The Campbell City Police Department, (also known as Campbell City PD, Campbell City Police Force and Campbell PD) better known by its acronym, CCPD, acts as the main protagonist in Campbell City, making its appearance in the first season of Tuttifruttichaitea's fanmade story.


The Campbell City PD is the main police department of Campbell City. The player arrives in Campbell City only to be warmly welcomed by Chief Ronald Harrison, who, after introducing himself, notifies the player that Detective Everett Winston and Junior Officer Reena Hollingsworth are assigned to be the player's partners in their investigations.


The Campbell City PD investigates cases in Campbell City, searches crime scenes for clues, interviews witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyzes evidence in order to progress. After reaching the requirements, they arrest the perpetrator and put them behind bars.

The team of Campbell City PD consists of ten main members, with each of them assigned to do a particular job:

Personnel Age Position Personnel
Ronald Harrison 43 Chief of Police Reads and reviews case files, issuing orders, giving out new leads whenever necessary, overseeing all police operations, ensuring cops are bringing justice to the city.
Julia Dietrich 21 Administrative Assistant Reads and reviews files on behalf of the respected commissioner. Issues orders when necessary and/or in the commissioner's absence.
Player N/A Homicide Detective Performs the homicide investigation partnering with any of the other partners, in charge of the formal murder investigation, bringing killers to justice by all means necessary.
Everett Winston 28 Officer As an officer, Everett plays the role of the player's partner and works with the player as a team to solve the case and catch the killer in homicide investigations.
Reena Hollingsworth 23 Junior Officer As a junior officer, Reena informs the team of suspects' attributes and occasionally works with the player as a team to solve the case and catch the killer in homicide investigations.
Sabrina Miller 25 Detective A detective who occasionally partners up with Reena Hollingsworth. She sometimes helps the player find new leads. Sometimes, she is the player's partner whenever Everett and Reena are absent.
Matthew Hartman 38 Ballistics Analyst Assists detectives arrest notorious criminals by gaining outside information and/or using violent measures, sometimes performs analysis on murder weapons.
Dale Hopkins 37 Chief Medical Examiner Autopsies bodies of various murder victims, analyzes the murder weapon if possible, and sometimes handles physical and/or biological evidence.
Erin Parker 31 Head of Forensics Handles and analyzes all physical and/or biological evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity.
Carl Bryson 27 Tech Analyst Handles digital evidence to help homicide detectives incriminate the killer further through careful digital analysis, and sometimes issue out new leads.
Christopher Sperazzo 28 Criminal Profiler Analyzes objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed by digital, physical, clinical, anatomic, nor technical forensics, but instead, through psychological analysis. Sometimes will appear on court to present a report of the criminal's mental health before Judge Montgomery.
Ilyria Deneuve 32 Historian Analyzes ancient artifacts and/or documents and uses historical measures to bring or decipher important information from them. Occasionally brought to translate testimonies.

Citizens Apprehended

  • Asher North — 2014
  • Trevor Delacroix[1] — 2014
  • Aria Horton — 27th December, 2014
  • Garrett Merriweather[2] — 2014
  • Ryan Cassidy[3] — 2014
  • Clarence Appleberry — 2014
  • Zachary Thatcher[4] — 2014
  • Bradley Kingston — 2014
  • Drake Doyle — 2015
  • Marshall Cardwell[5] — 2015
  • Addison Byrd — 2015
  • Jennette Reid — 2015
  • Mitchell Swanson — 2015
  • Keegan Stone — 2015
  • Samuel Carpenter — 2015
  • Austin Reid — 2015
  • Stuart Templeton[6]  — 2015
  • Chandler Coulson[7]  —  2015
  • Marshall Cardwell[8]  —  2015
  • Jason Tanner  — 2015
  • Luna Alvarez[9]  — 2015
  • Robin Evergreen  —  2015
  • Megan Moore  —  2015
  • Philip Karamakovsky[10]  —  2015
  • Nora Percival  —  2015
  • Marshall Cardwell[11]  —  2015
  • Penelope Hughes  —  2015
  • Auguste Dominique  —  2015
  • Josephina Langlais[12] —  2015
  • Felix Scott[13]  —  2015
  • Elodie Oaster —  2015
  • Lunette Blackworth[14] —  2015
  • Harold Feldgrau[15]  —  2015


  1. Trevor was arrested for being a member of the Soul Stealers.
  2. Garrett was arrested for being a member of the Soul Stealers.
  3. Ryan was arrested for being a member of the the Soul Stealers.
  4. Zachary was arrested for being a member of the Soul Stealers.
  5. Marshall was arrested for being the leader of the Soul Stealers.
  6. Stuart resisted trial by committing suicide.
  7. Chandler was arrested for being part of the disease-spreading group.
  8. Marshall escaped the Campbell City Penitentiary; he later paid bail.
  9. After her trial, Luna escaped the Campbell City Penitentiary, only to be murdered.
  10. Philip was arrested for being part of the disease-spreading group.
  11. Marshall was arrested for the murder of Velma Harrison and working for the Congregation despite the fact he paid bail.
  12. Josephina was arrested for being an accomplice to Nanette Morisotte's murder.
  13. Felix was arrested for the robbery of the Sandglade Bank.
  14. Lunette resisted trial by committing suicide.
  15. Harold was arrested for being an accomplice to Delilah Hoffman's murder and being a Congregation member.

Case Appearances

As the main protagonist in Season 1 by Tuttifruttichaitea, the CCPD appears in all cases of Campbell City.

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