Look with your eyes, not with your hands.
—Belinda Mahj
Belinda Mahj
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday 1965
Nationality Indina
Profession Ballistic Analyst
Affiliation(s) Continental Metro Police
Position in the Agency Ballistic Analyst
Belinda Mahj is the ballistic analyst of the World Edition. She is 51 years old.


Belinda has dyed short purple hair put into a pixie cut. She wears a yellow dress with feathers on it and blue eye shadow. Her personality traits are: sarcastic, rude, sensitive.


As of the release of the World Edition, the player may choose Belinda to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any World Edition case) and provide hint bonuses. She's available as a 1-hint partner. (Note that this feature is only available on the mobile version of the game.)

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