Brice Connerie
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Biographical information
Full name Brice Connerie
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 2007
Death 2018
Cause of death Drowning
Personal information
Nationality French
Residence Laroy Bay
Family Jean Connerie- cousin (Incarcerated)
Game information
First appeared Case #4 Six Feet Under Water
Brice Connerie (2007-2018) was the victim in Six Feet Under Water (Case #4 of Laroy Bay)


Brice was 11-year-old boy with short brown hair and blue eyes.He wore teal T-Shirt and black pants.He had green bracelet on his left hand.

Murder Details

Brice was found tied up in the pool.He was tied up at the pool's floor.Megan said that the killer used scuba diving mask for him and for Brice so he can spend about 15-20 minutes tying Brice to the pool's floor.When he was done,he removed Brice's mask so that he can slowly die by drowning.Since the killer used scuba diving equipment,Megan concluded that the killer knows scuba diving.

Killer and motives

After investigation,team proved that the killer is Baxter Demint,bartender.He confiremd it and said that he would do anything for The Venom.Diane asked him why did he kill Brice when Jean Connerie,his cousin,already commited murder they asked him to do.Baxter said he did it because their spy saw Jean talking to Marcus Young and the player about everything The Venom ordered him to do.Judge sentenced Baxter to Life in prison

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