Breckettville is the city where the main setting is for Season 1 of Bundyfication00 series which released in 2014 during June. Its team of police is known as the Breckettville Police Department


Breckettville features six different districts, each with unique scenery and composition.

Starlight Shores- Starlight Shores features beaches, an exotic coral reef, a neon walkway doubling as a business district, and many party venues.

  • Starlight Shores (Cases #1-#11)

Ellington Center-This district is reminiscent to the real-world Wall Street and Central Park in New York. Nick Johnson, known as the architect of the city, is the one who designed and built the Ellington Center is the most modern part of Breckettville.

  • Ellington Center (Cases #12-#21)

Sunset Hills- Sunset Hills is a colorful and a lively place, always a festival or a celebration going on, although a family feud between Marshall's and Anderson's.

  • Sunset Hills (Cases #22-#31)

Bluelake Town- The district features luxury estates, five stars resorts, and modern-themed sceneries.

  • Bluelake Town (Cases #32-#41)

Limestone University- As an aptly named district, it is a schooling institution with an accredited baccalaureate college, a football field, and several schooling fronts.

  • Limestone University (Cases #42-#51)

Rosegate Heights- It is considered to be an affluent district of the city, this district features many historical novelties of Breckettville as well as being near a forest preserve and a lake and airport.

  • Rosegate Heights (Cases #52-#56)
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