Cactus Bound is the second case of A Scary Country And second one in the west


After arriving in Saquaro the Player met his other partner Clement Castle.The duo dressed as FBI Agents as they were informed of the deputy mayors murder.The two arrived on Scene to find Melissa Roanhorse Dead teid up to two cacti. Medic Alexa Gates told them that the killer picked two Cacti with a ton of spikes as they knocked her out with poison and tie her hands and legs up on The cacti.The Team then suspected Energy Magnate Marie Quickley,Mayor Sam Sawwhirl,And Doctor Lucrezia Stein before Sofia Sodapop came up and said that she knew where the victim was before she was killed.

Sofia Said That That She had a fight with Oil Worker Jake Drill about the land Of Saquaro he was about to Drill and found out Lucrezia and Melissa were dating 20 years ago before she got pregnact by a guy and Melissa left her and Marie had a installment of solar panels that went wrong when one of her employees were killed at the house before Emily came and said that she found out a secret about the victim.

Emily then said that the victim was on the FBI‘s radar so they investagated the victims car and found that the victim pressed charges on Sofia for breaking in her home because she stole Sofia’s kitten Cheeto and Sam was about to fire the victim because she was running for mayor aggaist him and Jake Found out That The Victim stopped his old Buissness in Pacific Bay before gathering enough evidence to arrest Jake for the Crime

Jake then revealed that the victim was actually a Supernatural Hunter and he is a Werewolf and that she killed his son and made him mad . he the said his wife left him and his life was ruined by him and then clement said that Ruth Wu the Supernatural Hunter That kills werewolf cubs which made him mad that he killed a Innocent person. Judge Lucas Stella Sentenced him to 15 years in Werewolf Prison

After The Trial the team helped Christina Angelo with a date with her Boyfriend Supernatural Hunter Donovan Dallas. After Getting Flowers And a Gift she Went out with Dallas who thanked the Player for helping with this Date.

the team also found that the person who blackmailed Jerry McKenzie was responsible for the murder of Sams parents 5 years ago and found out that the person responsible will be at the NASCAR poker tournament in Las Vegas before hitting the road to Las Vegas



Melissa Roanhorse




Jake Drill


Qausi Suspects


The Killer eats dates

The Killer Drinks Energy Drinks

The Killer listens to Byron Uno

The Killer is Male

The Killer Wears a Hat

Crime Scenes

View Point-Cactus

Victims Office-Victims Desk

Victims House-Victims Car

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