Bloody Wedding is the first case in Staketown. and first case in Environtment Town District.

Case Background

Officer Anna Valderer Inform there was a victim in Obey's Wedding.Player and Hannah Miller must go there to find the murder.

A Groom found sit in Decoration room with sword in his chest. The Victim name was Kauffman Obey. He was a groom in his wedding as couple. The Killer is his bride, Bertha Obey. Bertha Obey killed him because she didn't like a playboy man in her life. Bertha didn't have any choice ,so she try to kill him with sword when their wedding event. Because is the first-degree murder, Judge sentenced Bertha to 20 years prison with a chance of parole for 15 years.

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  • Kaufman Obey (Found scalped in room with sword on it)

Murder Weapon

  • Sword "Falchion"


  • Bertha Obey


Bertha Obey

Charlemagne Feaster

Killer's Profile

  • The killer's blood type is A
  • The Killer wear crown

Chapter 1

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  • Investigate Decoration room (Available at start;Clues: Victim's Body, Bussiness card)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body (00:05:00,Attribute : The killer's blood type is A)
  • Analyze Bussiness Card (00:05:00,New Suspects :Charlemagne Feaster)
  • Ask Charlemagne about victim (Prerequisite : Bussiness Card Examined)
  • Investigate Groom Chair ( Clue : Photograph,Falchion)
  • Analyze Photograph(00:05:00,New Suspect : Bertha Obey)
  • Ask Bertha about victim (Prerequisite : Photograph analyzed)
  • Examine Falchion (Result : Gold Substance)
  • Analalyze Gold Substance(00:05:00, Attribute : The Killer Wear Crown)
  • Arrest The Killer 
  • Go to additional investigation (No Star)

Additional Investigation

  • Talk with Charlemagne what going on 
  • Investigate Decoration Room (Clue : Facial Treatment)
  • Give back the Facial Treatment to Charlemagne
  • Go to next case ( No Star)
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