Ben Alexopoulous
Full name Ben Percius Alexopoulous
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1980
Death N/A
Nationality Flag of Greece.png Greek
Residence Cornwall, England
Family None
Profession Corner Shop Manager
Affiliation(s) Truro Corner Shop
Appearance(s) Britannia Rules the Waves
When the Lights Go Out

Ben Percius Alexopoulous (Grk: Βεν Περσεύς Αλεξόπουλους) was one of the suspects in the murder investigations of British woman Irene Penn in Britannia Rules the Waves (Case #1 of the World Edition), but later revealed to be killer of the Austria-to-Greece ambassador Alcander Hantzopoulous in When the Lights Go Out (Case #7 of the World Edition).


Ben is the Greek cashier of a local corner shop in Truro. He wears a pale grey shirt and a gold chain. He has brown hair and green eyes.

Role in Case(s)

Britannia Rules the Waves

Ben was first spoken to when a note addressed to Irene Penn was found, stating she owed him £3,000. Ben said that Irene had owed him a humongous debt. Ben said that the £3000 was just the beginning, she actually owed him £1 Million when Irene stole Ben's savings to help his home country, Greece. So when Ben confronted Irene, she said that she would pay him back in segments, and she was late. When Jack asked if he killed Irene, he swore he didn't.

Inside Ben's shop, he and Emily Branford were having an argument, in which Ben said that he had caught Emily stealing money from the cash register. However, Emily claimed that he had lied. Despite Irene's theft, Ben was found innocent of killing Irene.

Chief Bourne entered the room and said that Ben needed help, due to Ben having lost his bank machine, a high-tech piggy bank that contained £2 Million. It was a start to help Greece. Unfortunately, he had left it in the shop, and someone could steal within seconds. The team went to find it in the shop, but instead they found a bin bag, which held the money-storing device. Max and the player returned it to Ben, who thanked them with 20,000 coins.

When the Lights Go Out

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