Established 1987
Country United States
Inhabitants Blackhawk Citizens
Population 20 Thousand
Primary LEA Blackhawk Police Department
Appearance(s) Criminal Case
Blackhawk is a city appearing in Season 1 of Criminal Case. It was originally released on 17/1/2020.


  1. Welcome To Blackhawk!
  2. Adventure Awaits
  3. Into The Sunset
  4. Midnight Blues
  5. Deep Into The Night
  6. Rose And Saffron
  7. Back In Black
  8. An Autumn's Gaze
  9. Twirling Down
  10. By The Fountain
  11. The Art Of Seduction
  12. Through The Fires


Residential Areas
Serial No. Case Name Partner Location Release Dates
1. Welcome To Blackhawk! TBA Edgewater Residential Building TBA
2. Adventure Awaits TBA Mountain Trek TBA
3. Into The Sunset TBA Golden Bell Mines TBA
4. Midnight Blues TBA Residential Park TBA
5. Deep Into The Night TBA Night Club TBA
6. Rose And Saffron TBA Cafe TBA
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