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Blue Coasts is a city serving as the scenario for the second season of PetersCorporal's fangame game. To unlock it, the player must first solve the 70 murder cases in Townville.


Blue Coasts is a huge fictional American city located in the state of Delaware, right by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a cosmopolitan city, with immigrants and descendants of immigrants from most nations around the globe (mainly Japanese and French people). It was founded as a settlement for refugees escaping World War I on December 1, 1915. The city was originally a small town but grew significantly over time. It's currently divided into 10 districts. The primary LEA in the city is the Blue Coasts Police Department, which rules over other 10 local police branches from each district which are led by a Police Commander. The player joins the top team in the BCPD working for the Chief of Police and the team relocates from district to district when they need to investigate new things in other parts of the city.

City's plot overview

Season 1: Townville

During this case, Sabrina Stone was absent because she was on holidays in Blue Coasts. Lindsey Vain said that it was a sunny place.

Sabrina Stone returned from Blue Coasts right before this case and said that the city was amazing and that there were profiles working in their police department, unlike in Townville.

Alan Smith, Chief of Townville's police, said that his daughter lived now in Blue Coasts after having survived a fire started by her mother.

Townville's police received a letter from Gary Perkins (who was somehow involved with Dr. Cyanide) saying that he was now in Blue Coasts investigating something big and said that he would later return to Townville. He also mentioned that the city had beautiful beaches.

Albert Presto had died weeks ago without telling the team some piece of information he'd promised, so the team talked to his cellmate, Frida Larry. She said she knew what it was and said that the origins of the family feud between Dr. Cyanide's family and the Farrens had originated in Blue Coasts. Evan Day told Alan Smith about this since he thought that cold case could be important, as Dr. Cyanide wouldn't have gone throught he whole trouble of poisoning plants, animals, and people, if nothing interesting had happened. In case there was something else behind that old story, Alan talked to George Nearnight (the Chief of Blue Coasts' police) and transfered the player to his police department and also to his own team. This is how the murders in Blue Coasts are investigated by the player.

Season 2: Blue Coasts

George Nearnight said to the player that Blue Coasts had been founded in 1915 by groups of refugees who were escaping from the Great War (1914-1918). There is little to no information about life in Blue Coasts' first years.

Violet Nearnight talked to the player about Blue Coasts Day which takes place every December the 1st, which is the city's anniversary. She said that it was founded by Petchara Metanee, a Siamese woman and also one of the very Thai immigrants the city has ever hosted.

Annabelle Chashiroua talks about the district of New Lakeland, which is basically a big lake (Barragán Lake) surrounded by forest and hills. It was outside of the city limits originally, but as the city grew it incorporated this region as a new district.

Mayor Akiko Miyadai turned out to be the leader of a sexual exploitation ring, and is arrested amidst a scandal. Her Deputy Mayor, Danniel Svykozsky, assumes her position.

As a controversial state assistance bill enters debate in the City Council, Blue Coasts starts facing an economic crisis. As the new Mayor, Svykozsky announces elections in order to get more credibility for his government.


The city of Blue Coasts contains 10 districts:

Evergreen Tops is the first district investigated by the player. It holds most of the city's richest population as well as very posh venues. Hilton & Hilton Club, Blue Tops Cemetery, Evergreen Paradise gated community, the Evergreen Wetlands and Evergreen Forest are all located in this district.

The most important plots in Evergreen Tops are MAFIA and the hackers causing a security breach in the team.


1- A Snob Case 2- Corpse Within The Dead 3- Conquest Of Paradise

4- Manhunt 5- Hollywoods 6- Snow Bunnies

7- Slip Of A Tongue

South Coast is the second district investigated by the player. This district features a younger population and is home to a great part of the city's party scene. Montgomery Publication House, Sargassum Lake, the Metanee Baseball Stadium, Bullhawk Islet and Flambeau Palace are all located in this district.

The most important plots in South Coast are the Miss Blue Coasts pageant and Kyle Montgomery's estranged relationship with his parents.


8- Price Of Beauty 9- Sargassum Slaying 10- Deathblood Whirlpool

11- Phantom Ballplayer 12- Castaway Corpse 13- All-Points Bullets

14- The Hottest Girl

The City Center is the third district investigated by the player. This district features most of the city's commercial activity and is home to the poorer citizens of Blue Coasts. Blue Coasts International Airport, Shokunin Grove, Newcoast Shopping Center and the City Hall are all located in this district.

The most important plot in the City Center is The Kitty Cats, a prostitution ring exploiting its victims.


15- Hell Freezing Over 16- Flight Of Fantasy 17- Six Feet Later

18- Slay Of The Art 19- Tombstone Groove 20- Cat Pursuit

21- Yell Bloody Murder

New Lakeland is the fourth district investigated by the player. The district consists of a big lake, surrounded by some land featuring some forest and hills. Not many people leave here, so most of the human activity here are shops and companies, apart from some cabins owned by the city's rich people to go to for a weekend getaway or a short holiday. Barragán Lake, Honey Hill Ranches and Lake Ducal are all located in this district.

The most important plot are the City Center are the mayoral elections and Martin Jenkins.


22- Land Of Milk And Vinegar 23- Slayte 24- Bloodshed

25- Enough Rope 26- Honeybee Democracy 27- God Save The Queen Bee

28- The Buck Stops Here

Middle Coast is the fifth district investigated by the player. This district is home to most of the city's population, being mainly a residential zone.

The most important plots in Middle Coast are the police riots and Chief Nearnight's secret documents.

29- 30- 31-

32- 33- 34-

35- A Cop's Mugshot

North Coast is the sixth district investigated by the player.

Known mayors of Blue Coasts

Blue Coasts Police Department

Personnel Age Position Duties
George Nearnight 57 Chief of Police Reads and reviews case files, issuing orders, giving out new leads whenever necessary, overseeing all operations, ensuring cops are bringing justice to the city. He's the head of the player's team.
Player N/A Homicide Detective Performs homicide investigations as the investigator-in-chief of formal murder investigations; brings killers to justice by all means necessary.
Jerry Bryar 27 Deputy A deputy and the partner assigned to the player during day shifts; usually works with the player as a team to solve homicide investigations.
Nora MacMillon 39 Detective A detective and the partner assigned to the player during night shifts; usually works with the player as a team to solve homicide investigations.
Megan Staples 31 Coroner Autopsies bodies of various murder victims, analyzes the murder weapon if necessary, issues new leads whenever possible, and handles anatomic forensics when needed.
Kyle Montgomery 31 Head of Forensics Handles and analyzes physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity, and sometimes discovers the murder weapon.
Thomas Ravens 25 Digital Analyst Handles and analyzes digital and technical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity. Also issues new leads whenever possible.
Annabelle Chashiroua 32 Profiler Handles and analyzes clues that could bring out interesting information about the culprit or the suspects; also usually interrogates the killers after they're arrested and provides useful information at their trials.
Hans Rougel 41 Internal Issues Officer Handles and analyzes evidence about the Police Department's database to reveal important clues about a murder investigation or murder suspects.
Violet Nearnight 23 Officer An officer assigned as the player's assistant who develops the tasks necessary to help solve the team's murder investigations. Also sometimes acts as the player's partner, issues new leads if found, and sometimes issues new suspect attributes when needed.
James Robert 27 Officer An officer who is in charge of leading investigations other than murders, sometimes acts as the player's partner and issues new leads if found.
Ousman Jawo 37 Expert in wildlife and botany Handles and analyzes plants and herbs to bring new evidence to the team's murder investigations; also usually takes care of animals involved in the cases.

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