Bruce Globon
Biographical information
Full name Bruce Globon
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1988
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Scientist
Family Miranda Globon (cousin)
Unnamed aunt
Unnamed uncle
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Laroy Bay
Criminal Case Return to Laroy Bay
First appeared Case #27 Shot of Duty
Bruce Globon was a suspect in the murder investigations of US Army Colonel Miller in Shot of Duty (Case #27 of Laroy Bay) and his cousin, makeup artist Miranda Globon in Lump in your Throat (Case #1 of Return to Laroy Bay).


Bruce is 31-year-old scientist working for US Army. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears lab goggles, white lab coat with blue shirt and blue stripped tie under it.

Height 6'0"
Age 30/31
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

Shot of Duty

Bruce was interrogated after team found his fingerprints on victim's hat.He said that he touched his hat when he found the body.

Bruce was interrogated again after team found his broken goggles in Colonel Miller's office.He said that he and Miller had small fight and Bruce broke them due to anger,but they said sorry to each other.

Bruce was found innocent after team arrested Ray Freeman for a crime.

Lump in your Throat

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