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Blooming into Darkness
Season 1
City Hollyoaks
District Hollyoaks Centre
Case Number 5
Date of Release 16 December 2015
Partner(s) Ben Bradley
Diego Martinez (AI)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Evacuate the Dancefloor Frankie Goes to Hollyoaks

Blooming into Darkness is the fourth case in Criminal Case: Hollyoaks Edition. It was made by Kit.

Case Background

The case started after a message was found telling the team to meet someone at the florist at a specific time. When that time came, the team stumbled upon Barney Harper-McBride's body. He had been shot in the back. Along with his body was another note, taunting the team, another note was found. But it was faded. Annalise's autopsy revealed that the gun had been from a smaller gun. But would need it to work it out. She could work out that the killer was in contact with flowers. After the investigation, the killer was revealed to be Tilly Evans, an art student. Tilly killed Barney because despite her being a lesbian, Barney forced himself on her. Tilly then discovered she was pregnant. That's when she got an abortion, and when it went wrong and almost killed her, Tilly killed Barney by shooting him. Tilly was sentenced to 30 years in prison. 

After the investigation, Myra and Bart McQueen turned up to the police station, in a furious argument. Myra had accused Bart of stealing Myra's daughter's ring which she put all her savings into. Diego turned up and suggested he help. Diego and the player found the ring, and returned it to Myra, after speaking to Bart, Bart revealed that he was going to pawn it, and apologised to Myra. Frankie turned up, saying that she was seeing someone, and her friend turned up, and revealed she was seeing them too, and cut her hair off in her sleep. She had lost her wig, needed it urgently. They found it. After the investigation, Ben walked in, upset. He said he had just found out that Frankie Osborne had recently just been murdered. 


  • Barney Harper-McBride

Murder Weapon

  • Pistol


  • Tilly Evans


Myra McQueen

Diego's girlfriend

Weight 231lbs
Age 48
Height 5'6
Eyes Blue
Blood AB-

Grace Black

Co Owner of The Loft

Weight 130lbs
Age 30
Height 5'4
Eyes Blue
Blood B+

Bart McQueen

Myra's Nephew

Weight 150lbs
Age 20
Height 6'2
Eyes Brown


Frankie Osborne


Weight 145lbs
Age 58
Height 5'8
Eyes Grey


Tilly Evans

Art Student

Weight 120lbs
Age 18
Height 5'9
Eyes Blue