Blaze Muscare
Biographical information
Full name Blaze Muscare
Gender Male
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of United States American
Residence Pinefield, U.S.
Profession(s) Fire Chief
Family Annika Muscare (wife)
Finn Muscare (son)
Affiliation(s) Pinefield Fire Department
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #9: In the Land of Milk and Money (s1)

Blaze Muscare is a minor character in Criminal Case, appearing during the events of In the Land of Milk and Money (Case #9 of Pinefield).


Blaze is the Chief of the Pinefield Fire Department who happens to be the husband of Annika. He has brown eyes and brown hair underneath his Fire Chief hat. He dons a white shirt underneath a standard firefighter's uniform and has the PFD badge pinned to his left.

Events of Criminal Case

When Dexter and the player were recapping the events of Kent Mason's murder, Officer Montoya rushed in to report that a fire broke out at the murder scene. Once the team arrived at the overgrown garden, Blaze told them to advise civilians to stay away at a safe distance until he and his men can put the fire out before it starts a wildfire. Nearly two hours later, Blaze had reported back to the team that the fire was no accident as his men found gasoline cans and a scorched cigarette near the garden. Dexter and the player deduced that the killer tried to destroy any evidence of the murder. They then thanked Blaze for the report.

Once Heidi Houghton was found guilty of grand homicide, the team were to see Chief Muscare in her office. She tells them Mayor Langford is planning to evacuate the citizens of Floral Fields as the quarantine isn't working. She hopes the team can find the released animals as well as The Peeling Psycho to keep the district safe. At that moment, Blaze enters the office with a teddy bear in his arms and said that their son, Finn, won it at the Carnival and wanted his mommy to have it. Dexter was perplexed by this. Annika formally introduced the team to her husband and teasingly states that she has a family. Blaze recognized the team from earlier and welcomed the player to Pinefield. Annika kisses Blaze goodbye and takes the teddy bear.

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