Brock Rothery was the killer of high school student Caleb Millhouse in To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood). After his arrest, he returned as a suspect in the murder investigation his former employer, convict Gerald Deckerton in Lies And Deceit (Case #6 of Toomeswood)


Brock is a 59 year old now former coach with black buzzcut hair and brown eyes, his left eye covered by a bruise. He dons a bright blue polo shirt with yellow accents as well as a yellow bull logo and carries a silver whistle in his right hand. It is known that Brock eats protein bars and visits saunas.

Height 6'1"
Age 59
Weight 200 lb
Eyes Brown
Blood A-

Events of Criminal Case

To Pay A Deadly Price

Brock became a suspect when he wrote the victim a very angry message, demanding that the victim stop cutting gym or he would face severe consequences. He was also recognized by Vanessa as her former gym teacher, citing that he hadn't changed one bit and she considered him a "nasty volcano waiting to explode" due to the coach's unruly temper. Brock countered that Vanessa was still considered by him as an "undisciplined leech" and always would be. When asked about the note, Brock furiously told the team that Caleb had been cutting class to go tanning with his mother and that the repeated absences cost his teammates several victories at the game.

Brock was spoken to again also was discovered to have stolen the victim's jock strap (per Jonah's analyses, despite Vanessa's knowledge of the coach doing such acts) and after letting it get rotten for a while, hid it in the victim's bag with the intention of giving him an infection out of retaliation for humiliating him at an important football game by showing up drunk and urinating at the school district sports officials. Disgusted but not surprised by his actions, Vanessa warned the coach that one day he would get his comeuppance.

Later on in the investigation, Brenda Reynolds reported a physical altercation ensued between Brock and Jack Princeton which was ended by Principal Gerald Deckerton who without allowing Jack to explain his side of the story, automatically decided that the coach was in the right which infuriated both Brenda and Jack.

In the end, Brock was found guilty for the murder. He furiously claimed innocence til Vanessa managed to get him to slip up and admit to throwing a meat slicer at the victim. He confessed to forcing the football players to go on a strictly protein only diet which made several of the boys sick. When one of the boys decided to switch to a ketogenic diet, that infuriated the coach to the point where he barged into the boys locker room with the meat slicer miraculously working despite the cord being broken. When Brock threw the meat slicer, the boys ran out of the locker room to escape the coach's wrath. Caleb, however was left at the mercy of the coach but put up a losing battle before being  slaughtered by the meat slicer.Vanessa didn't hesitate to ship her former gym teacher to trial where an infuriated Judge Whiterock didn't even try to listen to a word the coach said after he tried to justify his actions before she sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole for both the murder and his abusive behavior towards his students, ending his 25 year tenure at the high school. Brock furiously declared that Vanessa would rue the day she arrested him and threatened that her days were numbered before she snapped back saying she would be ready for whatever he'd try to throw at her.

After the trial, he was confronted by the team and Jack with the help of Brad Ryder. However, he furiously justified his abusive behavior throughout his 25 year tenure at the school by stating that the boys managed to have successful careers under his tough teachings and bragged that Jack would lose his career after notifying Principal Deckerton of the interrogation

Lies And Deceit

Brock once again became a suspect when the team found Gerald's phone, revealing him to be in conspiracy with the victim. Given he was already serving a life sentence, Brock didn't hesitate to admit his role in Gerald's schemes. He even bragged that he helped mold the high schoolers into the very violent delinquents that attacked the kindergarteners.


  • Brock resembles late actor R.Lee Emery
  • Brock is one of the killers that are interrogated in the Additional Investigation

Case Appearances

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