BioAlpha Corporate is a secret science research group featured in the Criminal Case: Justice Department, appearing as a central figure in the Uptown Acropolis district.

Events in Justice Department

Back To The Glory Days – Phillip Daley's Investigation

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Death: The Depths Of Debts – Bio-Fuel Research

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Tree-Hugger – The Director

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Uptown Kill – With The Rich And Famous

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Thick Skinned – Sarah Doherty's Murder

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Murder Can Be Hazardous – The BioAlpha Robot

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Board Of Directors





Murders Committed

Note: All murders committed were orchestrated by Dr. Julian Ackroyd, BioAlpha Corp has no direct intention to kill these victims.

  • Sarah Doherty ("Thick Skinned") – cheek implants tampered with poison by BioAlpha associate and male model Fred Kendrick, under the orders of Dr. Julian Ackroyd. When Sarah discovered Dr. Ackroyd's genetic drug plans and Fred's involvement, Dr. Ackroyd manipulated Fred to kill Sarah.
  • Fred Kendrick ("Murder Can Be Hazardous") – shot in the arm with a poisonous nano-bullet by the BioAlpha Robot that was programmed to kill him by Dr. Julian Ackroyd to prevent any witnesses to testify against him.
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