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Gino: Evan, <Name>! There has been a murder!
Evan: What happened now?
Gino: A plant nurse said she found a hand in a pot with roses.
Evan: Plants? <Name>, I get the feeling we'll face some activists again. And we'll have to talk about that Parade a bit too much.
Evan: Gino, take us there, please.

Chapter 1

Investigate Plant nursery
(Before investigating)

Evan: So, this plant nursery is the crime scene?
Gino: Yes. The plant nurse who saw the body is over there. Her name is Lila.
Evan: Alright. Let's look for that "hand".

(After investigating)

Evan: Look, <Name>! My hands are full of soil! And I found a worm in my sleeve. Gross.
Gino: Focuse, Evan! We're investigating a murder!
Gino: So we found the victim, yes. Let's wait for the autopsy then, <Name>.
Evan: Gino, those are my lines, ok?
Gino: Now, <Name>, why did you pick that pendant up?
Evan: Always trust <Rank> <Name>. Why, <Name>?
Evan: Oh, you'll take a look at the serial number! Clever of you.
Gino: Can we talk to Lila, <Name>? I bought a forget-me-not here last week and I didn't thank her.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Your victim, <Name>, died from asphyxia. It was because of the combination of two factors.
Daniel: One was the soil in the flowerpot. This man couldn't breathe inside there. But that's not all.
Daniel: I also found torn pieces of paper in the victim's throat. Your killer surely left them there.
Gino: <Name>, I'll piece them back for you.
Daniel: Be careful, Gino. The saliva attacked the paper and it's a bit sticky. You could damage it even more.
Gino: That's your specialty, <Rank> <Name>!
Daniel: I also found different types of soil, clorophyll, pollen and more in the victim's skin and clothes.
Daniel: Your crime scene maybe made it obvious, but you can be sure your killer has gardening skills!
Evan: Fantastic, Daniel! Now <Name>, let's write that down and take a look at the torn paper.
Gino: Lila has gardening skills, <Name>. Could she be the killer? I hope she isn't, she's so nice!

Examine Torn leaflet
Gino: Excellent, <Name>! So the killer stuffed this man with a leaflet.
Evan: <Name>, this leaflet is about the activists' campaign! It looks like the murder IS involved in the activists' business after all.
Evan: So our killer's rage at the victim was related to ecology. It seems the man didn't want to listen to tips about how to protect the environment.
Gino: You are right, <Name>! We're looking for an activist killer.
Evan: But however, if the leaflet belongs to the killer, we must take a closer look at it.

Examine Activist leaflet
Evan: Perfect, <Name>! That liquid sample you collected from the leaflet could have come from the killer...
Gino: Or from the victim! Why don't we just-
Evan: Gino, if you keep trying to be better than <Name> and cause only interruptions in our investigation, you can consider yourself out of the case. I don't even know why you're still here.
Gino: My knowledge is the reason. I know the crime scenes.
Evan: ... Let's send this to Sabrina, <Name>.

Analyze Liquid sample
Sabrina: Finding out what this substance was, <Name>, wasn't hard at all! It's one of the most conventional things.
Sabrina: What you found in the leaflet was just mineral water!
Evan: Good to know the victim was a healthy man...
Sabrina: I don't know about the victim, I only found sodas and alcohol in his body. Your killer is the one who drinks mineral water!
Gino: Oh, c'mon! Almost everyone drinks water, <Name>. You'll have to add that in every one of our suspects' files!
Evan: Gino, shut up!

Examine Jewel pendant
Evan: Good, <Name>! You deciphered the serial! Now we'll see who this pendant belongs to.

Analyze Serial
Lindsey: <Name>, I analyzed the serial you found in that pendant. I don't know how it ended up in a plant nursery, but here it goes.
Lindsey: The pendant belongs to Wendy Ohdie!
Evan: Wendy Ohdie!? Do you remember her, <Name>? We met her when we investigated Laurean Ohdie's murder!
Gino: Is Laurean Ohdie dead!?
Evan: Yes, Gino! Now we need to talk to that lady again.

Give Wendy Ohdie her jewel pendant
Wendy: <Rank> <Name>, nice to see you again! Now I'm not in those horrible black clothes, my rich life can wait.
Wendy: I thought I wouldn't see you anymore since that occasion, you remember?
Evan: We regrettably do. We came here to ask you about that plant nursery where a woman called Lila works.
Evan: And also to give you this pendant. You lost it there.
Wendy: Oh, yes. I like the plant nursery. Sometimes I buy some nice plants for my garden, but some other times I help Lila with the gardening. She's a nice person!
Wendy: And thanks for giving me the pendant!
Gino: I'm sorry, lady. We found a corpse in the plant nursery. And if you killed that man, be ready to-
Evan: Forgive our friend Gino, Wendy. He's a bit enthusiastic!

Take Lila's testimony
Gino: Good morning, Lila! <Rank> <Name> and Inspector Evan are going to ask you a few questions.
Lila: Ok. I'm ready for it.
Evan: You couldn't see the victim's face, but we took a photo of the body. Do you know this man?
Lila: OH!!! Yes, I know him! He's one of the participants in Green Year Parade. He bought some flowers from me the day Mr Reina came.
Lila: His name is Ashton Fox, and he didn't care about the things activists told him about the parade.
Evan: Do you know who could have motives to murder him?
Lila: Yes, I do. Carlton Klovan is a botanist who also participates in Green Year Parade. He was Ashton's competitor.
Gino: Let's talk to that botanist, <Name>!

Interrogate the botanist
Evan: Mr Klovan, we want to talk to you about Ashton Fox's murder.
Carlton: Is Ashton dead? I'm so sorry for him, I just-
Gino: Cut the cr*p, botanist! We know you killed him!
Evan: Gino, can you please wait outside the suspects room? Thanks!
Evan: Now, sir. We were going to ask you about Green Year Parade. You and Ashton were competitors.
Carlton: Yes, but he wanted to compete. I knew he wouldn't win the parade. He had a weird sense of beauty.
Evan: So is there a winner in that thing?
Carlton: Of course there is! It's like driving a truck with a giant bouquet in a container with your name.
Carlton: You just throw some flowers at the public, and the creator of the most beautiful giant bouquet wins.
Carlton: Ashton always bought the same orchids, daisies and sunflowers every year in the plant nursery. But I found out there are some cute exotic flowers in the greenhouse, next to it.

Evan: Carlton is right, there's a greenhouse next to the plant nursery!
Evan: <Name>, why don't we go there? We could find some clues.
Evan: Oh, and tell Gino to come with us. I guess he's become our partner in this case.

Investigate Greenhouse
(Before investigating)

Evan: Damn! The greenhouse door is closed and we need a key.
Gino: The greenhouse owner is hardly ever here, so Lila usually comes here too.
Gino: She's my friend, so she gave me a key to enter when I want!
Evan: Why do you keep the key to the greenhouse, Gino?
Gino: It was a gift! And I like plants, so sometimes I buy one from Lila. If she isn't here, I take one and pay her in the plant nursery.
Evan: It's good to know the plant nurse also comes here. Open that door, Gino!

(After investigating)

Gino: And, <Name>? What did you find in the greenhouse?
Gino: First a jewel pendant, now a bow tie? <Name>, I think that this method can only take us to more devoted plant fans like me.
Evan: Gino, how dare you? <Name> never fails. Those killers behind bars are the proof.
Evan: It's not normal to find a bow tie in a greenhouse, so now <Name> will see who it belongs to.

Examine Bow tie
Evan: Now we have that DNA, Sabrina will find the bow tie's owner in a couple of minutes!

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: I'm afraid the DNA wasn't enough to make an exact determination of the bow tie's owner. It could belong to many people.
Sabrina: But I checked the files from your previous cases in this district and I found a match.
Sabrina: It could be Peter Galley, from that case in the restaurant. And waiters there use bow ties, so it makes sense.
Evan: <Name>, remember him? He invited us to the protest that ended in another case. Let's talk to Peter.

Ask Peter Galley about the greenhouse
Evan: Hello, Peter. Before talking, <Rank> <Name> and I want to tell you we're sorry for not going to the protest. We got delayed with another murder right at the train station.
Evan: Now, <Rank> <Name> wants to ask you about Ashton Fox. We found him dead near the greenhouse.
Peter: Is Ashton dead? Oh, no!
Gino: Oh, it's obvious! You killed him because he was part of the parade. Confess!
Evan: Hadn't you met Gino? He's a man who watched many movies about murders and who will have to wait for us outside.
Peter: I knew Ashton. He was my main target for the campaign against Green Year Parade.
Gino: Why?
Evan: Are you still here, Gino? I told you to go outside!
Peter: Because he was cutting more flowers than the rest of the participants together. But he didn't change!

Chapter 2

Evan: Let's summarise, <Name>. Our killer has gardening skills, is an activist and drinks mineral water.
Evan: So far, we only know Lila has gardening skills. We could ask her about the parade and the activists.
Gino: You don't really think Lila killed Ashton, do you?
Evan: Everyone is a suspect, Gino. Even you!
Gino: I won't believe it this time, Evan Day.
Evan: We know Wendy has gardening skills too, and nothing else.
Evan: Let's see Peter Galley. We know he's an activist, and when we met him for first time, we learnt he had gardening skills!
Evan: Oh, and there's the botanist. He must have gardening skills, for sure. And I don't think he's an activist.
Gino: Why? Everyone is a suspect.
Evan: He participates in the parade, Gino! How could he be an activist?
Evan: I think we could ask Lila if she's an activist to start, what do you think?

Ask Lila about the activists
Evan: Hi again, Lila. Y'know, with this thing of the Parade, there are a lot of activists doing protests. What's your opinion?
Lila: I'm an activist too. I tried to change Ashton's mind, but he didn't listen. At least he did something good. I earned a lot of money.
Lila: He used to buy flowers every day from me. And he reccommended me to his friends.
Lila: I hate the event, but I can't deny that it made me have a big profit this year.
Evan: Is there anything else?
Lila: Let me think... Yes, there is something else.
Lila: There is an apartment in the plant nursery's back. There, can you see it? We meet there every week.
Gino: When did you last meet?
Lila: Right last night.
Evan: <Name>, let's go to that apartment!

Investigate Activists' Reunion
Evan: What did you find, <Name>? Let me see...
Evan: Hey, that leaflet is one of those... It's like the one Daniel found in Ashton's throat!
Gino: It looks like someone wrote a message on it!
Evan: Don't worry, Gino! <Rank> <Name> will use the magic powder to reveal it.
Evan: And what about this rag? Everyone has one at home, it's not that strange.
Gino: Don't be silly, Evan! It's the method <Rank> <Name> uses to find suspects!

Examine Leaflet
Evan: You're fantastic! You deciphered that message in no time!
Gino: Now we deciphered that message in Spanish, what are we gonna do?
Evan: Send it to Lindsey, of course!

Analyze Message in Spanish
Lindsey: Sometimes I wish I can really show you my abilities, <Name>. Bringing me messages, it's not worth it.
Evan: C'mon, Lindsey. One day you'll show <Rank> <Name> how geek you are, I'm sure.
Lindsey: Well, it looks like Ashton didn't speak English. He moved to Spain when he was a baby.
Lindsey: And my research says he came here last year. And guess what? He won the Parade. He was sure he'd win again this year, but he won't be able to do so.
Gino: Why do we care about that?
Lindsey: That's the reason why he spoke Spanish only.
Lindsey: This message is just an invitation to Lila's plant nursery! It says that "we have to talk about the parade" and some more things.
Lindsey: Basically, who wrote the message is an activist. And I think this is how the killer told Ashton to meet, and then kill them.
Evan: Our killer speaks Spanish then. Thank you, Lindsey!

Examine Rag
Gino: Great, <Name>! You collected fingerprints from that rag. Will we send them to the lab now?
Evan: Gino, <Name> can do it alone. Just a comparison with the database and we'll see who touched that rag in no time!

Examine Fingerprints
Gino: <Name>, whose are the fingerprints? Don't tell me they're Lila's!
Evan: Gino, Lila's fingerprints in a rag don't mean anything against her.
Evan: But now we'll know who else has access to the plant nursery. Tell us, <Name>!
Evan: What!? Cecil Ister? I can't believe it! I just don't want to see that man again!
Gino: Who's Cecil Ister, <Name>?
Evan: We met him in that creepy case in a bakery, and also in Newville I, when we investigated the murder in the shopping mall.
Evan: Gino, can you go with <Name> to talk to him? Just try not to act stupid!
Gino: It's ok. C'mon, <Name>, we need to interrogate that man!

See why Cecil Ister was in the reunion
Cecil: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, you're back! Who died now?
Gino: We... We are investigating... the murder of Ashton Fox. Did you know him?
Cecil: Yes! He was one of the participants in Green Year Parade. The activists didn't like him.
Gino: What activists, sir?
Cecil: Oh, there is a boy called Peter, who works as a waiter in a bistro. Then there's Wendy Ohdie too. Also a plant nurse. I know those three.
Gino: Were you in the activists' reunion last night?
Cecil: Yes, but I only visited Lila. I'm not an activist, I like the parade.
Cecil: I just rent a lorry for five or six activists, and I take them to the protests. They pay me well, you know? There's also a certain Chandler, a botanist called Carlton...

Gino: <Name>, did you hear that? That man said Wendy and Carlton are also activists! Let's better write that down.
Gino: And he mentioned a certain Chandler. Who is- Oh, you know him from other cases.
Evan: What did you investigate, <Name>? Was Cecil helpful?
Evan: Is Carlton really an activist? How can he participate in the parade? Well, I don't mind.

Lila: <Rank> <Name>, I need to talk to you. I found-
Gino: You! You killed him, confess!
Lila: AHHHH!!

Chapter 3

Gino: You! You killed him, confess!
Lila: AHHHH!! No, Gino Cletus, I didn't! How can you say that, we're friends!
Evan: Hahaha! Cletus!
Lila: I just came to tell you I found Ashton's cellphone inside of a flowerpot. Can you please come to the plant nursery, so that you see it?
Gino: Alright, Lila. And sorry for that. We'll go there.

Investigate Flowerpots
Lila: Yes, that was his cellphone. I'd recognise it even broken.
Gino: Thank you, Lila! <Rank> <Name> is gonna give it to Lindsey, our techno-forensic girl. You can go now.
Evan: <Name>, why did you also take those gardening tools? Are you sure it'll be useful?
Evan: Oh, and that sack of soil could be the one used to kill Ashton. Let's brush it for fingerprints!

Examine Sack of soil
Evan: I'm glad Gino decided to stay in the plant nursery with Lila. I needed a break from him.
Evan: Now, <Name>, let's see who touched this sack of soil, yes?

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: Wendy Ohdie again. Well, <Name>, we'll have to talk to her. She still doesn't know who the victim is.
Evan: I just can't think of a reason why Wendy would kill someone.

Talk to Wendy Ohdie
Evan: Wendy, we're here to talk to you again. We're sorry to bother you, but-
Wendy: I see you didn't bring your little friend. What happens?
Evan: Well, you know that in some weeks the Green Year Parade will take place in this city. What do you think?
Wendy: I'm an activist, so I'm against the parade. I go to the protests with Lila.
Wendy: I became an activist when I started that Spanish course. My classmates were activists too and I joined a club.
Evan: Do you know Ashton Fox?
Wendy: Yes! He participates in the parade. I saw him once or twice at the plant nursery.
Evan: He's dead, Wendy.
Wendy: Really? I know I shouldn't say this, but at least it's gonna delay the parade.

Examine Gardening tools
Evan: Can you feel that in the air, <Name>? It's Gino not being here! I'm glad he wanted to stay with Lila!
Evan: Now, what did you find? A thermometer within gardening tools?
Evan: Oh, so thermometers are also gardening tools. Do tomatoes catch colds? Stupid questions, sorry.
Evan: I don't know why, but if you want to give it to Sabrina, let's do it then.

Analzye Thermometer
Sabrina: <Name>, believe it or not, this thermometer is worth a very important part of the case. Listen carefully, because I now know where Ashton was murdered.
Sabrina: This thermometer is broken. And if you take a look at it, it says the temperature is 38 C°, see?
Evan: That's impossible! The plant nursery is way too much colder that that.
Sabrina: I haven't finished yet. The thermometer got broken when it marked 38 C°. And it got broken because the killer used it to hit Ashton!
Sabrina: I found skin cells and blood cells of his that confirm my theory.
Evan: So when Ashton died it was 38 C°. And?
Sabrina: As you said, the plant nursery is colder than that. But Ashton didn't die there, he died in the greenhouse! Greenhouses are used to keep heat for the plants, that's why they're so hot.
Evan: Sabrina, you're amazing! <Name>, maybe we could return to the greenhouse.

Investigate Bushes
Evan: A pile of leaves is the place where people hide important things. Now, let's see what that thing is!

Examine Pile of leaves
Evan: <Name>, you found a dictaphone inside a pile of leaves? That's pretty unusual!
Evan: Let's see what's recorded in it.
Dictaphone: "Hi, Ashton! What are you doing here?"
Dictaphone: "You know, I wanted to talk to you about what you told me, remember?"
Dictaphone: "What do you mean? I told you I'm not interested in your illegal things. See you."
Evan: <Name>, I'd recognise that voice anywhere! Those two were Ashton and Peter Galley!
Evan: Was Ashton doing some illegal dealings with Peter? Is this dictaphone Ashton's or Peter's?
Evan: Well, only Peter can answer that question now!
Evan: Oh, look! There's Carlton! Why don't we talk to him about the greenhouse?

Tell Carlton about the murder scene
Carlton: <Rank> <Name>, pleased to see you again! Are you looking for exotic flowers?
Evan: Carlton, you are an activist, right? Then why are you participating in the Green Year Parade?
Carlton: Oh, c'mon! Don't tell me you're against the parade too!
Carlton: Most participants are in charge of choosing the flowers whose pollen has already been taken by bees, birds, air or water, if it's a male flower.
Carlton: I taught the rest of the contestants how to know if the flower is male or female. We never take female flowers! That's a thing Ashton didn't respect, you know?
Evan: Are there female and male flowers?
Carlton: Yes, you ignorant boy! We always take male flowers, or "macho" in Spanish, with the system I told you. That way flowers keep having "children", to say it in a way you can understand.
Carlton: It's getting hot in the greenhouse, don't you think? I'll get a bottle of mineral water later.

Evan: I hate it when people call me ignorant, <Name>. I hate it!
Evan: So it seems Green Year Parade is better than we thought. Carlton can really think of a way of killing flowers who will have the chance of giving birth to new flowers.
Evan: Maybe activists are just making noise. Now, do contestants really follow Carlton's tips?

Confront Peter about the dictaphone
Evan: Listen to this dictaphone, Peter. Then explain the record to us.
Dictaphone: "Hi Ashton!..."

Peter: I would never think that dictaphone can be part of this murder investigation. That's useless!
Evan: Is this dictaphone yours, or Ashton's?
Peter: Oh, why do you care? It was Ashton's! He tried to get me saying... what I'd proposed to him.
Evan: And what had you proposed to him?
Peter: Money. We'd trade my money for his absence at Green Year Parade. A lot of flowers die, and he knew it!
Peter: He knew I'd go to the greenhouse that day, and he took a dictaphone with him. I didn't see it, but it was obvious. The temperature is very hot, and he wore a jacket. That's not normal!
Peter: It was so hot I drank two bottles of water when I left the greenhouse. Why would someone wear a jacket?

Analyze Cellphone
Lindsey: <Name>, I analyzed Ashton's cellphone and...
Lindsey: Why is Gino not here? Wasn't he with you in this case?
Evan: Oh, he stayed at the plant nursery. Lila is his friend, so they must be chatting now.
Lindsey: Okay. Well, you'll have to go with that Lila now. She sent many messages to Ashton telling him not to participate in the parade.
Lindsey: And when it didn't work, she started threatening him and blackmailing him.
Evan: What a shame. We'll have to see Gino again.
Evan: Well, let's go and talk to Lila. Gino's friend is starting to get evil.

Make Lila tell truth about the victim
Gino: Oh, <Name>, you're back! I've got something to tell you.
Gino: A foreign client came here a while ago, and Lila talked to him in perfect Spanish!
Evan: Weren't you trying to prove her innocent?
Gino: Yes, but... Well, it's my job! She's free now, you can talk to her.

Lila: Welcome back, <Rank> <Name>! What do you need? Want some mineral water?
Evan: No, thanks. We're here to talk to you about your threatens and blackmail to Ashton.
Lila: Yes, I did that. But I didn't kill him, I swear.
Lila: I was telling him to stop buying flowers, to join the activists. Of course I had to sell him flowers when he wanted to buy, but I feel guilty when I know they're for the parade.

Evan: Here we are, <Name>. Stuck in the HQ with no clues about the murder of Ashton Fox. Any ideas?
Evan: The activists' reunion? Well, it's the only choice so let's go.

Investigate Room table
Evan: What do you have there, <Name>? Another sack of soil?
Evan: You're right, it's empty! Maybe the soil in that sack was used to murder Ashton!
Gino: You should give it to Sabrina, <Name>!
Evan: Gino, don't ever do that again!
Gino: I'm sorry. I saw you going to the reunion, and I followed you. I thought you'd noticed me!
Evan: I hadn't, Gino. I hadn't!

Analyze Empty sack of soil
Sabrina: I analyzed that sack you found in the activists' reunion.
Sabrina: Gino helped me with his description of the flowerpot in which Ashton was buried, and the amount of soil in the flowerpot is exactly the amount this sack can hold up.
Sabrina: In other words, this sack might be the one the killer used to bury Ashton.
Evan: And did you find something about the killer? Hair, fingerprints, DNA, blood...
Sabrina: <Name>, I can't be sure this sack is the one your killer used. Both in the greenhouse and in the plant nursery many sacks of soil are emptied every day, week, or month.
Sabrina: But I found a bit of hair anyway. And it belongs to Cecil Ister!
Evan: That's enough to talk to him, <Name>, don't you think?

Cecil: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, here you are! I want to talk to you.
Evan: We too, Cecil.

Have a chat with Cecil Ister
Evan: First of all, we found your hair in a sack of soil that could be the one used to kill Ashton.
Cecil: That's not possible! Where was it?
Evan: In the apartment behind Lila's plant nursery.
Cecil: Oh, c'mon! I had already told <Rank> <Name> I went to the reunion to visit Lila! Of course I would leave hair, DNA or whatever there!
Cecil: Now, I've got serious business with you. I need to show you something related to the murder.
Cecil: Please, can you take me to the greenhouse?

Evan: Now, here we are, Cecil. It must be worth it. What is it?
Cecil: See that water pond with the water lilies?
Evan: Yes. Is there... something in it?
Cecil: Of course! I noticed it this morning. I often come to the greenhouse. I'm taking some lessons about gardening with botanist Klovan.
Cecil: Why don't you take a look, please?
Evan: <Name>, that's a shovel! And it's stained with blood!
Evan: But, Ashton died of asphyxia. He didn't bleed, Cecil.
Cecil: What happens if you're dead and someone hits you with a shovel?
Evan: Errr... You're right! Thanks for your help.
Evan: <Name>, let's get back to the lab and examine this shovel!

Examine Shovel
Evan: Perfect! Let's send the fibers you found in the shovel to Sabrina.

Analyze Fibers
Sabrina: I extrapolated those fibers in the shovel, <Name>. And they came from your killer!
Sabrina: The fibers don't match Ashton's clothes, but it's not just that. The blood stains confirm this shovel was used to bury him. And I also found traces of mineral water. Too much coincidence.
Sabrina: Knowing the fibers came from the killer, the analysis shows that they wear something with a flowery motif!
Evan: Well, now we have enough leads to put this activist killer behind bars, <Name>!

Arrest killer
Gino: <Name>, you're back again! I was telling Lila about the time you-
Evan: Lila Uliana, you're under arrest for the murder of Ashton Fox. <Name>, put the handcuffs on her.
Gino: Why? What? How? Lila, did you really do that?
Lila: I'm sorry, Gino, I had no choice!
Evan: What about letting him live? That was a nice choice. Carlton Klovan explained to us a bit things about Green Year Parade. For some weeks, I really thought it was bad.
Lila: So you believed his tale too. I don't mind if the flowers can grow new seeds before being cut. They could leave many more fruits. The parade is a nonsense.
Lila: I'm a hero. If flowers could speak, they would thank me.
Evan: How did you manage to kill him? Why did he stay quiet inside the flowerpot?
Lila: I'd hit him with a thermometer in the neck. That way he "fainted".
Lila: But that's not important. I did a good business. One man, for thousands of flowers!

Lila: Can't you see you're wrong? There are many monsters outside who are taking lives from plants too.
Esteban Gonzalez: Lila Uliana, I'd like to remind you that provoked ecologic disasters are a crime also, like murders. The activists have already taken the case of Green Year Parade to justice.
Esteban Gonzalez: The judges are working on that, and if we find it illegal, we will only call off the event. We won't send any contestant to jail
Esteban Gonzalez: Do you have one last thing to say for your defense?
Lila: If Ashton was alive, he should be here facing the consequences. Not me!
Esteban Gonzalez: It's obvious that you don't regret a thing. This Court of Law sentences you to 30 years in jail with no chance for parole, besides sessions with a psychologist for the next two years.
Esteban Gonzalez: Session is adjourned!

Evan: Did you listen to Judge Gonzalez, <Name>? What he said was fantastic!
Evan: Now I don't really know if I'm for or against Green Year Parade. It seems activists are very propense to kill people.
Evan: I know it's impossible, but I wish that a simple event didn't result in murders.

Additional Investigation

Peter: Hello, <Rank> <Name>. I wanted to know if I...
Gino: Goodbye <Name>, Evan! I'll see Wendy at the plant nursery.
Evan: What? Why is she still there? She can't! Gino, we have to take her out of there.
Evan: Didn't you know that it's still a crime scene?
Evan: Sorry, Peter. What were you saying?
Peter: I want to talk to you. Oh, and Carlton also told me he wanted to see you.

See why Wendy Ohdie's still in the plant nursery
Wendy: Oh, Gino, here you are! And I see you brought Evan and <Name> too.
Evan: Wendy, this crime scene is still closed to the public. If you want, we'll let you know when you'll be available to be here again.
Wendy: Oh, it's just that Lila had told me she'd give the plant nursery to me. I still can't believe she could kill Ashton.
Wendy: That's why I called an officer. And I knew Gino really likes this place.
Evan: Lila should sell the property to you, and we haven't been notified of anything.
Gino: But she can be here if a police officer takes care of everything, right?
Evan: I'm not sure, Gino. I don't think it works like that.
Evan: But I guess you can be here if Gino lets you in, Wendy.
Wendy: Thank you, Evan! Would any of you like to stay with me and Gino? I'll need some help.
Gino: I don't think Evan would like the idea. But <Name> could help us, couldn't you?

Wendy: Now, Gino and <Name>, I'll tell you what you-
Gino: What's that smell? It... it smells like sewers.
Gino: I think it comes from that pile of earth, <Name>. I'm scared! It must be some kind of subsoil monster!
Wendy: Gino, underground creatures are just worms and some little animals. It must be something contaminated.
Gino: Oh, <Name>, we need you!

Investigate Plant nursery
Gino: Now be careful, <Name>. Some kind of monster might attack you!

Examine Pile of earth
Gino: Did you find a monster in that pile of earth? I don't want to look!
Wendy: Oh, c'mon. It's nothing dangerous.
Gino: That mud is doing bubbles, <Name>. It'll become a monster soon, you can be sure!
Wendy: It's just mud with contaminated water, Gino. It surely came from the sewers.
Wendy: But we need to know what it is to prevent contaminating more water. Can you do it, <Name>?

Examine Mud
Gino: I hope it's not any supernatural thing, <Name>.
Wendy: We'll wait for you, <Name>! Now, Gino, help me move this flowerpots.

Analyze Water sample
Sabrina: I analyzed the sample of water you gave me. Before telling you the results, I'll you that this sample is not water.
Sabrina: This transparent liquid substance is a mixture of chlorine, cloroform, alcohol and drugs.
Sabrina: Maybe it contained water before, but it must have evaporated. It happens when the sun heats the water.
Sabrina: I don't know why a normal person would mix those things, but I ran some tests in animals.
Sabrina: If a human drinks or smells this substance, it will become a homemade drug that induces hallucinations.
Sabrina: <Rank> <Name>, you have to tell Wendy to check there isn't more of this in the plant nursery.

Tell Wendy about the plant nursery's water
Wendy: So, <Name>? What happened? I bet it's not a creepy monster.
Gino: What? So Lila was on drugs? I think you never get to know fully a person.
Wendy: You can calm down, <Name>. I'll check Lila didn't leave more drugs here.
Wendy: Thake this as a thank you from the activists!

Assist Carlton Klovan
Carlton: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad I found you! Please, I need your help!
Carlton: The owner of the greenhouse knew Lila couldn't work anymore, and decided to let me work here. She never takes care of it, you know?
Carlton: I had an exotic flower, a pink knotwood. It's very beautiful. I need its pollen to spread it around some other pink knotwoods that are female. That way, I'll get fruits, right?
Carlton: If I calcullated everything right, the seeds would give me more pink knotwoods right before Green Year Parade, so I'll use them.
Carlton: But I lost the only male flower I have. Please help me find it!
Evan: Calm down, Carlton. We'll see if it's in this greenhouse, ok?

Investigate Greenhouse
Evan: This flower looks really exotic, but we have to check it's the pink knotwood Carlton talked about. Otherwise, he'll get really out of control.
Evan: I know you're a better forensic botanist than that crazy man!

Examine Exotic flower
Evan: Amazing, <Name>! So the flower you found in the greenhosue is a pink knotwood after all!
Evan: Carlton will be happy and normal, when we tell him we found his male exotic flower.

Give Carlton his flower
Carlton: My pink knotwood! I'm so relieved, <Rank>! I'm SO happy. Thank you!
Evan: You're welcome. Now, if that's everything...
Carlton: Please, come to the parade, cops. I know you'll like it. You could participate next year, what do you think?
Evan: We... we will think about that. See you, Carlton!

Peter Galley wants to talk to you
Peter: I'm sorry to bother you, officers, but I heard you talking about closed crime scenes and I need to go to the plant nursery.
Peter: Well, rather than the plant nursery, I need to go to the apartment in the back.
Peter: I lost my wallet, and with this thing of the murder, I hadn't even noticed it. Can you help me?
Evan: Don't worry, Peter. We'll look for it. Just wait here and we'll come back soon.

Investigate Activists' Reunion
Evan: Great job, <Name>! Now we have to see if Peter Galley hides any secret.
Evan: Oh, why can't we? At least we should check this wallet is HIS wallet, shouldn't we?

Examine Wallet
Evan: It's a pity we couldn't find any interesting things. But at least we found an ID in that wallet!
Evan: It belongs to... this is full of dust, <Name>! It could belong to anyone!
Evan: Help me clean it, ok?

Examine Dusty ID
Evan: Well, it looks way better than it was before. This is Peter's ID.
Evan: Let's return it to him!

Give Peter his wallet back
Evan: Peter, we're back. And your wallet is back too. Be more careful next time!
Peter: I'm sorry, I'll try not to lose it again. Thanks for retrieving it!
Peter: I brought some burgers from the restaurant. Plase, take one for you.

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