someone will be behind bars very soon.

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: Being your killer a kleptomaniac, they must have hit the window in the post looking for money.
Sabrina: Then they left blood in the glasses, and I can say the killer's blood type is A-.

Evan: It's enough, <Name>. Time to send the killer to jail.

Arrest killer
Evan: It's over, Zack. We know you murdered Linda McChubs by dropping paladium in the ventilation system.
Zack: Me? Why would I have done such a thing?
Evan: That's what you have to explain to us. Why in the factory? How did you tell her to go there?
Zack: I just sent a message to that b*tch to meet me there and I closed the door.
Zack: Then I took the first cr*p I found at home and put it in the ventilation system and hoped that would kill her.
Evan: But just tell us, why?
Zack: When the company closed, the factory got disused, and that wh*re said she'd not pay anything.
Zack: But she didn't want to rescind the contract! So I told her to bring it too.
Zack: I would've gone to take it, but I saw Liam was comng. That d*mned girl had told him.
Evan: We've heard enough. You're under arrest.

Esteban Gonzalez: Zack Clewn, you stand before this Court for the voluntary murder of Linda McChubs. Do you have anything to say in your defense?
Zack: Just condemn me. You know I killed her!
Esteban Gonzalez: For the murder of Linda McChubs and her unlawful deprivation of liberty, this Court therefore condemns you to 40 years in jail with parole in 30.
Esteban Gonzalez: Silence in the Court! Session is adjourned.

Evan: Well, <Name>, one more murder brought to justice and one more killer in jail.
Evan: Thank you for solving it, <Name>.
Lewis: Thanks a lot, <Rank>. You are a good cop, not like others. And thanks to you too, Inspector Day.
Evan: Don't worry. It's our daily job.
Evan: <Name>, do you like popcorn? I'll buy some sodas for us.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Good job on this case, <Rank> <Name>. But the police's duty consists of protecting our community, and we never finish with that.
Alan Smith: First, go to see Liam McChubs. He was very upset during the trial, so I'm sure he's not ok.
Alan Smith: And Lewis Bender might need help too. Why don't you ask him if he's alright?
Alan Smith: Oh, and David Hickets wanted to talk to you. It can't be important, but I don't want him here anymore.

See if Liam is ok
Liam: My mother gave Linda a bell when she was little. She loved it.
Liam: It's just that I can't find it, but I'm sure she left in the abandoned factory. I'm sure you'll see it in minutes.
Evan: Yeah... it... must be around there. <Name> and I will check.

Investigate Abandoned factory
Evan: I don't know why someone would keep things in an abandoned factory of shoes.
Evan: This box is full of things! We'll have a great time looking for a bell.

Examine Box
Evan: Is this a bell, <Name>? Or at least was it once?
Evan: Liam won't like just metal pieces, I'm sure. We should fix it, don't you think?

Examine Metal pieces
Evan: Yay, it reminds me of a bell I had when little!
Evan:OH GOSH! Its sound is so strong, I think I broke my ears. Don't touch the cord or you'll be sorry, <Name>.
Evan: Let's give Liam this thing and get rid of it.

Give back the bell to Liam
Evan: Is this the bell you spoke of to us?
Liam: Yes, it's the one! And it seems to be new. Boys, you're amazing.
Evan: When you need us, just ring it and we'll be here within seconds.
Evan: It's not a magic bell, but it sounds so powerfully, we'll hear it wherever we are.
Liam: This is a present for you, <Rank>.

Ask Lewis if he's alright
Lewis: I miss her so much, <Rank> <Name>! My life happens not to have any sense if she's gone.
Lewis: A few days before her death she told me she'd bought me a ring as a present for our 2 years of love. She hid it in the factory roof.
Evan: Do you pretend us to look for it?
Lewis: Could... Could you do that for me? That would be great.
Evan: Just a quick search and no more, right?

Investigate Factory's roof
Evan: It looks like Linda really liked being in an abandoned factory.
Evan: Anyway, a ring is too small for a chest, <Name>. Are you sure? If you say...

Examine Chest
Evan: Are you sure this is the ring Lewis wants? I don't know, I just feel it's not the one.
Evan: I mean, Linda was well-off and this must be a cheap second-hand accessory.
Evan: We'll give it back to him once we've seen what it's made of.

Analyze Ring
Sabrina: Are you sure this belongs to Linda? I'm not sure it's worth over 20 cents.
Sabrina: This ring is made of tin, and it's painted in yellow, but it doesn't look like gold.
Evan: Thank you again, Sabrina.
Evan: C'mon, <Name>. This is property of Lewis, and after all, he just has this to remember Linda.

Give Lewis the ring
Lewis: Isn't it lovely? My name is on the ring. How many girls would do it?
Evan: The same amount that would buy cheap jewelry.
Evan: It was in a chest with some love letters and old chocolates.
Lewis: Did she keep those letters?
Lewis: You've made my day happy. What can I do for you? I can pay for your services.
Evan: It's not right. Just behave.
Lewis: I have just this. Accept it as a reward.

David Hickets wants to talk to you
David: At last I find you! I've been looking for you so desperately.
Evan: Yes, we know. What do you want?
David: I... I left some money in my old security post and I never went to retrieve them.
Evan: It was three months ago! Did you remember right now? Why?
David: I thought they were gone, but when you investigated there again, I knew it was the time!
Evan: You're lucky <Rank> <Name> is compassionate.

Investigate Security post
Evan: David didn't worry about hiding that money. Anyone would see it.
Evan: I don't care about Hickets, but I'm curious about this check's origins. I can't read anything, can you?

Examine Check
Evan: Keep it up, <Name>! You're better than yesterday but worse than tomorrow. Why does this check come from Liam?
Evan: I wonder whether this check is legal or not. Would you like to bet, <Name>?

Analyze Check
Lindsey: Good news, people. That check was legally gained by David Hickets for his job as a security guard.
Lindsey: Well, except for this thing. The bank account is property of Liam McChubs and not McChubs Shoes.
Evan: Liam? <Name>, David will have to say a few things to us if he wants to live.
Evan: Do you say it's too exagerated? Well, it's ok.

Confront David about having others' money
David: Thank you! I thought I'd lost my last wage.
Evan: Only wages? Why did you have money from Liam's account?
David: Hehe. I'd forgotten of that. He just let me take some from there if I needed anything.
David: Do I have to pay a fine for it?
Evan: No, but you should give some money to Liam. We'll do it for you.

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