Bridgeport is a city made by FUNSimmer . It is still being made, but some districts are already planned out. It is known that this city will have 52 cases.


Lake Shore

Lake Shore is the first district of Bridgeport. The Team has to deal with a group named Chaos Crew.

Gloomy Forest

Will be released once Lake Shore is completely finished. Cases #6-#10

Capital Center Set for future release Cases #11-#17

University Under Construction Cases #18-#25

Rich Street Under Construction Cases #26-#30

Lilywood Hills Planned for construction #31-#38

Isla Paradiso Planned for construction #39-#48

Destroyed City Planned for construction #49-#52

FACT: Lilywood Hills was meant to be the last district, but since I wanted more cases Destroyed City will be the last district.

District Themes:

Page is still under construction. It's gonna be filled soon.

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