Brooke Emerson was a suspect in the murder investigation of Fatima Grande in My Head's Underwater (Case #2).


Brooke is a barista in Emma Campbell's cafe, so she wears the red apron of the establishment. It is known that she drinks coffee.

Height 5'3"
Age 19
Weight 128 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type O+

Role in Case(s)

Brooke was interrogated after Emma Campbell mentioned that she filed a complaint about the victim. Brooke said that she often played pranks on her, ate all the free food provided in the break room, and left the job early most of the time. Whenever they talked, Fatima would often insult her and slap her in the face for no apparent reason. Having enough, Brooke decided to file the complaint.

Brooke was interrogated a second time after Emma said that she fired her. Brooke was furious because she lost the job that was sustaining her, and especially because she lost the job because the one tormenting her was afraid to lose a job she did not respect very well. Despite this, she said that she would not wish harm to the victim, as that would be stooping low to her level.

Her last statement in her last interrogation was proven false after Phoebe Yates and the player found her snooping around in the crime scene. She intended to get some ashes from the crime scene, and some evidence so she could post it on social media and brag that Fatima died. Phoebe demanded for the evidence she found, so she handed over some torn fabric to the victim.

Despite being abused by the victim, Brooke was found innocent after Emma Campbell was incarcerated for the murder.

Case Appearances

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