Calmerville is the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.

Located in USA, Calmerville is a town that was once the most peaceful city in the world, but unexpectedly a mysterious person started a lot of gory and reckless crimes. 60 cases are situated across Calmerville, that is composed of 10 districts. The Calmerville Police Department solves all these crimes.


Newford (Case #1-#6)

Newford is the first district in Calmerville. It's a casual suburban district being very populated. It focuses on a serial killer taking the lives of misbehaving children.

Delwin Hills (Case #7-#12)

Delwin Hills is the second district in Calmerville. It is a lively district, also being called "The District of Entertainment". It focuses on some shady businesses ran by a violent man that kidnaps all the people getting tempted by his buildings.

Almococo Sea (Case #13-#18)

Almococo Sea is the third district in Calmerville. It is a district mostly remote, populated by a few tribes. People come here in their vacation so they can relax in a lonely place. It focuses on people mysteriously disappearing while going there and they start thinking about a serial killer.

Windroot City (Case #19-#24)

Windroot City is the fourth district in Calmerville. It's a fair city, but some weird weather phenomenons started happening lately: it started raining blood, the wind brought human bones and the list goes on. It focuses on a god-like person controlling the weird weather and killing people.

Granfield (Case #25-#30)

Granfield is the fifth district in Calmerville. It is also called "The City of Wealth". It focuses on a serial killer that kills the poor people in there and sends the coordinates to their bodies.

Springisle (Case #31-#36)

Springisle is the sixth district in Calmerville. It's the most happy district, but a masochist killer takes all the happiness away. The most gory crimes take place in this district.

Atamtut Mountains (Case #37-#42)

Atamtut Mountains is the seventh district in Calmerville. This is the only cold climate district in Calmerville. In these mountains take place the most important ski competitions and other winter sports. This district is focused on the sabouteur of some competitions that might end up lethal.

Center of Politics (Case #43-#48)

Center of Politics is the eight district in Calmerville. All important poltical persons live and work here, but when they start getting murdered one by one who is now politically correct?

Oxberg (Case #49-#54)

Oxberg is the ninth district in Calmerville. It's said to be the place with the smartest students, but some hidden experiments make the police be suspicious. A lot of murders take place out of the blue and the police can't understand why.

Lewall Border (Case #55-#60)

Lewall Border is the tenth and last district in Calmerville. Here the Police can win the fight against the person that caused all this trouble to Calmerville and restore the peace.

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