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Blasting Drive
General information
Season 1
City Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Region Northeast
Case # 3
Initial release date 7th August 2021
Partner(s) Sophie Cullen
Case chronology
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Frozen Heart's Clear Reflection A Crime to Decipher
Following Kaitlyn's advice and Marquis' analysis results, the team discovered that Boston was their next destination. With questions about Stanley and his secret project flooding the NEST members' minds, they go to retrace his steps. But unfortunately, a businesswoman's car exploded, killing her in the process. So, now you have to pull over and take a break, detective, because now it's on you to find out if it's just a case of a malfunctioning engine or something bigger.
—Case Teaser

Blasting Drive is a case featured in Criminal Case as the third case of Perplexing Investigations (Season 1). It is the third case to take place in the Northeast region.


The NEST went to Boston, Massachusetts with the permission of Chief Callahan to investigate why the late governor of Maine, Stanley Atkinson, had gone there secretly a while ago. Marquis worked on his computer inside the local HQ and soon discovered that he had met a businesswoman named Alyssa Williams during his visit, although the reason for their meeting was unknown. Sophie and the player then went to Alyssa's company, thinking that knowing about the meeting would be beneficial, only to witness a car explode with Alyssa inside in front of a shopping complex's parking lot.

Sophie sarcastically muttered that it was really helpful and quickly evacuated the area with the player. However, after examining the car for a few minutes, she said that her past experience as a car mechanic intern allowed her to understand that it wasn't an accident. So, they then shipped the body to Alicia and searched the place, soon flagging Alyssa's drunk husband Jovan Williams as a suspect who was busy sexting none other than Sophie's date, marine biologist Margaery Cole. Anyway, he refused to talk with them about Alyssa's murder and angered the senior investigator, who tried to call Margaery, but she didn't answer. However, the duo then searched the victim's office and added forensic scientist Rafaat Ibrahim alongside office worker Morgan Strafford as suspects, counting the former considered the victim as a friend, while Alyssa had been thinking of increasing Morgan's salary for being the hardest working employee. Meanwhile, Alicia revealed that the murder weapon was obviously explosives, and that the killer had to know chemistry properly to commit the murder.

After a while, Sophie recapped the case with a hardened face due to Margaery's flirting with Jovan, and suddenly Carol approached them and coldly informed them that Alyssa had gone to the shopping complex bar a lot recently.

Hearing so, the team searched the bar before placing bartender Emily Swanson who expressed her condolences and stated that she didn't know the victim personally but liked her choice of drinks. Besides, Dani's girlfriend, famous QikQok star Mel Blackheart was also added to the suspect list for uploading the video of the explosion, however, after recognizing Sophie, she explained that she had set a camera at the parking lot to hopefully get some good shots to upload on social media, not seeing the explosion coming. Later on, Jovan turned out to be abusive towards the victim which prompted the team to question him, but seeing how he stared at Margaery's exotic selfie during the interrogation, Sophie got furious again and took his phone before throwing it out of the window. Groaning, Jovan finally admitted that both him and Alyssa were sexists and they didn't care about each other at all, and that they had married each other for money and to satisfy their high libido. Rafaat was also questioned for designing a blueprint depicting highly dangerous explosives, which were assumably used to commit the murder. Regardless, he denied having any involvement with the murder, claiming the blueprint only contained prototypes.

Soon after, the team wandered around the bar as Sophie blankly stared outside through the glass window, and suddenly she received a call from Marquis, who informed her that Morgan was trying to get out of the city. To stop her from doing so, the team went to the city center where she had been spotted last, and fortunately found her, who, being afraid, said that she hadn't murdered Alyssa and that she was leaving the city because she didn't see any point in continuing her work given that, due to the murder, she had no chance to be the CEO anymore, despite claiming herself to be suitable for the post. However, after learning she had argued with the victim about who should be the CEO and placing her under temporary custody, the team searched the bar again and discovered that Emily disliked Alyssa for causing a fight at the bar with her business partner that had caused massive property damage, for which the bar owner had blamed Emily, and that Alyssa had followed Mel on QikQok until the latter had blocked her for criticizing Mel's gothic nature and fashion, which led her to defame Alyssa and encourage people to unfollow her.

As the investigation nearly came to an end, the team found enough evidence to indict Emily for the murder.

When the team confronted the bartender, she tried to refute them but eventually failed as she smashed her mug on the table hard enough for it to break. Catching her breath, she then explained that Alyssa deserved to die for what she had done to her in her childhood. As Sophie asked her to elaborate further, she revealed that when she was 10 years old, a tall blonde woman with glasses had kidnapped her when she was 10 for human trafficking, and had thrown her into a lake when the police had been hot on her trail. Fortunately, Emily managed to survive by swimming to the shore before getting hospitalized for almost a month due to her bad physical condition. After recovering, little Emily had set a goal for herself, which was to find the kidnapper and take revenge. Anyway, due to her forgetful nature, she had started to forget the kidnapper's features, which had become an obstacle in her search. So, she had stopped her search after not being able to find the human trafficker for years, but, a few weeks ago, she had noticed Alyssa inside the bar and quickly assumed she was the said kidnapper, given that she had matched the description. Then, she had tried to get information from her about her by getting close to her, but the attempt failed since Alyssa had never been a friendly person, prompting Emily to go with her instincts and start planning how to get her revenge. Again, Rafaat, who was known to frequent the bar, had mentioned to Emily how he was working with explosives, giving the bartender an idea about the murder weapon in the process. Getting him highly drunk the same day, she had stolen the blueprints and made copies before returning the originals to Rafaat to avoid being suspected. Using her chemistry knowledge, she had followed the blueprints and crafted the bombs before planting them in Alyssa's car, already knowing her repetitive schedule by stalking her for a week. Sophie understood what happened next and called Marquis to look for Emily's kidnapper's information, not being able to believe Alyssa had been the one. Emily crossed her hands and stood there silently as Marquis informed Sophie that the kidnapper wasn't Alyssa and that she had been arrested a year ago. Hearing so, the bartender was shocked, and muttered that she was almost sure about murdering the correct person, and Sophie asked her to remember the details of her motive, which clearly indicated that she had never been fully certain about the kidnapper's identity. Finally, realizing she had killed an innocent person for no reason, Emily regretted her actions immediately as she started tearing up. The team then escorted her to the courtroom where Judge Naranbaatar sentenced her to 30 years in prison.



  • Alyssa Williams (Got burnt due to an explosion)

Murder Weapon

  • Explosives


  • Emily Swanson



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Killer's Profile

  • The killer has dyslexia.
  • The killer knows explosives.
  • The killer uses lip balm.
  • The killer wears green.
  • The killer has black hair.

Crime Scenes

Parking Lot Explosion Site Parking Lot Bonus
Victim's Office Waiting Room Victim's Office Bonus
Shopping Complex Bar Drink Shelves Shopping Complex Bar Bonus


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Tricky Codes of Silence (3/5)