Caleb Millhouse (2000-2018) was the victim in To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood)


Caleb was the 18 year old son of housewife Theresa Millhouse, he had curly dark blond hair with brown eyes and tanned skin. He wore a dark blue muscle tank with yellow accents as well as a yellow bull logo and red trunks with white accents, as well as white runners with teal laces.

Murder Details

Caleb was found gutted and dismembered in the Perleyville Community Secondary School Boys' Locker Room.Lucas was assigned by Chief Bellacoola to perform autopsy as Tazia was still in custody for disorderly conduct, he found that the killer managed to dismember the victim by throwing heavy machinery with sharp parts and found traces of protein bars which were eaten by the killer. In the school's cafeteria, Vanessa and the player found a discarded meat slicer which was later confirmed by Lucas to be the murder weapon. The lab chief discovered sweat cells from visiting a sauna which meant the killer visited saunas.

Mid-investigation, the team found a lanyard in the school's indoor pool which was revealed per Jonah's analysis to be a gym fob which meant that the killer worked out.

Relationship with Suspects

Brock Rothery wrote the victim a very angry message, demanding that the victim stop cutting gym or he would face severe consequences. He also was discovered to have stolen the victim's jock strap and after letting it get rotten for a while, hid it in the victim's bag with the intention of giving him an infection out of retaliation for humiliating him at an important football game. Jack Princeton was one of two faculty members who attended a disciplinary meeting with the victim, due to the latter's disruptive behavior. He also permanently removed the victim from his class, damaging his credits to graduate as the victim intentionally caused damage to materials that could harm or endanger others via lighting a bunsen burner with sparklers for thrills; Jack also prioritized the safety of the student body over the wrath of the victim's mother.Brenda Reynolds was one of two faculty members who attended a disciplinary meeting with the victim.The team discovered that the victim and his mother blackmailed Brenda by threatening to out her as a closeted bisexual unless she changed the victim's grades despite his poor performances and vandalism of equipment as well as his sexual harrassment of female students but the home economics teacher refused to fix his grades .Brad Ryder came to the team with allegations of the victim not only being a physical bully towards kindergartners in their own homes but a cyberbully as well towards eighth graders.He also defaced the victim's football using spraypaint after witnessing the victim's cruelty towards animals, which prompted the vlogger to investigate Caleb. Elanna Esposito was not only the school's head cheerleader but also the victim's girlfriend and to Vanessa's surprise, wasn't too saddened by his death, stating that she only dated him as a distraction from her parents' divorce. She made a pig statue of the victim's mother in retaliation of the victim's abusive behavior towards her such as insulting her father, even going so far as to blaming her for her parents divorce. He also laced the victim's feminine products with chili peppers, causing her to get an infection. The victim even drugged her tequila, to use her as a dummy for football practise.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be Brock.

Brock furiously claimed innocence til Vanessa managed to get him to slip up and admit to throwing a meat slicer at the victim. He confessed to forcing the football players to go on a strictly protein only diet which made several of the boys sick. When one of the boys decided to switch to a ketogenic diet, that infuriated the coach to the point where he barged into the boys locker room with the meat slicer miraculously working despite the cord being broken. When Brock threw the meat slicer, the boys ran out of the locker room to escape the coach's wrath. Caleb, however was left at the mercy of the coach but put up a losing battle before being  slaughtered by the meat slicer.Vanessa didn't hesitate to ship her former gym teacher to trial where an infuriated Judge Whiterock didn't even try to listen to a word the coach said after he tried to justify his actions before she sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole for both the murder and his abusive behavior towards his students, ending his 25 year tenure at the high school. Brock furiously declared that Vanessa would rue the day she arrested him and threatened that her days were numbered before she snapped back saying she would be ready for whatever he'd try to throw at her.


  • Caleb resembles actor Patrick Gibson

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