Previously on Criminal Case...
Kauli: This is a disaster! First this whole Mt. Ivory situation and now a mysterious serial killer?!
Kauli: Well at least we know where this Entity will be.
Kauli: And speaking of that, we should probably make our way to the election podium before anything bad happens.
Kauli: The Chief already told me that he wants us to be there as soon as possible.
Kauli: Alright! Let's get into the car!

At the Election Podium...
Kauli: Wow! This sage is quite big. But I don't see anybody. Isn't the voting ending in about an hou-


Kauli: Umm... <Rank><Name>... Did you hear that?
Kauli: Yeah let's have a look around!

Chapter 1

Investigate Election Podium
Kauli: Oh no! We're too late... The Entity has already struck.
Kauli: And... Wait, we know this guy! It's Mark Mercury!
Kauli: Why would someone kill him? He seemed like a nice guy when we talked to him before...
Kauli: Right. No time to be sad. What did you find ?
Kauli: A torn poster? Let's piece it back together!
Kauli: And you found a bloody tie. This is probably Mark's. Maybe we can collect some of that transparent substance.
Kauli: We need to solve this murder before Moontown gets destroyed!

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Kauli: Hey Shawna. Could you find anything on the victim's body?
Shawna: Hi you two. To answer your question, yes. Yes I did.
Kauli: ... And what did you find?
Shawna: Well, first up, the victim was completely mutilated by a sharp object, most likely an hunting knife.
Shawna: But I did also find some liquid on the victim's wrists.
Shawna: The liquid is a mixture of diphenhydramine and melatonin, common ingredients of sleep medication prescribed to people with insomnia.
Shawna: Mark didn't have insomnia, so this was most likely left by your killer!
Kauli: So our killer has insomnia! Well they will be sleeping even worse once they are behind bars!

Examine Bloody Tie
Kauli: Nice! Let's get this substance to the lab!

Analyse Transparent Substance
Lucas: Heya! I assume you are here for the lab results?
Kauli: Yes, we are Lucas. So, what's that weird substance?
Lucas: The substance has traces of tetrahydrozoline in it, a chemichal found in eye drops.
Lucas: I asked Shawna and turns out Mark hadn't used eye drops in ages.
Kauli: So the eye drops were the killer's! Good job Lucas!

Examine Torn Poster
Kauli: Hey, you managed to restore the poster. What does it say?
Kauli: Vote for Samantha Goodwin.
Kauli: Oh you talked to this Samantha before? She was Mark's opponent in the election you say?
Kauli: Wait... If Mark is dead, then that means...
Kauli: Oh my god! Samantha has a perfect motive for the murder!
Kauli: Alright, let's grill her!

Confront Samantha Goodwin about the murder
Kauli: Hello Miss Goodwin. We have a few questions for you.
Samantha: Oh, hello <Rank><Player>, nice to see you again. Have you voted yet?
Kauli: I'm afraid there's no need for that anymore. Your rival, Mark Mercury has been murdered.
Samantha: Another murder? And it's Mark you say?
Samantha: Moontown was such a peaceful place but now with all of this military drama it's turned for the worse...
Kauli: When was the last time you happened to see the victim?
Samantha: I saw him in the Backstage Office earlier today. I can't believe he is dead now...
Kauli: Thanks for the information Miss Goodwin. We'll talk to you later.

After the talk...
Kauli: Samantha mentioned something about a backstage office. If she saw Mark there, maybe we should check it out.
Kauli: Ok let's have a look!

Investigate Backstage Office
Kauli: Alright <Rank><Player>, what did you find in here?
Kauli: A wallet? Maybe we can find who it belongs to when searching through it.
Kauli: This bag has the victim's name on it. We should search through it.

Examine Wallet
Kauli: So this wallet belongs to Edward Boothman, painter.
Kauli: Let's find this Edward and give him his wallet back.

Give Edward his wallet back
Kauli: Hello, Mister Boothman I assume?
Edward: Correct. Edward Boothman, at your service. What do you need officers?
Kauli: We found your wallet in the mayoral election backstage office. Would you explain to me what you were doing there?
Edward: Mayor Waller told me to help with the preparations at the podium. I must've forgotten my wallet there.
Kauli: Do you perhaps also know the candidates?
Edward: Yeah, Samantha Goodwin and Mark Mercury. I voted for Samantha, and you?
Kauli: We are afraid it's too late to vote now. Mark Mercury has been murdered.
Edward: Murdered? Well that's a shame.
Edward: I didn't know the lad very well, but he seemed nice enough.
Edward: I'm sorry but I need to leave. I'm a busy man!
Kauli: Alright, but stick around.

Examine Victim's Bag
Kauli: Wait, these are divorce papers.
Kauli: It looks like our victim now has an ex-wife with the name of Kimberly Saylor.
Kauli: We should have a talk with her!

Inform Kimberly about the murder
Kauli: Hello Miss Saylor, we have some news about your divorced husband.
Kimberly: Oh what now? I've had enough of him.
Kauli: Enough is a good word, Mark has been murdered at the election podium.
Kimberly: Really? What great news! You just made my day!
Kauli: Ummm... You don't seem to surprised...
Kimberly: Why would I be? Mark always got himself in trouble so I'm not shocked that he is dead.
Kauli: Do you know anyone who would have wanted Mark dead?
Kimberly: Besides me? Not really.
Kauli: Well thanks for the information Miss Saylor. We'll talk to you later...

Later ...
Kauli: We tried to protect the citizens of Moontown, first from a deadly avalanche caused by the destruction of Mt. Ivory.
Kauli: But now also from The Entity.
Kauli: Sadly, we failed to do the second part, and Mark Mercury was murdered at the election podium.
Kauli: We talked to Mark's rival Samantha Goodwin, who was quite shocked about the victim.
Kauli: Painter Edward Boothman didn't know the victim very well, so probably won't get a lot by talking with him.
Kauli: And Mark's ex-wife's reaction to his death was... strange I would sa-
Lance: <Rank><Player>, Junior Investigator Bell, you need to move out!
Kauli: What happened Chief?
Lance: A giant snowstorm just hit parts of Moontown, some houses have been completely destroyed!

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