Brittany Kingly
Biographical information
Full name Brittany Kingly
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1975
Personal information
Nationality Spanish
Residence Parinaita
Profession(s) News Reporter
Affiliation(s) Parinaita News
Game information
Appears in Parinaita
First appeared Sticks and Marbles (Case #19 of Parinaita)

Brittany Kingly was a suspect in the murder investigate of Susan Looper Rochester in Sticks and Marbles (Case #19 of Parinaita)

Case Appearance

Sticks and Marbles (Case #19 of Parinaita)
Never Mind the Buzzed Off (Case #22 of Parinaita)
Seeing Double? (Case #23 of Parinaita)
A Rotten Series of Events (Case #24 of Parinaita; Victim)


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