“Blood Movie”


Blood Movie
Season 1
City Patriot City
District Richie Island
Case Number 24
Date of Release August 28 2020
Partner(s) Courtney Rivers (All Chapters)
Preceded by Succeeded by
Money is Like Murder (Cancelled)
The team head to the Robbery at 10 movie set to find out what Percy wants, only to find him murdered at the set. Will you find Percy's sister and her stalker before they disappear from the spotlight?
—Case Teaser

Blood Movie is a case featured in Criminal Case as the twenty-fourth case of Patriot City (Season 1) and the twenty-fourth case overall. It takes place in Richie Island of Patriot City.


After the team got clues of Laura's whereabouts and her stalker, they head to the Robbery at 10 movie set after Courtney got a call from Percy to see him there. When the team arrived to the set, they didn't see Percy or the movie cast and crew. Chief Kilter then tell Courtney and the player to search the set to find him. As they were searching, Courtney told the player that she sees a body laying at the scene. With Courtney finding a body, they approached the body closer, only to realize the body was from Percy, who was stabbed many times. With the team discussing who killed Percy, they started investigating the set and the abandoned complex they were going to searched first. After investigating the two crime scenes, the team have enough reasons to add their familiar suspects; Percy's uncle bank owner Ronald Monty, film actor R.J. Fielding and pastor Phil Crystal. Mid-investigation, the team heard metallic sounds coming from the trailers.

The team head to the actors' trailers, where they saw R.J. packing his things. When questioned, R.J. told them that he had to go to Theatre Town to start acting in his other movie. With David convincing him to stay until the killer is apprehended, they started investigating the trailers to find clues. After searching the trailers, the team have enough reasons is flag Percy's aunt Rehema Tamun and university student Moesha Decker as their suspects. After doing another search, the team found out that R.J. cursed at Percy for going into his trailer without permission. Also, pastor Phil didn't want Percy to go to his church as the victim was bored of his bible studies. Soon later, the team heard two men arguing outside the trailers.

As the team head to the commotion at the trailers, Ronald started a fight with R.J. for killing Percy at the set. With the two being separated by the player and Courtney, Ronald then tells them to arrest him for begin Percy's killer. Before ending the fight, Courtney tells him to wait until they found enough evidence to prove it was R.J. The team searched the trailers again and discovered that Moesha was friends with Percy but started not talking to him when his father ridiculed her. Not only that, Percy was hated by Rehema as she felt that he was a curse to the family. Also, Ronald fired Percy from his bank when he told him to start his own job. The team have enough evidence to arrest Percy's uncle Ronald for his murder.

Upon admitting the murder, Ronald told the team that Percy was ruining his plan. When asked if the plan was about his sister, Ronald revealed to be Laura's stalker and explained that Laura was trying to escape Patriot City and go to New York to start a new life. As Percy started doing his own investigation on his sister's paranoia, Ronald told him to stop nosing around the police and mind his own business. However, Percy refused and still worked on it. When he found out the truth, he confronted Ronald at the movie set about being Laura's stalker. After confronted him, he then called the team to come to the set to arrest him. Enraged, Ronald stabbed Percy with the prop knife many times until R.J. came out of his trailer. Ronald was then sentenced to life in prison.



  • Percy Monty (Found murdered at the Robbery at 10 movie set)

Murder Weapon

  • Knife


  • Ronald Monty


X: Suspects have this attribute

I: Suspects don't have this attribute

Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats caviar
  • The killer has seen A Puff of Death
  • The killer has a cat
  • The killer is 6'0" or higher
  • The killer's intitals are R.M.

Crime Scenes

Movie Set Film Camera Movie Set Bonus
Abandoned Complex Broken Stairs Abandoned Complex Bonus
Trailers Prop Box Trailers Bonus


Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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