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Ashton Fox - He was buried in a flowerpot and died due to the lack of air.
Identified during: Chapter 1 (after taking Lila's testimony)

Murder Weapon

Identified during: Chapter 1 (Autopsy result)

Forensic Examining

  • Collect: Activist leaflet, bow tie, shovel, mud (4 clues)
  • Decode: Jewel pendant (1 clue)
  • Find the same: Fingerprints (1), fingerprints (2), exotic flower (3 clues)
  • Reveal: Leaflet, rag, sack of soil, dusty ID (4 clues)
  • Restore: Torn leaflet (1 clue)
  • Find: Gardening tools, pile of leaves, pile of earth, wallet (4 clues)

Forensic Analysis

  • Daniel Mossle: Ashton's body (1 sample)
  • Sabrina Stone: Liquid sample, DNA, thermometer, empty sack of soil, fibers, water sample (6 samples)
  • Lindsey Vain: Serial, message in Spanish, cellphone (3 samples)

Killer's profile

Profile Identified by
The killer has gardening skills. Autopsy result
The killer is an activist. Forensic examining (torn leaflet)
The killer drinks mineral water. Forensic analysis (liquid sample)
The killer speaks Spanish. Technical analysis (message in Spanish)
The killer wears a flowery motif. Forensic analysis (fibers)

Suspect interrogations

Murder investigation:

Additional investigation:

Killer's arrest

Gardening Activist Mineral water Speaks Spanish Flowery motif
Lila Uliana Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Guilty
Carlton Klovan Yes Yes Yes Yes No Innocent
Wendy Ohdie Yes Yes No Yes Yes Innocent
Peter Galley Yes Yes Yes No Yes Innocent
Cecil Ister Yes No No No No Innocent
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