General information
Season 2
Founder Waylon Crane
Established 1820
Country Wikipedia:United States United States
City Florida
Inhabitants Americans
Population 100,000+
Primary LEA Belcoast Naval Guard
No. of cases in season 67
No. of districts in season 9
Unlocked by All 75 cases of Warrenville completed
Appears in Season 2 of Criminal Case
Season guide
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Warrenville ???

Belcoast is a major city appearing as the setting for the second season of Criminal Case.

Located in on the coastal state of Florida, Belcoast is a popular destination for people looking for fun in the sun, lucious greenery ranging from forests to swamps, and a thriving business economy for those looking for work. The Belcoast Naval Guard is the featured law enforcement agency that serves and protects the city of Belcoast.


Sapphire Shores

Resting on the beachfront of the city, Sapphire Shores is a party destination for folks young and old to just relax on the beach, take in the sights, and party the night away. Upon the player's arrival to the city, the team get word of a mysterious pirate DJ who's playing music that hypnotizes people into causing chaos at various parties throughout the district.

Case # Case Name
#1 On the Ocean's Tide
#2 Uncharted Waters
#3 Party Till You Drop Dead
#4 Cutthroat Fashion
#5 Rhythm of the Soul
#6 Let the Music Spin

Viceway Metropolis

Case # Case Name
#7 Mall Madness
#8 Dressed for Success
#9 Technology Kills
#10 Eat Your Heart Out
#11 Toying Around
#12 Fall From Grace
#13 Wrapped Up in Murder
#14 Steal Your Hearts!


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