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Annabel: Alright, so we know what the market is up to now thanks to the info we've gathered.
Isabel: According to the data, they're going to attempt to rig the Artist of the Stars ceremony to artists that support them...
Hunter: And all the while they continue to take people's works to further their own profits.
Hunter: These guys are getting on my last nerve, and that's not counting the problems we've had with the local police department, and the serial killer Mr. Reus.
Luke: But everytime we need to continue, someone ends up dying, and most of the time its not related to our main investigations. I swear, when will this end?
Josiah: Not anytime soon I'm afraid, we just got word from the nearby ballet and opera theatre. There was an incident, the person who called it in said it was murder.
Annabel: Murder? What is with these people?!
Annabel: <Rank> <Name>, take Officer Roman and Sergeant Onobanjo with you and get this done. If you find ANYTHING related to the market, Reus, or the local police, let us know immediately.
Josiah: Will do Chief, let's get Zoya and head over there!

Chapter 1

Investigate Ballet Theatre
Zoya: Well, this clearly was no accident.
Josiah: Whoever reported this was right to call it a murder, a piano falling on someone falls far from an accident.
Josiah: But we don't know who this is, the outfit does make us think this woman was a ballet dancer, but that's all.
Zoya: Let's send her to Daphne for the autopsy, and we oughta check out that rope since that was what the piano was tied to.
Josiah: How the heck did someone manage to get this thing suspended in the air? I think that's gonna be important to keep in mind.
Zoya: Right, we should have a look at this purse too. If this is our victim's, we may get an ID.
Grace: Officers, thank goodness you got my message!
Josiah: Grace Wagner? We haven't seen you since the diamond heist.
Grace: I know, I came here hoping to teach men and women the wonders of ballet, but I came here only to find this woman dead!
Josiah: Do you know who she is?
Grace: Yes I do, her name's Astrid Zavala, she's been one of my best students!
Josiah: We'll need to talk to you then Miss Wagner, please step aside.
Zoya: Well, once again we have our work cut out for us. We better get this done.

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Daphne: You know, my dad always told me not to repeat the stuff they do on cartoons. I always told him they were so over the top it couldn't be done.
Daphne: But aparently, someone went ahead and smashed them with a piano anyway.
Zoya: Well, I can imagine if there wasn't any evidence given the fact all the killer had to do is drop a piano on her.
Daphne: You're right on that, she was crushed by the piano, death was instantaneous. So I took a look at the piano itself, or what's left of it.
Josiah: Did you find something from that?
Daphne: I did, the rope by itself was tied pretty tightly, they wanted to make sure it held. Whoever killed her has to know their way around knots.
Josiah: Well this is a nice start to tying up the loose ends of this case, we'll get that killer yet!

Examine Rope
Josiah: Alright, maybe there's something in these rope fibers we're missing. Let's get these to Victor on the double!

Analyze Rope Fibers
Victor: "If I must refuse it with every fiber of my being I will. You won't-"
Victor: Oh hey, I'm about to publish my novel online, you would not believe how many views these get. The people keep telling me to publish physical copies, but I'm not too sure.
Josiah: Speaking of fibers, any chance you got something on those rope fibers?
Victor: Oh yeah, the fibers actually had traces. The traces contained beeswax, cetyl alcohol, paraffin, camphor... all that to make lip balm.
Zoya: And you're sure its our killer's?
Victor: Positive, I even checked your victim's lips, and there traces of lipstick, but not lip balm.
Zoya: Well our killer better doll themselves up while they're free, because they won't get another chance!

Examine Purse
Zoya: So, anything in the purse?
Josiah: Nothing but good news! The ID confirms this is our victim's!
Josiah: And what's more, it appears she had a membership to some jockey club. Is that horse riding?
Zoya: It is, its worth checking it out to see if our victim had been there recently.
Josiah: Then what are we waiting for, let's go check it out!

Investigate Horse Riding Club
Zoya: I gotta say, this place is nice for a club in the middle of Stardust Junction.
Josiah: Yeah I'll give 'em that. But stay focused, we need to make sure our victim was here recently.
Josiah: Hey check it out! That sign-in sheet has our victim here a few hours ago! Talk about luck, looks like we know where our victim was recently.
Zoya: We better have a closer look at that sign-in sheet and see who else was here.
Zoya: But while we're at it, we'll need to know what kind of person Astrid is. We'll need to look around for any proof of that too.
Josiah: Well, <Name> did find this... mound of dirt. Please tell that isn't horse manure.
Zoya: Well, you know what we need to do now. Let's dig in!
Josiah: I'm gonna need three pairs of gloves for this.

Examine Dirt Mound
Josiah: What's that you found, some ring?
Zoya: There's a note with it, "Don't forget to decode the message." And there's a bunch of weird symbols next to it too.
Josiah: Oh, this must be a decoder ring then! I used to have one when I was a kid. <br / Josiah: But who was this for, and who sent it? And why did it end up here?
Zoya: We're gonna need to have Alice decode this message, just in case the message isn't veyr obvious.

Analyze Decoder Ring Message
Josiah: So Alice, any complications with that message?
Alice: You were wise to send it to me, this message still needed some more insight aside from the decoding.
Alice: The message itself was "I couldn't be happier to work alongside you, and thanks for recommending this place for me!"
Zoya: Well, that doesn't mean much.
Alice: On its own, yes. But I took a look at the victim's online profile, and it all made sense.
Alice: This message was sent by the victim, likely thanking the person who told her to come to the club.
Alice: That means they had to have been close in some other way, so it got me thinking she had a friend in ballet as well.
Josiah: Anyone you found matching that description?
Alice: That I did! Online, she exchanged the most messages with one Yaromir Dubow, a russian ballet dancer.
Zoya: Russia huh? Well they certainly know their arts.
Josiah: I can't tell, is Yaromir a boy or a girl?
Alice: A boy.
Josiah: Alright then, let's go see this Yaromir and see what their friendship was like.

Talk to Yaromir about his friendship with the victim
Josiah: Mr Dubow, do you have a minute?
Yaromir: Hello officers, I'm guessing you're here about poor Astrid?
Zoya: We know this is a difficult time for you, but we need to talk.
Yaromir: I understand.
Yaromir: Astrid, she was a great person, and a talented dancer!
Zoya: Were you two good friends?
Yaromir: Definetly, I helped teach her everything I learned about ballet.
Yaromir: And I even recommended her to my favorite club, horse riding really helps calm a person down and makes them feel so liberated. At least I think so.
Yaromir: I hope you'll find her killer soon officers, I won't let my friend remain unavenged!

Examine Sign-in Sheet
Josiah: Well, anyone else of note on the sheet besides our victim?
Zoya: Doesn't look like... Hey wait, there's someone important on there!
Zoya: The Mayor's oldest daughter, Naomi Solomon!
Josiah: Naomi? What's she doing here? Guess she has an interest in horse riding.
Josiah: She was here around the same time our victim was, so maybe the two met. Let's go talk to her.

See what relationship Naomi had with the victim
Naomi: Officers, what are you doing here?
Zoya: We're investigating a murder, a ballet dancer named Astrid Zavala was found dead at the ballet theatre.
Naomi: Astrid? Why would anyone want her dead?
Josiah: That's what we're trying to find out. Did you know her?
Naomi: She and I were like partners here at the club, she was the one who actually helped me learn how to ride.
Naomi: Before I met her, I just kept falling off the horse every few seconds. You wouldn't believe the bruises I got.
Naomi: But she was a regular around here and taught me everything she knew. I repaid her with a dinner at my favorite diner, they make the best hot dogs!
Josiah: So you two were close friends?
Naomi: We were, I'd been hoping she would teach me ballet, but I guess I'll never get that chance now.
Zoya: We're sorry for your loss Miss Solomon, we'll talk to you again if we need to.

Talk to Grace about the murder
Josiah: Miss Wagner, the victim was ballet dancer here?
Grace: She was, one of my best in fact. And she certainly enjoyed it.
Zoya: Were there any troubles at all, maybe someone who didn't like her?
Grace: Well there was a bit of jealousy now and then, but I can't say any of it would warrant murder.
Grace: And if I may be honest, she wasn't really the most cooperative with some of the dancers. She always wanted to have the stage for herself.
Josiah: Really?
Grace: Yes really, but surprisingly she got along well with me.
Josiah: Really?
Grace: Trust me, I'm just as surprised as you are.
Zoya: Okay, let us know if anything else comes up about our victim.
Grace: Don't worry, I want her killer just as bad as you, so I'll do what I can to find them!

In front of the theatre
Zoya: Well, once again we find ourselves investigating a murder when our plate is full.
Josiah: I know its annoying, but we can't afford to let these murders go unsolved. We need to show that people can rely on the police!
Josiah: Let's go over what we have so far, our victim is a ballet dancer named Astrid Zavala, who was literally crushed by a piano.
Zoya: And we've heard plenty of good things from her instructor, her fellow ballet dancer, and even the Mayor's oldest daughter.
Zoya: I don't know, I just get the feeling there's something we're-
Zoya: Huh? Wait, what's that!?
???: *gasp*
Josiah: Hey, is that...
Josiah: Reus! Warrenville PD, hands in the air!!

Chapter 2

Josiah: Hands up Reus, come out slowly!
???: Reus? I'm sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone else.
Zoya: Have we, then who are you?
???: Someone who I'm sure you're well acquainted with, officers.
Josiah: Huh? You're...
Horatio: Tis I, The Great Horatio!
Zoya: Enjoying bail, aren't you?
Josiah: Mind stepping aside Mr. Kowalski, we have a few questions we'd like to ask.
Horatio: By all means...

Ask Horatio why he's at the theatre
Josiah: So Horatio, mind us asking why you're here of all places?
Horatio: Set design, the instructor asked me to help design a set for a routine they'll be doing in a few days time.
Zoya: Have you met with any of the dancers?
Horatio: A few of them, why do you ask?
Josiah: We're investigating the murder of a ballet dancer by the name of Astrid Zavala, do you know her?
Horatio: Astrid... Astrid... Oh, you mean her?
Horatio: I heard about someone being killed, but I'm shocked it was her. She seemed so young, so full of life!
Horatio: Now, I need to go make sure the knots I tied are still holding, set pieces aren't that easy to hold up you know. Farewell!
Josiah: Well, while we're here we should take a look around and see if there's anything to help our investigation.
Zoya: Fine by me, if it'll help, then let's look.

Investigate Theatre Entrance
Josiah: Anything?
Zoya: Actually yes, someone seems to want to keep something secret in this lockbox.
Josiah: Is that so, well a quick unlocking should help us see what's in here.
Josiah: And check it out, there's our victim in this pic.
Zoya: But who's the other lady she's with?
Josiah: Don't know, but let's check the database and find out!

Examine Lockbox
Josiah: Well well well, I can imagine who'd want this locked away.
Zoya: A knife? Must've come from the theater.
Zoya: Something tells me the killer hid this after cutting the rope holding the piano.
Josiah: Let's send this over to Celeste, she's good at this sort of thing. If this is the knife that cut the rope, she'll know.

Analyze Knife
Zoya: So, anything you can tell us about the knife?
Celeste: Well, before I could, I took the rope attached to the piano. From there, I was able to discover that it was in fact cut down.
Celeste: Then I compared the knife's blade to the cut on the rope. I had to ensure it matched, so I did a little reference sample.
Celeste: Cuts aside, they matched well enough. Plus, I pulled some rope fibers, ones that matched the rope your piano was held by.
Josiah: You're sure Celeste?
Celeste: Positive, this knife was used.
Josiah: Alright, so what else is there?
Celeste: There was a stain on the knife, which Victor helped me figure out to be hot dog grease.
Celeste: There wasn't any in your victim's stomach, at least not recently, so this has to belong to your killer!
Josiah: Well, if our killer loves hot dogs, then they'll soon be exchanging them for prison food!
Zoya: Hey <Name>'s right, Naomi said she went out with Astrid to eat hot dogs. I don't like suspecting the Mayor's daughters, but that's a black mark against her.
Josiah: Why don't we return to the horse riding club for another look?
Zoya: Well if <Name> agrees, then I don't see why not.

Investigate Stables
Josiah: So, what do have this time?
Zoya: Looks like they get their mail through here. I wonder if there's anything for our victim?
Josiah: While I don't like looking through people's mail, since she's dead we don't really have much of a choice. We can't afford to leave any stones unturned.
Josiah: Let's look through the mailbox, and while we're at it we can check out that brochure too. Isn't that our victim on the cover?
Zoya: It is, but it looks like something else was written on it, better break out the dusting kit yet again.

Examine Brochure
Josiah: Well, didn't think we'd find something like this!
Zoya: Guess someone didn't take kindly to our victim being on the cover, they crossed out her face.
Zoya: And look who's responsible for this? Its signed, N.S.
Josiah: Naomi Solomon? Guess their friendship was a bit more rocky then she let on. We better let her know we don't appreciate lies, even if she's the Mayor's daughter.

Confront Naomi over her anger towards Astrid
Josiah: Miss Solomon, care to explain why you're angry at your so-called friend?
Naomi: Angry, me? No, why would I-
Zoya: Does this ring a bell?
Naomi: Ah crap baskets...
Naomi: Alright, but she was a lying scumbag! She only got close to me because she wanted to be more famous!
Josiah: Were you jealous?
Naomi: No, dad wouldn't like that. I have to remain professional.
Naomi: I didn't like the fact that she used me! But... then again-
Josiah: What's wrong?
Naomi: Well when I confronted her over her reasons why, she just said, "My hands are tied."
Zoya: Her hands were tied?
Naomi: She said it wouldn't have happened under other circumstances, but that still didn't explain why!
Naomi: But I guess I'll never know her reasons now.

Examine Mailbox
Josiah: Well, looks like this letter was written to the victim alright.
Zoya: Let's open it and have a look...
Zoya: ...Well crud, its not in English!
Josiah: Thankfully we've got someone here who can help out. Let's get this letter to Atticus for a translation!

Analyze Letter
Atticus: Well this was quite the treat, I'd been looking to brush up on my Russian for a while now.
Zoya: Wait, this was written in Russian?
Atticus: Why yes, you know who wrote this?
Josiah: Yeah, but we need to be sure. Can you tell us the contents?
Atticus: Why sure, it says; "There's no reason why you'd be given so much attention. I got you here, I deserve the fame!" And its signed by a Yaromir.
Zoya: Yep, that ballet dancer clearly left that part out.
Josiah: We better see how bad this jealousy was. Let's go speak to him.

Ask Yaromir why he was so jealous
Josiah: Mr. Dubow, we have the letter you sent to the victim. Apparently you were jealous she was getting more attention?
Yaromir: Well darn, and here I was hoping I could get these shoes tied quietly, knots are pretty easy for me.
Yaromir: But if you want my honest opinion, Astrid wasn't as good as others... like me for instance.
Zoya: Right...
Yaromir: But no matter what, she was the one who got all the attention. And she pretty much forgot about me!
Yaromir: I even tried talking with Grace over some hot dogs, but she didn't listen to me!
Josiah: So you were jealous of the victim's fame. Were you angry enough to sabotage her career and end her?
Yaromir: No! I'd be jeopardizing my career in the meantime, I wouldnt waste it over her, let alone waste an entire tube of lip balm if my lips are getting chapped.
Zoya: We can't just take your word for it Mr. Dubow. And you can say goodbye to your career if we find out you did kill Astrid.

Examine Photo
Josiah: So, this woman is one Giuliana Magaldi. She had moved here from the city of Aurelia a few years ago.
Zoya: Well she's close to our victim and that's what we're gonna need to focus on. Let's go see this Miss Magaldi and see what's up.

Talk to Giuliana about her relation to the victim
Giuliana: Oh hey, let me guess, you're here to talk to me about Astrid's death?
Josiah: Yes, how did you know?
Giuliana: I was there at the set actually, she invited me over. She and I were pretty tight in all honesty.
Zoya: How "tight" were you two?
Giuliana: Two peas in a pod, we even borrowed each other's makeup all the time. Glad I always keep a spare lip balm for emergencies.
Josiah: Can you think of anyone who'd want to kill her?
Giuliana: No one I can name off the top of my head honestly.
Giuliana: But given all the crap going on 'round here, I wouldn't be surprised if Reus or even that black market are behind this.
Giuliana: Good luck with your work, I gotta a knot tying class to attend. You never know when stuff like that can come in handy.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well it seems our victim had her head up in the clouds.
Zoya: Yeah she seemed to enjoy her fame, much to the envy of some of our suspects.
Zoya: Her supposed friend, Yaromir was jealous of her newfound fame.
Josiah: But what puzzles me is Naomi, she's mad because the victim used her to become more famous, but its the victim's reasons why I'm so stumped.
Josiah: According to Naomi, the victim said her hands were tied. But why?
Zoya: Was there something going on we didn't know about?
Josiah: Maybe that's why she got killed? We'll need to find out what-
Kenny: Uh guys, you might want to head back to the theater.
Kenny: There were reports of one of your suspects, Yaromir, being kidnapped from the stage!

Chapter 3

Josiah: What!? He was kidnapped, but by who?
Zoya: I think I may have an idea. Remember how he said he wanted to be more famous?
Josiah: Oh no, you don't mean...
Kenny: Its likely, but the culprit may once again be our magic friend Mr. Reus.
Zoya: Did they leave the stage yet?
Kenny: No, but they haven't found them yet. And we have a chopper over the area, so we aren't letting Reus get away with this one.
Josiah: We better head to the front, that's the last place Reus expects us to look.
Kenny: Right, let's go!

In front of the theatre...
Josiah: Alright, this time it won't be Horatio. Anyone sees a magic hat, stop them immediately.
Kenny: Right, we just need to... Hey, look!
???: Huh?
Zoya: That looks like he has someone! Warrenville PD, hands up now!
Reus: Blast! You won't catch me, the spotlight is mine!
Reus: Ack! That almost hit me!
Josiah: Kenny, grab Yaromir, quick!
Kenny: On it!
Reus: Blast! You've foiled me! I won't forget this officers, the spotlight will remain on me now and forever, just you wait!
Zoya: We did it, we actually stopped Reus from killing someone!
Josiah: Mr. Dubow, are you alright?
Yaromir: Thank you officers, I was worried I was done for!
Josiah: We'll need to take you back to the station till things calm down, we don't want to risk Reus taking you again.
Yaromir: Fine by me, I'd rather not die today.
Zoya: Kenny, take him back to the station, but be careful. We're gonna look around the front here.
Kenny: No prob, good luck guys!

Investigate Entrance Steps
Josiah: So, what do you got this time?
Zoya: A mobile phone, think our victim may have left this behind?
Josiah: Let's have a look. But what's this, a yearbook? There's a bookmark here, let's have a look.
Josiah: "Cutest Couple", hey, that kinda looks like our victim. But as for this other guy, I'm not sure.
Zoya: We better check the database to identify this mystery man.

Examine Yearbook
Josiah: Hey, that man is Horatio Kowalski! He dated our victim?
Zoya: And he said he didn't even know her. Well, this looks like he really got to know her.
Zoya: Let's see what he'll pull out of his hat this time, let's make sure its the truth.

Ask Horatio why he lied about knowing Astrid
Josiah: So, oh great Horatio, tell us about your relationship with Astrid?
Horatio: That woman, I told you I don't know her.
Zoya: Then explain this!
Horatio: .......
Horatio: Oh fine! She and I used to go out, that's all!
Josiah: Used to? Did the two of you break up?
Horatio: No I broke up with her, she seemed unhappy when we went out for hot dogs one day. I could see it in her eyes.
Zoya: Did you miss her?
Horatio: Yes, but she didn't share my sentiments sadly, found love with some Italian woman. Frankly I was surprised, but if you love something, you must set it free.
Zoya: And you're sure that love never became obsessive?
Horatio: Heavens no! I prefer not to hurt women thank you very much!

Josiah: Well, he knows we can't take his word for it. Let's keep an eye on Horatio for now.
Josiah: Anyways, remember what he said. Astrid fell in love with an Italian woman! What are the chances there's another one close by?
Zoya: You think he meant Giuliana?
Josiah: I'm pretty sure of it, we'll need to confirm it though. Let's go see Miss Magaldi right now.

Interrogate Giuliana over their true relationship
Josiah: So Miss Magaldi, we have been told you and Astrid were going out. Is that true?
Giuliana: So you know the truth...
Giuliana: Alright fine, she and I hit it off. I got us hot dogs and I... kinda let out my feelings.
Zoya: And how did she react?
Giuliana: She was happy, really happy. Said she was worried how people would react, but said she... she loved me.
Josiah: No problems in your relationship?
Giuliana: Well, lately Astrid seemed like she paranoid, looking over her shoulder.
Giuliana: But given all the fame she had gotten recently, I'd understand why, I know about that Reus guy, I didn't want to lose her to him.
Josiah: But unfortunately, someone else got to her.
Giuliana: I know, I'm gonna miss her. She was such a great girl, I can't believe someone would do this.

Examine Phone
Josiah: Nice work, looks like this is our victim's phone after all!
Zoya: We better see if Marco can get anything from this that'll help.

Analyze Victim's Phone
Marco: I gotta admit, your vic LOVED those funny Internet memes. Check this one out, its a remix of that Fresh Tomato thing! I know that meme died out a while ago but-
Zoya: .....
Marco: Come on guys, lighten up.
Josiah: This isn't the best time Marco, focus on your memes later. We have a murder to solve, anything to help our investigation?
Marco: Actually yeah, turns out some chick named Grace didn't like her.
Josiah: Grace? You mean Grace Wagner?
Marco: Yeah, seems as though they got into some argument about ballet. Got bored, so I didn't get all the details.
Zoya: Glad you left us something to do, so let's get these details ourselves and talk to Grace.

Talk to Grace over her disagreements with the victim
Grace: Hello officers, I was just helping our effects manager with tying these knots. Need anything else?
Josiah: Yes, apparently you and Astrid got into an argument over the phone?
Grace: Oh that, well we all have our arguments.
Zoya: Keep in mind, Astrid's dead, so if you don't want us to suspect you, then choose your words carefully.
Grace: I don't like that... but I guess I'll tell you!
Grace: Those words were a sort of tough love, she was starting to get cold feet over her newfound popularity. Didn't like all the jealous people.
Grace: I told her that's what happens when you become famous, but she didn't like it and said she wanted out.
Zoya: She didn't want to be a ballet dancer anymore?
Grace: That's what she said, but I convinced her otherwise. She really has a talent for it, regardless of what people say. She's not really a bad person, they just get the wrong idea about her.
Josiah: Are you sure that's the truth?
Grace: It is, now if you excuse me, I gotta apply more lip balm. Gotta look my best.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well, it seems our victim was more misunderstood than anything.
Zoya: Despite what Naomi and Yaromir said, it looks like her hands really did seem tied.
Zoya: Even her ex-boyfriend Horatio didn't seem to mind being rejected. That says a lot.
Josiah: Well we can't be too sure if any of them are telling the truth, even with Naomi, she seemed to want to know why she was more famous. The only one who really seemed to hate her was Yaromir, but-
Yaromir: Um, sorry to interrupt, but is it safe?
Josiah: We can't be too sure, you're gonna need to stay here till we're sure.
Yaromir: Okay, but rest assured, I didn't kill her! In fact, I... well here, look at this.
Zoya: Huh? "Yaromir, I want out, please look after yourself."
Zoya: You didn't think to show this earlier?
Yaromir: I forgot, I'm sorry. I was just a bit selfish is all, she never really meant any harm.
Josiah: Well this just got harder to find, let's just head back to the stage so we can finally see who's lying.
Josiah: And Mr. Dubow you'll have to stay here, but you're still a suspect I'm afraid.
Yaromir: I understand, but I promise, I'm innocent!

Investigate Prop Castle
Josiah: Nice, this security camera might've caught the killer setting up the piano!
Zoya: We'll need to unlock it to be sure. But while we're at it we can look at this box of props too.
Josiah: This should be enough, right?
Zoya: Let's hope...

Examine Prop Box
Zoya: So you went through there to get... ballet shoes?
Josiah: Hold on, our victim wasn't wearing hers! If they were removed...
Zoya: Then the killer had to have touched them! Victor better find something from this.

Analyze Ballet Shoes
Victor: Okay, this was a bit tough. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I got something!
Josiah: Thank goodness, what'd you find?
Victor: I found traces of tiny flakes in the ballet shoes, at the tip.
Victor: Those flakes turned out to be nail polish!
Zoya: What makes you think it didn't come from our victim?
Victor: Your victim didn't seem to have any makeup on, and nail polish was definetly not on there.
Josiah: This has to be from the killer then. Well, they won't be able to worry about their beauty when they're in prison.

Examine Security Camera
Zoya: Excellent, now let's see if Marco can get anything from the footage.

Analyze Secrity Camera
Marco: Nice catch! This camera managed to catch a suspicious figure setting that piano up a few hours before the murder!
Zoya: Anything you could find?
Marco: It was a bit hard, the figure was tucked in the shadows, so it was pretty dark.
Marco: But I did some magnifications, and I was able to catch a frame of their brown hair. Rest assurred, whoever killed Astrid has brown hair!
Josiah: Well, let's see if their heart is darker than their brown hair!

Josiah: We've done it, we have all the evidence we need to arrest Astrid Zavala's killer!
Josiah: Its hard enough to determine who killed her at this point, but they won't deny the proof we got on them!
Zoya: Right, let's get this done and put this case to an end already.

Take care of the killer now!
Josiah: I gotta admit, didn't think you had it in you when we first met. So why kill now Grace, and why Astrid of all people?
Grace: What are you talking about? Astrid was a sweetheart, I'd never-
Zoya: Then what about the lip balm you left on the rope that held the piano?
Grace: Come on, you think lip balm is the only thing I use? And besides, I'm not the only one.
Josiah: True, there's also your nail polish, which we found traces of in the victim's ballet shoes.
Grace: Please, this is a joke. You know me, you suspected me before, what makes you think this is any different?
Josiah: We have you on tape Miss Wagner, it'll only take time for our guy to determine if it was you. I suggest you cut the crap and give us the story, now!
Zoya: Well?
Grace: ........
Grace: Damn it! Fine, I killed her, but she left me no choice!
Grace: I couldn't risk her leaving ballet, not with you-know-who roaming about!
Zoya: You-know-who? You mean Mr. Reus?
Grace: Yes I mean Reus, I was hoping that stupid local law enforcement would have stopped him by the time I came here, but sadly no.
Grace: I needed to make sure they wouldn't come after me, so I tried pushing all the attention onto Astrid.
Josiah: You WHAT!?
Josiah: You mean all the fame and the people she didn't want to hurt was because you wanted to make Reus target her and not you?
Grace: I needed to, I didn't want to die!
Grace: But when I tried convincing her not to leave, she said she had enough and was taking her fame out of Stardust Junction.
Grace: So I hoisted that piano up and killed her with it. I was hoping you'd think it was Reus, or at least some poor attempt to copy him.
Zoya: Miss Wagner, I never thought you'd be such a selfish person.
Zoya: Reus will be in jail eventually, but not before you. Grace Wagner, you're under arrest!

Judge Blackwell: Grace Wagner, says here you killed Astrid Zavala with a... piano?
Judge Blackwell: No wonder my parents always told not to replicate cartoons.
Judge Blackwell: But I am appalled at your motives, wanting to create a target for the serial killer Mr. Reus!
Grace: I got scared, I didn't want to die because of some maniac wanting to hog the spotlight!
Grace: Astrid was the only person for the job, but you have to understand, I was scared!
Judge Blackwell: Your fear has driven you to selfishness Miss Wagner, sacrificing the life of an innocent woman to ensure your own survival.
Judge Blackwell: In this business, many people are given a chance to shine. But when the spotlight is forced upon them in such a manner, their lives could be traumatized for the worse!
Judge Blackwell: So not only was your plan cruel and heartless, you've become no better than the serial killer wreaking havoc around Stardust Junction!
Judge Blackwell: And for that Grace Wagner, you're sentenced to life in prison! I hope you're happy with yourself!
Grace: I'm sorry Astrid, but I had no choice...

Josiah: Well that was a shocker, didn't think Grace would be so scared of Reus that she'd kill someone to throw them off.
Zoya: That woman wasn't that bad when you guys first met her, but I guess everyone can change...
Josiah: Not to mention that Reus tried to kill Yaromir earlier, we need to do something!
Josiah: We're putting everything else on hold, we need to work on Reus, now!

The Show Must Go On (6/9)

Josiah: Well, we've got Astrid Zavala's killer behind bars, but with that done its time we start looking into Mr. Reus!
Sonia: Are you sure, we still have the black market and the local police to worry about.
Zoya: We need to put our focus to Reus now! The others we'll have to worry about another time.
Hunter: I couldn't agree more, the investigation into Reus has been haunting me the five years I've worked on it.
Hunter: The sooner we get that creep in prison, the better!
Sonia: Alright, so where should we start?
Josiah: Since Mr. Reus is a magician, then maybe we should get a magician's insight into this.
Hunter: You mean that Horatio fella?
Josiah: Definetly, we should see if he could give us any insight!
Hunter: Alright, I'll come along with you, you'll never know when-
Kenny: Uh guys, I know this is a bad time, but there's a fight going on at the horse riding club nearby.
Kenny: The Mayor's daughter Naomi is fighting that Italian lady from your investigation.
Sonia: Naomi and Giuliana, why would they be fighting?
Zoya: Josiah, mind handling this?
Josiah: By all means, I'll be happy to set the record straight.
Sonia: I'll come along for this one.
Hunter: Alright, <Name> can help you out with that argument, but don't forget to come with us to see Horatio. The more info on Reus we find, the better.

Ask Horatio what he knows about Mr. Reus
Hunter: Are you Horatio Kowalski?
Horatio: Yes, though I prefer my stage name, The Great Horatio!
Zoya: That part doesn't matter. Do you know about the serial killer Mr. Reus?
Horatio: Do I? That madman is a disgrace to magicians everywhere! I've been following him closely, waiting for the chance to end him!
Hunter: You've been following him?
Horatio: Indeed, and for good reason. I keep an important article with me at all times, here let me show you...
Horatio: What? Where is it? No, I must've lost it in front of the theater.
Zoya: Guess that means we better find it then. Let's have a look by the theater's entrance.

Investigate Entrance Steps
Hunter: Aha! Here we are, this oughta be the paper Horatio lost.
Zoya: It looks like its a bit faded though. Well, time for another dusting, we'll need to if we're gonna get some info on Reus.

Examine Faded Newspaper
Zoya: Alright, let's see what this is about.
Zoya: "Magic show gone awry, a mad magician kidnaps and murders young woman!"
Hunter: Funny how Reus started his murder spree at a magic show. I think I got an idea.
Hunter: Let's get this to Marco, this might help him find info on Reus's first murder.

Analyze Old Article
Marco: I gotta admit, this was actually an interesting read. Normally I don't like reading, but this one was actually pretty cool.
Zoya: Any details we should know?
Marco: Yes actually, the magician whose show got interrupted was actually Horatio Kowalski!
Hunter: Wait, he was the magician all those years ago?
Marco: Yep, the woman that got killed was his assistant, they found her body a few hours later, strangled to death and put in a straight jacket.
Marco: Reus then announced himself after they found the body, and he hasn't been caught since that day.
Zoya: Wow, didn't think he took it so personally.
Marco: But that ain't all, I got some info on these two for you, Horatio and his assistant.
Marco: There were rumors that the assistant, a certain Jenny Lane, wanted to strike it out on her own and leave Horatio.
Zoya: Is that so? Was Horatio suspected?
Marco: He was, but there wasn't enough evidence. But rumor has it people still believe he's responsible for it.
Hunter: Let's get the details from the magician himself, if those rumors are true, we may have to suspect him.

Talk to Horatio about Reus' first murder
Hunter: So, we found that article. Apparently your first assistant was killed by Reus?
Horatio: That's a sad truth I'm afraid. It was supposed to be my biggest show at the time, but that madman ruined it and took an innocent life in the process!
Zoya: Apparently, Miss Lane wanted to leave and go solo?
Horatio: She did, in fact I was happy. I had been planning on going solo myself, so it worked out for both of us.
Horatio: We were gonna make this our final show together, only I was able to strike it out on my own and she...
Hunter: Ended up underground, permanently.
Zoya: You weren't mad at her?
Horatio: No, I prefer to treat women with respect. They've been through enough!
Zoya: Well, that's awfully nice of you.
Hunter: If we have anymore questions, we'll let you know.
Horatio: Not a problem, here, a little something to show my support. Find that madman at all costs!

See why Giuliana and Naomi are fighting
Giuliana: I can't believe the mouth you're running! Don't talk about my girlfriend like that!
Naomi: If you knew what kind of person she really was, you wouldn't be defending her!
Giuliana: She was never like that, I swear!
Naomi: Take the blinds off your eyes and open them up already!
Sonia: Hey, what's going on here!?
Giuliana: Officers, thank goodness you're here! I was on my way to do something and this b**ch stopped me!
Naomi: What!? I'm not a-
Josiah: Ladies, settle down!
Giuliana: You know what? Screw this, I'm out of here!
Naomi: Fine, go ahead, leave you coward!
Naomi: Officers, I lost a locket thanks to that woman! She said it belonged to Astrid, but I know its not true.
Sonia: Alright, we'll find that locket. But afterwards we'll need to talk. It must be somewhere around here.

Investigate Horse Riding Club
Josiah: This looks like a locket, we oughta return this to Naomi.
Sonia: Wait, hold on, are we sure this is her's? Giuliana did accuse her of taking Astrid's locket, we need to make sure.
Josiah: Good point, let's decipher the serial number and hopefully we can get something on who owns it.

Examine Locket
Sonia: Alright, this number might help determine who this locket belongs to. Off to the lab!

Analyze Serial Number
Sonia: Marco, we need to settle an argument between Giuliana and Naomi, so this is pretty important.
Josiah: So, any word on the serial number and who this was purchased by?
Marco: I spoke with the person who sold it after finding the store it came from, and they remember it was purchased by two women.
Marco: And they matched the descriptions of Giuliana Magaldi and Astrid Zavala respectively.
Josiah: So it was for Astrid? Then why did Naomi claim it was her's?
Sonia: Time she explains herself, and no ducking responsibilty because she's the Mayor's daughter.

Ask Naomi why she took Astrid's locket
Naomi: My locket, thanks! Here, why don't I give you a nice-
Josiah: Nice try Miss Solomon, but we know you took this from Astrid!
Naomi: What, you're buying into that woman's story. My father won't take kindly to-
Sonia: None of that Miss Solomon, we have proof it was purchased by Giuliana and Astrid. So either you tell us the truth, or we're putting you in custody till you cool off!
Naomi: Err... well...
Naomi: *sigh* I'm sorry, I lost my temper there. I just overheard her saying how great Astrid was and those thoughts of her just came running back.
Naomi: How was she so great? She trampled over people and their dreams, and even used me!
Josiah: She didn't have a choice, she was being manipulated by Grace Wagner!
Naomi: Manipulated?
Sonia: Grace was pushing all that fame onto her to avoid getting killed by Reus, I don't know why Astrid complied, but she did. But Grace said herself Astrid didn't like doing that.
Naomi: So that why she said her hands were tied, she was being forced into fame by Grace?
Josiah: And she tried to leave, hence why Grace killed her.
Naomi: I.. I can't believe this. She really didn't want to she was just... her hands were tied.
Naomi: I need to apologize to Giuliana, now!
Josiah: But we don't know where she is.
Naomi: She should be at the ballet theatre, she'd want to visit the last place her girlfriend ever was.
Sonia: Makes sense, let's grab something to eat on the way, then we'll look around the theatre to find Giuliana.

Investigate Ballet Theatre
Naomi: I don't see Giuliana anywhere, where is she?
Josiah: No idea. You think these torn pieces could help <Name>? Well, piece them together, maybe they'll tell us where she is.

Examine Torn Pieces
Sonia: What's this, it looks like a poem.
Josiah: Its written to Astrid, so Giuliana must've been here.
Giuliana: And I still am, thank you.
Josiah: Giuliana, we need to talk, and Naomi has something she wants to tell you.

Return the locket to Giuliana
Giuliana: So, got any more backhanded insults you wanna throw?
Naomi: No, I wanna say, I'm sorry for being an idiot.
Giuliana: Huh?
Naomi: I didn't know what was going on, I didn't think her ballet instructor was forcing her to be famous like that. If anyone's in the wrong here its Grace, not Astrid!
Sonia: Oh and here, I think this is your's.
Giuliana: The locket!
Naomi: Here, why don't I take you out for dinner, its the least I can do to apologize.
Giuliana: Aw, thanks. You're so sweet.
Josiah: Well, alls well that ends well.
Giuliana: Thank you so much officers, and here. A little thanks for putting that jerk of a ballet instructor behind bars!

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well, the good news is we got that argument settled.
Hunter: And surprisingly, it turns our Reus's first murder was in the middle of Horatio Kowalski's performance.
Sonia: The Great Horatio? Him?
Zoya: Turns out his assistant at the time, Jenny Lane, was killed. She did want to go solo, but apparently so did Horatio.
Josiah: So right now, we're nowhere closer to finding out who he is?
Zoya: Yes, but its pretty useful to get some insight into the madman. Anyway, where's Yaromir?
Hunter: That dancer guy was let go, Reus doesn't seem to have anymore interest in ballet.
Hunter: Guess someone didn't like their potential target getting carted off to jail like that.
Sonia: Right... We better keep an eye out for Reus, that guy isn't happy we stopped his kill, so he'll definetly be out for revenge.

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