Brad Ryder was a suspect in the murder investigation of Parental Advisory Committee head Henry Baltimore in Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood) and high school student Caleb Millhouse in To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood)


Brad is a 25 year old hiker with wavy blond hair parted to the left underneath a blue beanie and brown eyes underneath teal glasses. He also sported a white sleeveless hoodie with black accents over an orange, yellow and teal tie dyed T-Shirt. He is also seen holding a bright green cellphone and sports a gold chain with a gold pot leaf shaped pendant. It is known that Brad smokes weed and uses spray paint.

In his second suspect appearance, he ditches his white hoodie and sports a bruise. He was discovered to eat protein bars.

Height 6'2"
Age 25
Weight 150 lb
Eyes Brown
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

Brad became a suspect when he was the one to have discovered the victim and the one who corroborated Tazia's identification of him. Contrary to the chief medical examiner's statement however, he the thought the victim was long retired due to his age and attire. When asked how he knew the victim, Brad stated that he often bumped into Henry as the latter often patrolled the community and declared himself the neighborhood block watch captain.

Brad was spoken to again after Jordan (whose face the hiker accidentally spray painted) and the player found a caricature (per Jane) that depicted the victim as an eldritch abomination like monster spewing slime on a bunch of buildings. Brad told the team that Henry intended to have several local businesses shut down that the hiker frequented such as his favourite candy store as the victim felt that such stores were a public nuisance due to being "too flashy and tacky".

In the end, Brad was found innocent but lost his boyfriend Sean Crackton who was found guilty of the murder, devastating him. Despite Sean advising Brad to keep up his cheerful disposition, he requested to be left alone for space to grieve.

To Pay A Deadly Price

Brad appeared again as a suspect when he accidentally caused a black out at the school, infuriating Vanessa, Jonah and especially science teacher Jack Princeton as he was conducting a lab, however home economics teacher Brenda Reynolds demanded the three to calm down and let Brad speak .The vlogger explained to Brenda and the team that he had allegations of the victim not only physically bullying students but also being a cyberbully, he explained that he tripped and bumped into a breaker when asked about the blackout. When he handed Brenda his phone, the allegations were proven to be true (such as attacking kindergartners in their own homes and cyberbullying grade 8 students).

Brad was spoken to again when the team traced the victim's defaced football back to him. He told the team that weeks ago, he had witnessed the victim being cruel to animals such as attacking sleeping deer and their young, throwing his football at squirrels using them as target practice. He reported the victim's actions to a park ranger only for her to laugh at him after the victim played innocent. This prompted him to investigate the victim and attempt to show the community his true colors.

In the end, Brad was found innocent for the second time when the team arrested Brock Rothery for the murder. He helped Jack and the team document proof of Brock abusing his power and students during his 25 year tenure at Perleyville Community Secondary School.


  • Brad is based off Bruno
  • Brad is one of two characters to appear as a suspect in two consecutive cases, the other being Brenda Reynolds

Case Appearances

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