Brono Romano
Brono Romano
Gender Boy
Height 5'9
Age 50
Weight {{{weight}}}
Eye Color Green
Blood Type AB+
Hair Color Gray/Red
Innocent or Guilty Innocent
Alive or Dead Alive
Case Appearances The Bloody Tea Party

 Brono Romano is a suspect on The Bloody Tea Party (Case #1).


Brono is 50 years old builder on City Anderson. Hes have blueprints on him hands and hes have a build helmet. Hes haves short red beard.


The Bloody Tea Party

Player find a knife. In knife Brono's skin cells are on knife. Brono's name added to suspetcs list. He says hes using the knife for cutting fruits on stall. And end of the case the killer Victoria Tan found and Brono be innocent.


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