Black Rose Park is the ninth district of the Cortonith Island. It is also known that this is Martha Witherwood's hometown and her black mansion. It is also notorious of having the most hostile people yet until the Player sets afoot. It is known of having a very mysterious park which it blooms only roses and sometimes black roses.

A known founder of this sector, and is the sector leader was Crystal Darklust, an evil magician who only relies on her own power.

Sneak Peek

It is only known that Erikah Mabayo, a notorious serial killer from Bayou Bleu, Pacific Bay, has managed to serve the police in the excellent way even in prison by predicting who is the murderer, and is freed after numerous co-operations with the Police. Due to Erikah being unaccepted at Bayou Bleu as she is freed, knowing that she can't be the "queen" in the district anymore, she moved to the Cortonith Island, yet the people there do not know her notoriety in the past, but the Darklust Clan (except Chester Darklust and Catherine Darklust). This focuses the rivalry between Mabayo and the Darklust Clan. 

This also focuses to the fourth part of Noire's Grand Amulet, which Crystal has it.

Maizono's Hideout

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Witherwood Mansion

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