Bradley Simpson
Biographical information
Full name Bradley Simpson
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1980
Death 2016
Cause of death Killed by Sonny Knight
Nationality Flag of Heroldia.png Heroldian
Resting place Pangkal Beach Cemetery
Family Unknown
Profession Head of the Simpson Property
Affiliation(s) Simpson Property
Game information
Appearance(s) Thrown by a Stone
Burning in a Hell
Catching the Blade

Bradley Simpson (1980-2016) was a suspect in the murder investigation of house builder Ron Smith in Thrown by a Stone (Case #2 of Heroldia City) and traveler Mariah Thompson in Burning in a Hell (Case #4 of Heroldia City). He was later found murdered in Catching the Blade (Case #5 of Heroldia City).


Bradley was the 36-year-old head of the Simpson Property. He had a blonde hair, wore red tuxedo with a logo of Simpson Property in his left, and donned a black tie.

In his first appearance, it is known that Bradley spoke German, took Nevrax, and was right handed.

In his second appearance, it is known that he knew about traditional medicine, played chess, and scuba dift.

Height 5'10"
Age 36
Weight 169 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A-

Role in Case(s)

Thrown by a Stone

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Burning in a Hell

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Murder Details

Sanjay deduced that Bradley was shot by a gun between his eyes. In other words, Bradley was executed. Sanjay stated that Bradley was killed with the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, a sniper rifle. He also informed that the killer had to know how to handle gun to be able to kill the victim.

Killer and Motives

The killer was revealed to be a Heroldia PD agent, Sonny Knight.

Sonny admitted that he had no choice to kill Bradley. He killed Bradley to protect himself from death. He then informed the team that he was also a member of the Blade when he was a teenager but left for some reason. Chief Watson decided to postpone the trial to seek the truth.

It was later revealed that Bradley was ordered dead by Francis Damascus. As a result, Judge Syarifuddin sentenced Francis life in jail for abducting a police officer, causing Mariah Thompson to die, took a life of many people, and ordering a police officer to kill Bradley. Sonny was granted immunity for the crime because he saved Alice, and Richard for being abducted.

Case Apperances


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