Callan is a suspect in the murder investigations of local scientist Kuki Jefferson(Case 1 of Conclave City) and rescue worker Dirk Henson(Case 3 of Conclave City)

Callan Horwitz
Full name Callan Horwitz
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1990
Death N/A
Nationality American
Residence Diorite Mines
Family Emmy Horwitz(mother)
Profession Miner
Affiliation(s) SOMBRA

Diorite Mining Corp

Appearance(s) Knocking on Hell's Door

Long Dead Underground


Callan is a 26 year old miner wearing a red shirt under a red jacket.He also wears a mining cap and a brooch.On his second appearance he dons a camo scarf.It is known that he goes spelunking and drinks liquor.In Dead Man Underground,it is revealed that.....

Blood AB+
Eye Brown
Height 6'0 feet
Weight 150 lbs

Role in Case(s)

Knocking On Hell's Door

He became a suspect after finding his mining cap near the cave's entrance suggesting that he's a miner so he is thought to have spot what the victim does there.Callan states that he does know Kuki as friends but he doesn't know his private affairs

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Long Dead Underground

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Case Appearance

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