Bandon BamBam
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1995
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, U.S
Profession(s) Brancast founder

One of the five Leaders of The Law

Affiliation(s) Brancast

The Law

Game information
First appeared Casting Death

Brandon BamBamis a recurring character in S1 of Criminal Case who was a suspect in the murder investigations of six people in St Ronde before turning out to be the killer of Harrison Smith and Jackson Ghost in The Bombing of St Ronde (Case 45 of St Ronde), he would later be a suspect in the murder investigation of Zoe Dawson in Jailbreak (Case 48 of St Ronde) before killing Cody Longgo in Prison Life (Case 53 of St Ronde)


Brandon is a 23-year-old Brancast founder. He has glasses and wears a blue shirt with striped yellow sleeves. It is known that Brandon knows Botany and is a mechanic

In his second suspect appearance Brandon has a tar stain. It is  now known that Brandon uses motel soap

In his third suspect appearance  Brandon's stain is gone, but now has scratches

In his fourth suspect appearance his scratches have healed and it is discovered that he plays Tennis 

In his fifth suspect appearance, it is revealed that Brandon uses Spritify

In his six suspect appearance, Brandon is seen with some dust on his shoulders, it is found out that he eats barbecue

In his seventh suspect appearance, Brandon wears a prison jumpsuit, and it is learned he knows karate, drinks juice, and has been to tokoyo

In his eighth appearance, Brandon is revealed to eat Shrimp, use Duck soap, and sing

Events of Criminal case

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Brandon is one of the suspects to appear seven times

Brandon is one of the suspects to appear in three districts

Case appearances

Checkmate(case 3 of St Ronde; mentioned)

Casting Death(case 8 of St Ronde)

Constructing The Tower Of Murder (Case 10 of St ronde

Bit Off More Than You Can Chew (Case 12 of St ronde

A Castworthy Murder (Case 23 of St ronde)

Welcome To The Brancast (Case 37 of St Ronde)

Ghosting (Case 39 of St Ronde)

The Bombing of St Ronde (Case 45 of St Ronde)

Jailbreak (Case 48 of St Ronde)

Prison Life (Case 53 of St Ronde)

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