Brockston Slumbs (formerly Turney Slumbs) is the second district/sector in the Cortonith Island. Situated in Cases #5 to #8, this district has a potent similarity to all of the houses: Rocks. Houses are made within rocks, though they also get some food from other districts, or simply make their own from their farms. The district is also generally poor in money, but rich in generosity.

The founder of this sector was none other than Juniper Turney, which she gave up her leadership to her friend Borak Brockston, a Muslim leader who wants peace by reading the Qu'ran for everybody. Yet, they were the well-known targets of judgmental people, especially from the Frenchlight Shores district.

This is also the site of Corey Juno's landing.


Case #5: Killer in the Church Case #6: Sign of Hatred
Case #7: An Unwelcomed Visitor Case #8: Forgotten Legend
Bonus Case: False Promise


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