Don't hate the me for hacking your profile, hate your password 'cause it's trash.
—-Ben Hathaway
Ben Hathaway (1995-2019) was a main character in Criminal Case Venusville where he served as tech expert of the Venusville Justice Fighters.

He appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of art collector Gina Glinn in Not Set in Stone (Case #24 of Venusville) before getting murdered in Act of Disloyalty (Case #35 of Venusville).


Ben was a 24-year-old tech expert. He had galaxy blue hair tied up in a bun and green eyes. He sported headphones and glasses and wore deep blue police jacket and black jeans.

Ben was very popular for his ''Lortnite'' streams. He loved computers, video games and techno-music. His favourite animal was axolotl.

Age 24
Height 5'8''
Weight 168 lbs
Eyes green
Blood Type AB+

Events of Criminal Case

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The player may choose Ben to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any case in Venusville) and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 3-hint partner. (This feature is only available in the mobile variant of Criminal Case.)

Case Appearences

-Case #1 Learn the Ropes

-Case #2 Across the Board

-Case #3 A Conspiracy of Silence

-Case #4 Neck Pain

-Case #5 One More to Go

-Case #6 Slow and Painful

-Case #7 Lunch Off

-Case #9 Dark History

-Case #10 Hello Neighbor

-Case #11 A Gilded Cage

-Case #12 Arrow of Time

-Case #13 Nailing It

-Case #14 In a Cold Sweat

-Case #15 A Rough Diamond

-Case #16 In Low Water

-Case #17 In the Limelight

-Case #18 Arms of Lucius

-Case #19 All Bets are Off

-Case #20 Devil to Pay

-Case #21 No Prey, No Pay

-Case #23 Bleeding Yellow

-Case #24 Not Set in Stone

-Case #25 With a Light Heart

-Case #26 Come the Acid

-Case #27 Just Roman Around

-Case #28 Face Fallen

-Case #29 Avenue of Escape

-Case #30 Brink of Disaster

-Case #31 A Ball of Fire

-Case #32 Saved by the Bell

-Case #33 Lost in Dark

-Case #34 Buttered On

-Case #35 Act of Disloyalty


Case #1 Learn the Ropes

  • USB
  • Locked Tablet

Case #2 Across the Board

  • Friendnet profile
  • Broken CD
  • Wires

Case #3 A Conspiracy of Silence

  • Mousepad
  • Secret Code

Case #4 Neck Pain

  • Serial Number
  • Purple Laptop

Case #5 One More to Go

  • USB
  • E-Cigar
  • Broken device

Case #6 Slow and Painful

Case #9 Dark History

  • Phone
  • Locked Tablet
  • Rubik's cube

Case #10 Hello Neighbor

  • Laptop
  • Unknown device

Case #11 A Gilded Cage

  • Hologram device

Case #12 Arrow of Time

  • Victim's phone
  • Folders

Case #13 Nailing It

  • Computer Cables
  • Victim's tablet
  • Strange Metal Cube

Case #14 In a Cold Sweat

  • Car battery

Case #15 A Rough Diamond

  • Digital Watch
  • Weird lightbulb

Case #16 In Low Water

  • Tracking Device

Case #18 Arms of Lucius

Case #19 All Bets are Off

Case #21 No Prey, No Pay

  • Papers
  • Laptop
  • Mobile Phone
  • USB stick

Case #24 Not Set in Stone

  • Hologram Message

Case #25 With a Light Heart

  • Phone
  • Serial code
  • Security Camera

Case #26 Come the Acid

  • Headphones
  • Phone Call

Case #27 Just Roman Around

  • Threatening Message
  • Unknown file


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