Type City
Country United States of America
Inhabitants Culturally diverse citizens
Population 25,000+
Primary LEA Belden Police Department
Key figures Antoine Graves (Chief of Police)
Appearance(s) Season 1
Belden is a city used as the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.

Located in the United States of America, Belden is a modern metropolitan city with various different cultures ranging from performing arts to competitive sports tournaments, just to name a few. There are seven districts and forty-seven cases in all.

The Belden Police Department (BPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves the city of Belden.


The city of Belden features a total of seven different districts, each with unique scenery and composition.

Inner City

Inner City is the first district of Belden.

The Inner City is the first district of Belden. Described as being the heart of all of Belden, the district features festivals and celebrations, expensive architectural buildings, and suburban areas.

Cases #1-#6 are situated in this district.


  • The name of the city is a play on the word bedlam—with it referring to a scene of uproar and confusion. Hence, Belden could be roughly defined as an "active and somber city"—therefore reflecting the city's dark secrets and tumultuous nature.
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