Blood on the Beachside is the first case in Heartborough and the first in the Party District in GlassShrapnel's game.


The Heartborough Police Department had noticed a spike in crime rates in the city. The player character (named Haala Red and is included in the game's canon) is recruited by the police to help decrease the crime rate.

Haala is paired up with two partners. Anya Vasquez would have been put on the case,but Chief White noted that she was on paid leave so Haala would be paired with John Ash. The beach was about to hold a huge beach party in just 5 hours,hence the Chief sent them to patrol the parade.

Being new to the city,John shows Haala the different sights on the beach until they hear a blood-curdling scream from the south side of the beach.

Upon arrival, the duo find the beach caretaker named Mariana Beckman with gruesome stab wounds laying in her own blood. This prompt Haala's first murder investigation, so she and John examine the clues the find at the beach. After questioning a lifeguard, a batista and a local singer, Chief White received a distress call from a restaurant owner who claimed to have found a bloody chest.

What's more is that the chest was found in a CITY restaurant which was almost 25 miles away from the crime scene. This gave an indication that the killer had left the beach. After giving the chest to Natasha to examine,she confirmed the kitchen knife inside was the murder weapon. The box was stained so much because of the force needed to able to stab with a blunt knife,hence the bloody handprints. Eventually the team were able to find Jason Waterman giulty of the murder.

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