• Buddyrichiedonmoochie

    No sooner has a prisoner been murdered does another one go. But can you find the killer?

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  • Kit0804

    What's Next for Wolverton

    August 11, 2015 by Kit0804

    Well, the next case for my fellow Wolvertonas is Put Your Loving Gun Down Baby , in which a certain Molly Cole is shot in the face.

    We have 5 new suspects, so no returning ones so far, we have Bianca Malka, TJ Dudley, Eleanor Simmons and Charlotte and Masie Birch. Who will make it out alive? (Well not Ruby). Who's next? Whodunnit? All to be revealed soon!

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  • Emirelhatip

    Case Ratings

    August 9, 2015 by Emirelhatip

    I think it's high time that we started rating the recently-made cases and chose one winner, which will have its preview on the main page. If you want ANY of your cases, please comment down below or message an admin/bureaucrat. We will check the case if it's been made in this last two months, then if it was, we will rate the case and add it to the list.
    Emir Leave A Message!

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  • Buddyrichiedonmoochie

    If you go down to the woods tonight...

    Coming soon.

    I can reveal some details:

    Victim: James Savage

    Murder weapon: Rifle

    The suspects:

    Joe Littlehat,

    Tony Marconi,

    Dimitri Balanchine,

    Mikhail Levin,

    Victor Wollcraft.

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  • Emirelhatip

    Whilst planning Yellowstone Bay, I decided that I should go back to Westville since the story is not yet finished and twenty-three cases is not much. So, as of today, I'm going back to Westville City. One new case is added to City Center and five new districts has been added to the city.

    • Chinatown (6 Cases)
    • Death Valley (6 Cases)
    • Redevelopment Area (5 Cases)
    • Long Beach (5 Cases)
    • Airport (4 Cases)
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  • PetroJustin

    These are the pets unlocked by 4 medals in Western City.

    🐶 Dalmatian - 10,000 coins

    Output: 1200 coins (tiny)

    25 xp (tiny)

    🐩Poodle - 10,000 coins

    Output: +20,000 score (tiny)

    1 lucky card (tiny)

    🐨Koala - 200 cash

    Output: 1 orange juice (tiny)

    2 lucky cards (small)

    This can be changed!!

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  • MrKors71

    I took my time to announce that I won't upload more cases in Darnestown because I will be modifing the old ones.

    Cases like Unmask the Beast and When the Cock Crows Dead are well planned, but bad developed. That's why I'm glad to announce that The Price of Fame will be upgraded today!

    Good day and happy editing! 

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  • Emirelhatip

    [EXCLUSIVE] Introducing Anthony Kingston, the police commissioner for the upcoming city, Yellowstone Bay!

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  • PetroJustin

    District 1

    July 27, 2015 by PetroJustin

    🏨🏨 Wooo... Fly to a district called Western City! Local hikers and simple hometowns!

    Western Ciy is a beautiful place. Start catching killers from 8 cases!

    Info: On the way to the beautiful Western City! 8 thrilling murders being accomplished and investigated on August 4!

    Suspects have now images!

    Other additional like killer's profile and stats template!

    As I said. But slowly but surely, the first case will be tomorrow!!

    Info ASAP

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  • PetroJustin

    Here are the pictures of the upcoming characters of Luxo Town. And it is pretty well exciting! See you soon characters on August 2015!

    I am going to create more cases, and actually i've wrote a lot of cases before, and I want to make Luxo City cool. Don't worry about Breeze Town, it will still go more. And the cases have the following:

    Of course the case

    You want to see the reason? Here you go! 

    A gallery for the suspects, killer's profile, and mixed up miscellaneous, trailers and pictures.

    Luxo Town will be created when the third case (Leak Ropes) of Rock Canyon is released, but don't worry, making case is easy, but here it is

    For Breeze Town: Monday or Tuesday

    For Luxo Town: Thursday or Friday

    There will be some templates and yes, the killer's p…

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  • Tuttifruttichaitea

    I honestly am really proud of where this Wikia has gone! Back in my time, there were about 300-400 pages on the Wiki. Now, there are almost over twice as many pages. We have also gained many great case creators and great people. This Wiki used to have items from as old as 2 months ago in "Recent Wiki Activity", but now the earliest of that is from yesterday! I hope this Wiki will continue to flourish!

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  • Emirelhatip

    [EXCLUSIVE] Introducing William Johnson, the profiler and Charlene White, Chief of Police whom you'll be working with whilst chasing criminals on the streets of Yellowstone Bay!

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  • Emirelhatip

    [EXCLUSIVE] Introducing Taylor Lifestone, the ballistics analyst for the upcoming city, Yellowstone Bay!

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  • Emirelhatip

    [CC NEWS] Introducing Adam Crossings, one of the new team members that will work with you on Yellowstone Bay! Also, my cases will be delayed for a long time because I'm working on a different project. Until I start to release my cases again, I'll be posting these teasers.

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  • Vegan Panda

    Crime books

    July 23, 2015 by Vegan Panda

    Hello everyone!

    I love writing crime-books (sometimes based on Criminal Case) so if you have a suggestion please give me a comment. Thanks

    -Vegan_Panda a.k.a. Jessie

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  • PetroJustin


    July 3, 2015 by PetroJustin

    I am now been a lot of days in here. And really proud. So, this is my first blog to be created (don't worry the others, those are just trash)

    Case #3 SNEAKY PEEKY

    Oh No! A traveller just ended up acidic. Can you clean up the acids of the killer?

    Released Date: 7/6/15


    A brand new template, sounds cool to me. :)

    The template is called, Characters in

    You will add some character names, and the department, some suspects, main character, other more killers, serial killers and other characters.

    YEP. I have now 400 edits in total! I am so proud. 

    • Is it free?
      • ​OF COURSE! WHY NOT?
    • Can i design it?
      • ​You can add your own design.
    • Can i put my chara...
      • ​??? of course...
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  • MrKors71

    June's Blog

    July 1, 2015 by MrKors71

    Yeah, I know that we're in July. But that don't stop me! I will put some of the news this month bring to us.

    Well, as you know, Emirelhatip was annouced as the winner of the contest. But two users, I will not give names, were dissatisfied about the results. I will say this here for last time. BE PATIENT! The CCOFFW Admin group is still little, but we're handling good. However, that doesn't means there're not anymore Admins announcements. Everyday, we're looking for your progress here.

    That one is easy: we have not discussed it yet :D. So, don't worry, the categories will be filled soon.

    That's all (I guess). Stay tuned for mor information

    Happy Editing

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  • Emirelhatip
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  • HawkCity

    I run fanmade cases for the district 'Hawk City'.

    About Hawk City

       Hawk City takes inspiration from England, although it is still set in America- it is a coastal area south of Pacific Bay, with stereotypes from the country including rain and foreigners- and people make of that what they will. Implied to have had heavy influences during the British Empire.

       Hawk City's nickname is "The Lighthouse", referring to its famous Heartpool Dockyard and trading culture.

    Areas of Hawk City:

    Heartpool, a dock town in the North of the city. Has long-rooted history in its ports and thriving trade, although there is a vicious culture of racism and anti-immigration.

    Currently working on case One of Seven: "Port of Cull"

    ??? (An area of the city based on the Br…

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  • MysteryJones

    Hi,everyone. Here's MysteryJones.

    I'm here to talk about my inactivity in this wiki. These are the reasons:

    • School and Exams: This year I have exams and I only come to holidays at 12th June so after that the cases will come out quicker and better. Only 1 case (A Tricky Shot) will come out before that date.
    • Scouts: I'm at the Scouts every weekend so at Saturdays my activity will be almost nule since i only come home at 8 p.m and to write a case at that day, I was only finishing it at 1 a.m and I have to do other things.
    • Motivation: Since PetersCorporal was my best supporter in the wiki, since he helped me with the cases and we made collabs with me, since his inactivity I start to hate writting since NO ONE supports my cases.

    So, these are the nex…

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  • Emirelhatip

    New Template!

    June 7, 2015 by Emirelhatip

    Hello, I've said that I'd create a new template for city pages.. It is now ready and I've published it. If you want to use it, just add MainPanel, of course inside , to your page with no other changes. It is programmed to get your city's and PD's name automatically. After you add it to your page, just click to the red writings or the pictures one-by-one and add the information needed. (i.e; after clicking to districts, add the information of districts (and district plots) to that page. Then publish it, go back to the original page and do it all over again to every 8 options.)

    Notice: This one says the city name is "Emirelhatip/New Template!" since the name of this page is "Emirelhatip/New Template". The template will get the page name, so b…

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  • MrKors71

    Contest Winner!

    June 4, 2015 by MrKors71

    Well, after talking with Icy34567, we came to the conclusion that the new admin has to be announced today.

    And now, I'm here to tell you that the new admin is:

    For his briliant cases and his dedication to the wiki, I'm glad to announce that Emir was selected as the new admin! Conglaturations!

    Emir will be put on test for a week, in which I will look his work. If it's okay, he will be an admin forever

    Sorry for the other three contestants for participating. Work harder, show me what you got, and you will also be admins soon


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  • MrKors71

    May's Blog

    May 31, 2015 by MrKors71

    Hello everyone! Today, the last day of may, i'm doing the mensual blog that I promise to do in the last blog entrace (at least one of the things I said is true). Anyway, let's begin with the news:

    Darnestown: As I said in the last blog, Darnestown was going to be removed. But the differences between the two cities, plus the different characters made me continue with the city. I saw no replies, so thanks for the backup :)

    Changes: As you might saw, I didn't apply the changes in the wiki, and that's because Peter's is not connecting and I'm the only admin in the wiki "active". Also, my HTML and PHP knowledge is too basic, and that changes requires help.

    Old Cases: CCFan32 old cases (the first Blueheaven and Gracebury), were removed from the wiki a…

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  • MysteryJones

    [Fan Made CCNEWS] East Bay is not over... is just starting! After a month of the first case release, here are the release dates of the cases:

    • Case #2 (20-05-2015)
    • Case #3 (20-05-2015)
    • Case #4 (21-05-2015)
    • Case #5 (21-05-2015) DISTRICT FINALE

    • Case #6 (22-05-2015)
    • Case #7 (25-05-2015)
    • Case #8 (25-05-2015)
    • Case #9 (26-05-2015)
    • Case #10 (27-05-2015) DISTRICT FINALE

    • Case #11 (28-05-2015)
    • Case #12 (29-05-2015)
    • Case #13 (01-06-2015)
    • Case #14 (01-06-2015)
    • Case #15 (02-06-2015) DISTRICT FINALE

    • Case #16 (03-06-2015)
    • Case #17 (03-06-2015)
    • Case #18 (04-06-2015)
    • Case #19 (05-05-2015)
    • Case #20 (08-05-2015)
    • Case #21 (09-05-2015)
    • Case #22 (10-05-2015) DISTRICT FINALE

    • Case #23 (12-06-2015)
    • Case #24 (15-06-2015)
    • Case #25 (15-06-2015)
    • Case #26 (16-06-2015)
    • Case #27 (16-06-2015) DISTR…

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  • PetroJustin

    Hello, everyone. *grabs mic*

    When the last case of Greenville(Sunny Seaside) is released, i will make a new city called, Breeze Town and i suck at dialogues and i want to stable it. And this is my new schedule:

    Monday Case Creation + Dialogue Page + Stats
    Tuesday Chapter 1 + Plot + Suspects
    Wednesday Dialogue for Chapter 1 + Case Plot + Chapter 2
    Thursday Stats for Killer + Chapter 3 + Dialogues for Chapter 2
    Friday Additional Investigation + Dialogues for Chapter 3
    Saturday Dialogues and other stuff = COMPLETE!

    • I will make 1 case a week.
    • And sneak peeks also.
    • Some pictures for the Chapters.
    • Other Heading templates
    • I will make a public killer's profile template! For free!
    • Elite Modes and Pet Shops!

    1. The release date of the cases is given on...Friday! 
    2. The…

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  • Rifqitheflipper

    Hello, I made this blog as a sign of my return. I was formerly an old case maker here, joining several months ago. I have created 7 cases so far, and well... it ends there.

    Unfortunately so.

    However, I'm planning to make new cases with new plot and more organized structure. Albeit our police-mates will be changed, and the story is not the same, I will still create it. Sorry if you like my old cases like Bee's Knees or Razor's Edge, but I tend to make new cases.

    But don't worry, the characters from my old cases WILL return in some cities, whether the first city, second, or beyond. Again, sorry if I don't continue my old cases, but I promise I will make cases similar to of that in later cities. New cases will be released soon, and the name of t…

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  • MrKors71

    New changes!!!

    April 30, 2015 by MrKors71

    Hello everyone! As you might have seen (if you don't, there's no problem), PetersCorporal and I were talking about new ways to improve the wiki for the best. After discussing them in Facebook, we came out with this ideas.

    1. Create a Mensual Blog where all the wiki will be notified about changes, the launching of a new district, an arguing zone, etc. The idea is that other wiki users begin to be more active. This is the Mensual Blog of April

    2. As you might see in the Home, there's a new section called Case of the Week. There will be a weekly plot in which all the cases released in the week will apear. And, after the admins choose a winner, this case will be there, and in the Top Cases Section, which will be updated every TWO months. NOTE: If…

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  • MrKors71

    Incoming to CCOFFW!

    April 15, 2015 by MrKors71

    Green Hills is right in the corner! And new and incredible characters will make their appearance, Let's see the first one. You have to guess the name of this suspect. Good Luck

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  • Tuttifruttichaitea

    Please, if ou have the time could you look through my cases? I would like to know which suspects would be best for the district finale. The only guaranteed suspect I have, as of now, is Samuel Carpenter, as he is the Opera Director. 

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  • MysteryJones

    [Fanmade CC News] Ready for a change? On March 25th, grab you books and get ready to enter Nivleport Academy - the techonological epicenter of Nivleport. Here you'll encounter crazy teenager beyond you wildest imagination! What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Ometepe98


    March 8, 2015 by Ometepe98

    So I'm new to this Wiki and although I am not a brilliant writer I thought it would be nice to write a Fan Fiction. Most of my cases will be plays on Rock and Roll songs. My first case is called "Enter Sandman". I encourage you to come up with characters that I could use. I might use them for Victims, Suspects, Personnel, or Miscellaneous Characters. I love cases that are Horrors based and I love the idea of the Crimson Order. I am open for criticism, and I want you guys to tell me what I should be doing to make my entries better. I will decide the ideas for cases, and who the killer is will be. I can't wait to meet you all :)

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  • MysteryJones

    Hi,Everyone. Has you know I have a City alredy full of amazing cases (Veldin City) but that is from today my Secondary City because a new city will emerge Nivleport!!

    With a New Team!!!

    So the first case will be out soon!

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  • Emirelhatip

    Unfinished Storylines

    February 15, 2015 by Emirelhatip

    Hello, I thought I have so much stories that aren't come to an end but will be finished later. So I'm writing this to explain them all.

    • The first one is in Case #1, Welcome To The Jungle. The Victim, Ben Duncan, was found with a carving saying "Welcome". There's nothing weird about it. But here it comes, the killer, Rosie Oakes told the team how she committed the murder but said nothing about it. And when she was asked about it at her trial; she denied it. That made the team curious about who did it. But the person who did it is still missing.
    • Now, we head to Case #4, Is Everything Under Water. There was an underwater base ran by Eddy Strokes who was arrested in Case #13. The team couldn't find what was going on there.
    • Next, it is Case #9, A …
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    tree corpse , the first case of will be out in the night of feb 12!

    A troubled teen has been found dead in the beach bayside!

    what is the name of the victim? (One of this will be right) just guess who will be victim this night! 1.david Anjou. I think this will be the victim! 2.anna esplanade. ummmmm..... 3.Carben esparto.i think correct! 4.arra mirro.

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  • Emirelhatip

    I'm now working on a template I call "The Main Panel Settling". It is something useful for navigation templates and city pages. It's some kind of an article table that is divided to 8 - maybe - and all of these parts show a different picture. Like the first one shows a police pet shop sign. And there's "Police Pet Shops" written below and if you click to that, you are lead to an under section of your article where your information about Police Pets are. I'm trying to make it very graphic which is why I intended in first place. And also useful. Here are my ideas that may be shown on the template:

    • NEW LEVELS AND RANKS - like what would you add after Level 400 (Senior Trooper)
    • D…
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  • MrKors71

    I decided to leave the wiki because I was getting bored about doing cases. And I still don't know if I go back. So, what do you think?

    Also, if I return, I'm thinking about my cases. If I have to continue again, or If have to start all over again
    (NOTE: Suspects as: Utah Torkins, Apollon Herks, William Richardson and the not known yet, Jessica Holson, will remain)

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  • PetersCorporal

    Upload days!

    February 6, 2015 by PetersCorporal

    Sorry for using Fishy Taste's poll again, but I thought it wasn't necessary to create a new blog post just for this.

    First of all, I'm really sorry for not being active in the wiki lately! I'm going to finish Dress The Veins soon and I hope you enjoy reading it. As a sneak peek, I'm going to tell you that there's something Lindsey and Octavius have in common and it'll be found out at the end of Chapter 3. To give you a hint, I'll say that it's related to a person that has already been mentioned in a previous case.

    Secondly, and the main topic of this blog post now is that you should know why I'm not so active. I'm keeping really busy with school and some days I get back home really late. So for you to know, I won't be uploading cases during …

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  • PetroJustin

    Updates in Greenville

    February 5, 2015 by PetroJustin

    This is the timeline of the cases that will be released on Greenville, this will be updated always. 

    Listen to this news:

    Starting Case #3- Murder on Wheels, the murder weapon, victim and the killer will be placed in the heading "Stats" because of confusion. For now on, Case #5 above will be released on Thursdays! And information with the dialogues, cases without dialogues will be fixed on Feb. 8, Sunday. 

    Greenville features some important announcements about antagonists, protagonists, activists, and social networking companies. Alas, each cases will have designs, pictures and, killer's profile! Stay tune with the important announcements in this blog! 

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  • MysteryJones

    If someone know tell me,because i Love CCFan32 Cases!

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  • PetroJustin

    New Greenville

    January 18, 2015 by PetroJustin

    The new cases will be released every Saturdays. The last 4 cases are tutorial cases in Greenville, in which i will now make new cases with sneak peeks and good plots. Now, it's time to make cases!

    Case #1- The Death of Nina Lainn The Death or Nina Lainn is now released with it's uncomplete dialogues. Read it now!

    Case #2- Swinging Me Softly A boy was hanged on a chandelier, find out what the killer is hiding! Release Date: 24/1/15 at Saturday Night Chicago Time

    Case #3- ***soon*** Are you ready with the new standing museum? Check out now. Release Date: 30/1/15

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  • MysteryJones

    Hello,guys! There was a big planing scheme to find out what will be Veldiwood Story but Tomorow 16:00 London Time the Case #31 - Bloody Waters! will be release and here's a sneak peak! And a crime scene! Bye!

    [Tomorow on Criminal Case]

    Actress found dead on «Seven Seas» set, hanging in the roof!Climb the Lader of Justice to arrest this Pirate Killer!

    Release Date: 19-01-2015 16:00/4:00 p.m London Time!



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  • PetroJustin

    One Stab a a Time Delay

    January 17, 2015 by PetroJustin

    One Stab at a Time will be delayed for some reasons. It can be in Sunday, tomorrow.

    Sneak Peek:

    A returning suspect is murdered at the Meadows Film Festival, is the killer a returning suspect also?

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  • MysteryJones

    Hello, this guy ( ) is vandalizing two of my cases (24 Seconds to BOOM! andA Deadly Road!) so how can I STOP THIS S""T)

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  • MysteryJones

    Delay in Beach Bay!

    November 12, 2014 by MysteryJones

    Hello,sorry about the delay of the Beach Bay Cases but I'm making the first case of Beach Bay the Best of my City!!

    Case #21 is COMING TOMOROW!!

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  • MysteryJones


    Tomorow on the Fan-Made Criminal Case... The «Master of Rats» is sendind his rats to kill again. Man found eat by rats at the Elections Centre. Grab the cheese and run to the Election Centre to catch this killer.

    Date of Release: 09-10-2014 19:30

    The Law is down. Judge found dead at the Political District´s Streets. Found this killer and take the law to justice.

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  • MrKors71

    This week on MrKors71's series:

    A young boy do a skate trick wrong...He fall dead and open his head! Figure out if this was an accident or not!

    This case, filled up with treason and cheating, promises to be one of the best cases I created! Make your suppositions here about the killer!

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  • Koyos456

    Discuss (Case 3) Creepypasta cases.The victim name is Shadow (Sonic) 

    Jake Michigan (rat)

    • Sonic.exe
    • Jakfan
    • Smiley
    • Crunch Bandicoot
    • Mina Nishizawa
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  • SuccouringArmand

    Since I am extremely busy writing the dialogues in the Industrial Quarter, I will write the cliffhanger for Case #20 and SOME of Case #21's dialogues!

    At the Police Station... (After completing the suspects' legs)

    Robert: Well, , what are we going to do now? The Red Rogue might be planning another attack as we speak!

    Robert: I still have no idea how the press got a hold of this confidential information. The only people who knew were Reginald Montgomery, Deborah, and Justin!

    Robert: Do you think one of those three ratted this info out to the press? Jeez, how are we going to catch this maniac? I need a drink.

    Matthew Clark: ROBERT!

    Robert: Oh, uh... hey Chief! We were just...

    Matthew Clark: You mean YOU were drinking! Don't blame this on ! Reinvest…

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  • SuccouringArmand

    Take a look at Matthew Clark and John Robinson's pages. I will release the rest of the characters before Tuesday because I need to finish planning my cases for my fanmade story. Feel free to leave a comment on the pages!

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  • SuccouringArmand

    The only reason why I'll be inactive for a month is because I want to start a whole new storyline for my case. I think The Plurimi one is kind of copyrighted considering it's the exact same thing as The Crimson Order. I'll be spending the entire month planning this out. I hope you understand.

    Starting today, I'll be planning. I have several cases planned and I'll be using some of the same case titles which means that they are still mine to use. If anybody utilizes these titles, they will be considered copyright.

    I just want you to enjoy the content that I'm writing. I will write the dialogues with the cases obviously and I will release one case every 1 or 2 weeks instead of the random creation cases.

    All of my current cases and suspects pages…

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