Look, El Rey was a bad man but I am not him.
—- Introduction

Dr Benjamin Jameson, appearing as a main character in Concordia Flying Squad, is the incarnation of El Rey from a Universe where SOMBRA never existed.


24 years of age, Benjamin looks vastly different from his other worldly counterpart, wearing a grey T-Shirt and Black overshirt, with a necklace and black cap.

Events of Concordia Flying Squad

A Shadow of a Doubt

Unbeknown to the team, Benjamin made his debut during Emma's arrest, in the form of Topher Darrenvage, who he replaced with a robot, it is not known why he wanted to train Michael the way he did.


  • Benjamin, is the only Concordian-O with knowledge of SOMBRA, and his Universe S counterparts crimes.

Case Appearances

As the coroner for CFS - O, Benjamin appears in every case.

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