In the midst of a gang war, Jade Reapers leader was shot in his apartment. Catch the killer to end this madness
—Case Teaser
Blood and Revenge
Case 30
Season 1
City Waterborough
District Bronx Hills
Case Number 30
Date of Release 20th Januray 2018
Partner(s) Courtney Martinez (Chapters 1-3)
Isabella Rodriguez & Tony Dunkin (In the Hood 6)
Shannon Rosales (2 tasks in In the Hood 6)
Preceded by Succeeded by
All the Right Stuff Lost Souls
(in Old Town)

Blood and Revenge is a case featured in Criminal Case as the thirtieth case of Season 1, and the thirtieth case of the game. It is the last case take place in the Bronx Hills district of Waterborough.


After helping Luna Guzman out, Courtney told the team that Julian was found burning to death in an abandon parking lot.

Field Expert Isabella Rodriguez was flagged as a suspect after finding a note written "I know what you did". Mid-investigation, the Reapers went ahead and trashed the station. Later Julian's girlfriend Poppy Matthews started shouting at Bones leader Philip Jenkins in the street, accusing him of the murder. They later arrested Poppy for the murder.

Upon admitting to the crime, Poppy stated that she tried to get Julian to quit his life of crime, but he always refuses. However the straw broke the camel's back when she learned that he raped a police officer. Outraged Poppy opted to decimate the gang member – by pouring gasoline on him and burning him to death with her cigarettes. Judge Raymond sentenced her to 20 years in jail.

Post-trial Philip Jenkins came to Isabella and the player saying that there is something really important he lost at The Bones' Den. They look around and find a folder with a document saying that Philip had bought an apartment in Roebling and is ready to quit his gang life. The duo thanked him for helping the team to end the gang chaos, as now neither The Jade Reapers or The Burning Bones claim any property and are both almost completely discarded.

Later the next day, Denisse Lopez showed up to the station to report that Sakura has not returned home yesterday and neither did Courtney. She said that they were last seen in Franks Kitchen, prompting the team then talk to Frank

Chief Diaz then assigned the team to Old Town in order to investigate Satan's Little Helpers and their connection to Sakura and Courtney's disappearance.



  • Julian Rodriguez (found burnt to a crisp on a disused parking lot)

Murder Weapon 

  • Gasoline


  • Poppy Matthews




Killer's Profile 

  • The Killer has dandruff
  • The Killer smokes
  • The Killer wear sports sneakers
  • The Killer wear red clothes
  • The Killer is female

Crime Scenes 

Parking Lot {{{cscene1b}}} {{{cscene1s}}}
Frank's Kitchen Counter {{{cscene2s}}}
Bones' Den {{{cscene3b}}} {{{cscene3s}}}


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In the Hood (6/6)


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