Lead Inspector Blade (wondering) : (PLAYER) (RANK), there is a girl here that wants to talk to you.

Kylie (crying) : (PLAYER) (RANK) ... please ... please help me ...

Nicolas (suprised) : Kylie Winters ? What is wrong and why are you crying ???

Kylie (crying) : My mom .. she's dead !

Nicolas (susprised) : WHAT ?!? Where is her body ?

Kylie (sad) : She got thrown into our pool i ... i saw her there.

Nicolas (determined) : Alright, let's go (PLAYER) (RANK) !


Chapter 1 starts ...

Investigate Pool Party ...

Nicolas (suprised) : Oh dear, she got stabbed like a million times. That does not look good at all !

Nicolas (questioning) : Ok (PLAYER) (RANK), what did you find ? A Bloody Photo ? That's all ? Well there is some sort of hair on it, we should collect a sample of that.

Nicolas (determined) : Of course, we should also talk to Kylie. Alright let's go find this murder (PLAYER) (RANK) !

Autopsy the victim's body ...

Nicolas : Ok Jonathan what did you find out about our victim ?

Jonathan (happy) : Well, from the stab wounds i can tell you that your killer is left handed.

Jonathan (recounting) : But your killer was pretty clean, i couldn't find anything on the body.

Nicolas (determined) : That's enough information Jonathan ! So our killer is left handed. That will narrow it down (PLAYER) (RANK) !

Examine Bloody Photo ...

Nicolas (happy) : Nice ! You collected a sample of that bloody hair ! Let's send this sample to Susan !

Analyze Bloody Hair ...

Susan (fantasizing) : I was really susprised when i looked at the hair you found on the bloody photo.

Nicolas (unhappy) : Well, tell us already.

Suasan : Calm down Nicolas, haha.

Susan (recounting) : I had a look at the hair and it is a mix out of cotton, excelsior and plastic pellets. Or in short, the inside of a teddy bear.

Nicolas (questioning) : Why would that be on that photo ?

Susan (thinking) : Well, the blood on that photo is your victim's, and i asked Jonathan and he told me that your victim was allergic to cotton.

Susan (happy) : So this hair most likely came from your killer !

Nicolas (happy) : So our killer is in contact with teddy bears ! Thank's for that Susan !

Talk to Kylie Winters ...

Nicolas (worrying) : Kylie, please calm down and tell us what happened here.

Kylie (crying) : Im sorry (PLAYER) (RANK) .. 

Kylie (sad) : We had a party here, she invited near the whole town that have a decent job. She told i was supposed to go and pick up some drinks from the store and when i came back i ...

Kylie (crying) : Chloe .. She was dead ...

Nicolas (sad) : Im sorry Kylie, we will find the killer, promise !

Nicolas (detemined) : Right (PLAYER) (RANK), we should have a look inside, if the victim had a party here the killer was probably invited and maybe left some clues inside the House !

Investigate Living Room ...

Nicolas : Ok what did you find (PLAYER) (RANK) ?

Nicolas (questioning) : A knife ? There is some faded writing on it, let's retrieve it. And you found some broken pieces of gold ? We should piece them back together !

Nicolas (determined) : Two more clues ! Let's hope we can get anything good out of those !

Examine Broken Pieces ...

Nicolas (questioning) : Ok what is this thing you restored ? Oh it's a trophy, but what does it say ? Robert Winters, that's all ? Well whoever this ''Robert'' is, he seems to be related to our victim.

Nicolas (determined) : Alright we should have a talk with this Robert Winters !

Examine Faded Knife ...

Nicolas (stumped) : What does this faded writing say ?

Nicolas (questioning) : Foxtr0t ? What does that mean ? Is that some kind of stupid nickname ?

Niolcas (clueless) : Well i guess we could give this knife to Mary, maybe she can make something out of this.

Analyze Knife ...

Mary (happy) : Great news (PLAYER) (RANK), i was able to found out who this Foxtr0t is !

Mary : He is some kind of gangster/hacker who roams the streets at night.

Nicolas (stumped) : Why would he be invited to Chloe's party ? We have to talk to this guy !

Talk to Robert Winters ...

Nicolas (confident) : Mr. Winters we would like to talk with you about Chloe Winters, i guess you are related ?

Robert : She was my niece. But why would you ask me about her ? Im just and old weak man.

Nicolas (worrying) : Im sorry but your niece is dead Robert.

Robert (shocked) : Chloe is dead ! Oh no

Robert (sad) : Chloe wasn't much for conversation, but she was still nice. She was the richest part of our family, next to me of course.

Robert (stumped) : Im suprised to hear that she's dead. I know she gets into a lot of trouble but getting herself killed ?

Nicolas (questioning) : Do you know anyone who would have harmed Chloe ? 

Robert (questioning) : Nope, not a clue. 

Robert (smiling) : Im sorry (PLAYER) (RANK), but i can't help you right now.

Nicolas (determined) : Well Robert please stick around, we might have to ask you more questions soon !

Talk to Foxtr0t ...

Nicolas (scared) : Umm (PLAYER) (RANK), i don't think this is a good ide- ...

Foxtr0t (angry) : Who are you ? And why are you here ?

Nicolas (shocked) : Ahh (PLAYER) (RANK), save me !!

Foxtr0t (stumped) : Oh, you are coppers. Well what do you want ?

Nicolas (sweating) : Im sorry are you .. Foxtr0t ?

Foxtr0t (smiling): Yes i am, the one and only !

Nicolas (sweating) : Ok Mr. .. Foxtr0t. Can you tell us why we found your knife on a crime scene ?

Foxtr0t (angry) : Oh that, well it got stolen. I can't do anything about it !

Nicolas (questioning) : Well, do you know someone named Chloe Winters ?

Foxtr0t (stumped) : Never heard of her, and now leave before you'll find my knife in your head !

Later ...

Nicolas (questioning) : Ok (PLAYER) (RANK), let's recap shall we ?

Nicolas (sad) : We found a dead woman inside her own pool while she was throwing a party.

Nicolas (stumped) : We know our killer is left handed and is in contact with teddy bears.

Nicolas (questioning) : So far we have three suspects. Kylie, Robert and uhh ... Foxtr0t ?

Nicolas (unsure) : But none of those three have any motive.

Natalie (shocked) : (PLAYER) (RANK), come outside quickly ! There are 2 men fighting outside !

End of Chapter 1 ...

Previously on Criminal Case ...

Lead Inspector Blade (shocked) : (PLAYER) (RANK), you must come with me quickly ! There are 2 men fighting !

Nicolas (unhappy) : Ah great, let's have a talk with those 2 guys.

Outisde ...

Tyson (angry) : Come at me ! If you ever try to hurt my family again, you'll be dead !

Foxtr0t (angry) : What do you say little man ? Get lost or you'll never see your family again !

Nicolas (angry) : STOP THIS AT ONCE !

Whooosh ..

Nicolas (shocked) : Where did Foxtr0t go ?

Tyson (displeased) : Yeah he'd better run !

Nicolas (angry) : Sir you are going into custody ! Yeah (PLAYER) (RANK), we should have a look around here.


Chapter 2 starts ...

Investigate Street ...

Nicolas : Ok (PLAYER) (RANK), did you find anything of interest ?

Nicolas (confused) : A golden necklace ? Well i guess collecting a sample of that weird substance wouldn't hurt.

Examine Golden Necklace ...

Nicolas (determined) : Let's send this sample to Susan asap !

Analyze Substance ...

Susan (smiling) : Hey (PLAYER) (RANK), i had a look at the substance you found on the necklace and it turned out to be sweat ?

Nicolas (disgusted) : Eww, did you get any DNA from it ?

Susan (happy) : Yes i did, the DNA belongs to Kylie Winters !

Nicolas (shocked) : Kylie ? Why was her necklace there ?

Nicolas (sad) : I guess we have to talk to Kylie again (PLAYER) (RANK).

Talk to Tyson Winters ...

Nicolas (displeased) : Sir, why were you fighting outside with Foxtr0t ? And what's your name ?

Tyson (infuriated) : My name is Tyson Winters, and i fought that scumbag for justice ! 

Nicolas (confused) : Wait, Tyson Winters .. Like Chloe Winters ?

Tyson (angry) : Yes exactly, that Foxtr0t freak got that what he deserved for hurting my sister !

Nicolas (shocked) : Wait, you think Foxtr0t murdered Chloe ??

Tyson (shocked) : WHAT ? Chloe is dead ?

Tyson (crying) : Oh no no no, i thought he had a fight with her but i didn't think he would kill her.

Nicolas (confused) : Why would you even think Foxtr0t killed your sister Mr. Winters ?

Tyson (sad) : Chloe told me yesterday that she had a fight with Foxtr0t, so when i heard that i had to get justice !

Nicolas (hopeless) : I have so many questions, first up, if you are a Winters, why would you live on the street ?

Tyson (sad) : My family doesn't really care about me, well, everyone but Chloe.

Tyson (displeased) : Chloe was the only one that still talked to me from time to time.

Tyson (sad) : My life is hard, i live on the streets, tought myself to write with my left hand even though im right handed because i lost my right thumb.

Tyson (crying) : I even kept the teddy bear she gave me to my seventh birthday.

Nicolas (sad) : Mr. Winters, you are free to go, but please stick around ok ?

Talk to Kylie Winters ...

Nicolas (confused) : Kylie, we found you necklace out on the streets. How did it get there ?

Kylie (happy) : Oh you found it ! It got stolen. I was missing it so much.

Kylie (sad) : Mom gave it to me to my fourteenth birthday...

Nicolas (compassionate) : Chloe must have really cared about you.

Kylie (sad) : She did, i would give up my left hand just for getting the things back she gave me if they get taken away from me.

Kylie (questioning) : Oh by the way, if you want to look around again can you tell me if you see my teddy bear please ? It has a pink heart on it's back that says Kylie.

Nicolas (compassionate) : If we see it we'll give it back to you.

Kylie (smiling) : Thank you (PLAYER) (RANK).

After the conversation ...

Nicolas (questioning) : Hey (PLAYER) (RANK), don't you think it's weird that we already had 2 things by our suspects in the same case ?

Nicolas (shocked) : Maybe all the stolen things somehow relate to the Roseville Maniac ?

Nicolas (determined) : But you're right (PLAYER) (RANK), we should have a look around the house again, since the killer probably was here at the party.

Investigate Counter ...

Nicolas (determined) : Ok (PLAYER) (RANK), did you find anything helpfull ? We need to solve Chloe's murder asap !

Nicolas (questioning) : A bag ? Oh it has the victims name on it, we should look through it. You also found a golden pocket watch ? Right, maybe we can find fingerprints on it.

Nicolas (questioning) : Oh and a ...

Nicolas (shocked) : Oh my god (PLAYER) (RANK), that mask has blood all over it. 

Nicolas (unsure) : We should send this thing to Susan. It's really scaring me.

Analyze Mask ...

Nicolas (unsure) : Susan, please tell me you found something on that mask.

Susan (winking) : Oh i sure did. 

Susan (recounting) : You see, the blood on the mask is Chloe's, but i found something else on the mask.

Susan (clueless) : Well, i found traces of hand sanitizer.

Nicolas (confused) : Hand sanitizer ? On that mask?

Nicolas (shocked) : Oh you're right (PLAYER) (RANK), mabe the killer left the hand sanizizer on the mask when the killer put it on.

Nicolas (confident) : Well in that case, our killer uses hand sanitizer. I'll take note of that !

Examine Pocket Watch ...

Nicolas (confident) : Let's check if these fingerprints are in the database !

Examine Fingerprints ...

Nicolas (questioning) : Did you find a match in the database (PLAYER) (RANK) ?

Nicolas (suprised) : Wait, they belong to Robert Winters ?

Nicolas (sceptic) : This is the seconds thing belonging to Robert we found in Chloe's house, i guess he was there at the party.

Nicolas (determined) : Let's talk to him again !

Talk to Robert Winters ...

Nicolas (sceptic) : Mr. Winters, we found your pocket watch at Chloe's house, did you visit her party ?

Robert (smiling) : Well of course i was there, it was a family party.

Robert (sad) : See, i don't go out a lot. A old man has not much to do outside his house. The only thing i see everyday is my teddy bear collection.

Nicolas (questioning) : Robert, if you killed your own niece, you won't be able to see your teddy bears ever again !

Outside ...

Nicolas (recounting) : Hey (PLAYER) (RANK), Robert wore his watch on his right hand.

Nicolas (happy) : So he must be left handed !

Examine Bag ...

Nicolas (questioning) : Ok (PLAYER) (RANK), what did you find inside Chloe's bag ? A card ?

Nicolas (stumped) : Crap, it's faded. Can you restore what was on it (PLAYER) (RANK) ?

Examine Faded Card ...

Nicolas (happy) : Nice (PLAYER) (RANK) ! You were able to restore what was written on the card ! 

Nicolas (questioning) : Alright, what does it say ? Ashley Ross, profesional gardener.

Nicolas (stumped) : How will this help us ?

Nicolas (questioning) : I guess you are right, since the card was inside Chloe's bag, i guess this Ashley knew the victim.

Nicolas (determined) : Let's go talk to her !

Talk to Ashley Ross ...

Nicolas (questioning) : Uhmm Hello ? Are you Ashley Ross ?

Ashley (happy) : Well yes i am.

Ashley (shocked) : Wait, you are the police ? What's wrong ?

Nicolas (questioning) : Mrs. Ross, do you know someone called Chloe Winters ?

Ashley (nervous) : Oh yes, Mrs. Winters hired me to look after her orchids. Why do you ask ?

Nicolas (sad) : Well, we found Chloe murdered.

Ashley (shocked) : Mrs. Winters is dead ? Well that is very tragic.

Ashley (nervous) : Im sorry, i did not know anything about Mrs. Winters. 

Nicolas (determined) : We say we believe you, Mrs. Ross, please stick around.

Ashley (happy) : Oh i will, here, have a teddy bear as a gift for visiting me ! 

Later ...

Nicolas (recounting) : Ok, we should recap (PLAYER) (RANK), im feeling kinda tired.

Nicolas (happy) : We know that our killer is left handed, is in contact with teddy bears and uses hand sanitizer. That's good progress right ?

Nicolas (recounting) : We found out that Chloe has a brother, Tyson. He seems to innocent to hurt his own sister though. 

Nicolas (questioning) : I wonder what was wrong with Ashley, she seemed so nervous.

Nicolas (stumped) : I really don't know what to think of this ca-

BANG !!!

Nicolas (shocked) : Was that a gun shot ? We have to go outside right now !!!

End of Chapter 2 ...

Previously on Criminal Case ...

Nicolas (stumped) : I really don't know what to think of this ca-

BANG !!!

Nicolas (shocked) : Was that a gun shot ? We have to go outside right now !!!

Outside ...

Foxtr0t (furious) : I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS STUPID TOWN !!!

Nicolas (furious) : Foxtr0t ? What are you doing ?

Foxtr0t (angry) : All these stupid laws and idiots are controlling a place that could be a way better place without you polic idiots !!!

Nicolas (unhappy) : Foxtr0t, you are going into custody, i can't take all these people living on the streets anymore (PLAYER) (RANK) ...

Nicolas (stumped) : Let's have a look around the streets again before we talk to Foxtr0t, maybe he is calmed down by that point ...

Investigate Parking Spot ...

Nicolas (tired) : Alright (PLAYER) (RANK), what did you find ?

Nicolas (confused) : A teddy bear ? Well, there is some sort of substance on it, let's collect a sample of that.

Examine Teddy Bear ...

Nicolas (confident) : Let's send this sample to Susan !

Analyze Substance ...

Nicolas (confused) : Ok Susan what was the substance we found on the teddy bear ?

Susan (winking) : The substance you found was hand sanitizer.

Nicolas (confused) : Why would there be hand sanitizer on a teddy bear we found on the streets ?

Susan (recounting) : Well, there was some writing on the teddy bear, it was pretty faded, but i managed to find out what it says.

Susan (happy) : The writing said : 'Tyson'.

Nicolas (shocked) : That must be Tyson Winters ! Yeah, let's talk to him again !

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