Bury a Friend
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District Walcott Banks
Case # 26
Initial release date 5.7.2020
Partner(s) Salvador Weiss
Case chronology
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At the End of the Track
(in New Galdon)

Bury a Friend is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-sixth case of Raxelville. It's also the first one to take place in Walcott Banks district.


Few days after discovering that Aurora Dixon is free and that Josip Zorjan faked his death, heartbroken Bianca O'Brien told everyone to meet her on the cemetary for Tristan's funeral. Salvador Weiss then told the player to meet him at the cemetary a little bit earlier since he wants to have a moment alone with them. Early in the morning, Salvador and player headed to the cemetary for some time alone, before Salvador noticed that Tristan's grave is buried. Confused, Salvador and player grabbed the shovels and started digging through the dirt before the ceremony starts. Few minutes later, Salvador backed away, saying how he saw a hand sticking out of the dirt. The pair carefully continued digging, only to find a dead body of playboy Axel Carson. Horrified by this scene, Salvador quickly informed Bianca about Axel's death. After sending Axel's body to Alex Carrington, who revealed that Axel was badly beaten up before getting buried alive, the team searched the cemetary and found enough clues to suspect traveler and The Phantom member Lorenzo Mak, drug dealer Pierce Cromwell and creepy priest Gus Tatterson. After returning back to scene of the crime, the pair heard creepy whispers coming from the unburied grave.

Carefully, Salvador and player approached the grave and found poet Angelica Burbon sitting there, writing. Angelica smirked and told them that cemetary is a very quiet place and the only place where she can write in peace. After interrogating a creepy poet, the duo investigated cemetary entrance and discovered enough evidence to suspect their friend, book author Stuart Schneider. Later on, the team discovered that Pierce got scammed by Axel and that Axel drunkenly vandalized Gus's church, angering Gus. When Salvador and player returned back to others, Kelly Garcia (who officially joined the team as a tech expert) told them that Axel posted humiliating photos of Stuart on his social media.

The duo then confronted Stuart, who snapped and told them that Axel simply wanted to get attention and clout by posting humilating photos from Stuart's past. After interrogating the angry writer, the duo investigated the highway road and discovered that Axel groped Angelica in public, who slapped him and slammed his head against the wall in return. They also learned that Axel made racist jokes about Lorenzo, angering the traveler. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the team found enough evidence to arrest Lorenzo for Axel Carson's murder.

When confronted, Lorenzo immediately confessed and revealed how he had no other choice. Taking a deep breath, Lorenzo explained that he stole Axel's phone to delete racist posts he made about him, only to find messages between Axel and Aurora. After reading through their chat, Lorenzo discovered that Axel is Aurora's ally and that he's the one who stole appearence-changing talismans from Bernard Boris's yacht and replaced them with fake ones. Lorenzo then also revealed that Aurora paid Axel to get rid of Lorenzo and kidnap Lexi. Pissed, Lorenzo told Axel to meet him on the cemetery late at night and confronted him. Axel laughed and told Lorenzo that Aurora promised him a dream life when she takes over the city and that he'll have Lexi all for himself. Axel then grabbed a brick and lunged at Lorenzo, who overpowered him and beat him up. Lying down on the floor, covered in bruises and blood, Axel smirked and told Lorenzo that he'll be in a big trouble when Aurora finds out about this. Having no other choice, Lorenzo knocked him out with a brick and buried him, not realizing that he buried him in Tristan's grave. Lorenzo frowned, saying how Axel and Aurora were going to harm both him and Lexi and all he wanted was to protect himself and Lexi. Right then, three police officers appeared on the cemetery and hancuffed Lorenzo, saying how Mayor Alisa Avermalio ordered them to arrest him. Confused, Salvador tried to tell them that Mayor Avermalio has been kidnapped, but the police officers refused to listen. Shocked, Salvador and player went to speak with Bianca about everything, but they got approached by worried Anisa Alvarado, who discovered another body in the forest.

Anisa then lead the team to the highway and pointed at the burned body in the bushes. After investigating the scene, Salvador and player sent the burned body to Alex, who confirmed that the burned body is actually Mayor Avermalio. After inspecting the body, Alex confirmed that she was burned beyond recognition post mortem and that she died after getting stabbed in the stomach. Anisa and player then went to prison to talk with Lorenzo, who told them that Aurora probably changed her appearence and now looks like Mayor Avermalio. Horrified that Aurora now has control over their city, Anisa and player investigated the cemetery to see if her police officers left any clues there and managed to find a broken voice recorder that they sent to Kelly. After analyzing it, horrified Kelly told them that a person with Mayor's voice told her officers to find and arrest Lorenzo Mak and Lexi Maynard since they are dangerous individuals that have to be stopped. Now convinced that Aurora killed Mayor Avermalio and took her place, Anisa and player informed everyone about their discovery. Right then, police officers came broke into Bianca's apartment, telling everyone to put their hands in the air. Refusing to listen, the police officers began handcuffing the group only to get interrupted by a smoke bomb that has been thrown in the room. The team took that chance to run away from Bianca's apartment, only to find Pierce Cromwell telling them to follow him. After getting them to safety, Pierce told them that he realized that something is off with Mayor Avermalio since he overheard her talking about executing Raxelville Mystery Squad members. Knowing that they aren't even safe walking around the city anymore, Pierce told them to contact his friend, mobster James Cross, who let them use his mansion's basement as their hideout from Aurora and Josip. Right then, the pair noticed police officers driving off with real mayor's burned body, possibly wanting to get rid off it before Raxelville citizens suspect anything wrong with Mayor Avermalio.

Meanwhile, the team paid their respects on Tristan's funeral. Tearful group then promised that they'll carry Tristan in their hearts forever and that they'll never forget how he bravely fought against The Phantom and was ready to do anything to stop them. Bianca then approached the grave, wiping her tears away, before putting a portrait of Jordan Rochester and Tristan on his grave, saying how their favourite gay couple is finally reunited and how Aurora will never seperate them now. Few hours after the group left, Lexi emerged from the forest, slowly approaching Tristan's grave in her long black dress. Lexi then slowly kissed Tristan's photo as her eyes watered, saying how she's going to make things right and how she will make him proud...

After all of these events, Pierce took the team to Cross family's mansion, hoping that they will be safe from Aurora and Josip there...



Murder Weapon:

  • Buried Alive




Killer's Profile

  • The killer quotes Shakespeare.
  • The killer is a Christian.
  • The killer plays piano.
  • The killer wears a bow tie.
  • The killer has bags under their eyes.

Crime Scenes

Cemetery Unburied Grave Cemetery Bonus
Cemetery Entrance Broken Gates Cemetery Entrance Bonus
Highway Road Speed Sign Highway Road Bonus
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