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Beauty is Only Skin Deep
General Information
Season 4 (A World Forgotten)
Location Ravenedge
Region Crown Plaza
Case # 35
Initial release date 27th November 2020
Partner(s) Lawrence Sinclaire (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
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Breaking News Fear is an Effective Motivator
Hoping to inspire his followers, Mayor Osborne prepares to unveil the Triskelion Dress at the Deville mayoral event. However, fabric is stained by blood as the chief designer is slaughtered! Cut through the crowd and find the Fearmonger, before it's too late!
—Case Teaser

Beauty is Only Skin Deep is a case featured in Criminal Case, it appears as the thirty-fifth case in A World Forgotten and the two hundred and twenty-fourth overall. It takes place as the fifth and penultimate case in the Crown Plaza district of Ravenedge.


Following word that Mayor Hugo Osborne was hosting a fashion show as a mayoral event, arranged by the late Carolyn Deville's boutique, the team rushed to the Crown Plaza botanical gardens, on the banks of the river Bainrame, to search for the Fearmonger who would likely be in attendance. A miffed Lawrence crossed his arms and called the whole event a tawdry mess, before elaborating that Mayor Osborne had hired esteemed designer Selmer St. Snape to design the Triskelion dress - a dress with triskelion symbols sewn into the fabric - to inspire his followers and further resolve against the Rose Movement. Agreeing to search back-stage before the show, Lawrence held up a lamp and stood on the stage - only to see a trail of blood leading behind the velvet curtains. There, the body of Selmer was displayed, his shirt torn off and the words "no strings on me" carved into his chest.

As Moira confirmed Sienna was still unresponsive to her efforts, Draco bit the tip of his scissors and revealed Selmer was killed by a quick stab wound to the neck, killing him almost instaneously. They then tied up his wrists and carved their statement into his flesh, before dragging him to the stage and fleeing. They first questioned model Delphine Lamarre, who held her forehead with a sigh and admitted Selmer had his fair share of enemies, confirming his gruff and 'vibrant' personality often ruffled feathers. Genevieve Osborne was also suspected after attending the event to support her husband, alongside Rosana Vianello, raising the team's suspicions. Shortly after, Hope ran in, telling them she had discovered the murder site.

Hope searched through her cluttered bag and pulled out a dirty map, holding it up and pointing to an encircled woodland quay, disused and left overgrown by the botanical gardens. After investigating the scene, they suspected seamer Franky Lewis - hired after Lillian Snowe’s arrest - who went to cut the weeds around the quay to ease transport of the Triskelion Dress. Homeless mayoral supporter Eustace Kipling was found watching the show from the woods, waving the Osborne flag high. Selmer had been harrassing and following Delphine, even controlling what she consumed and buying her risque lingerie. When asked if she killed Selmer to escape his control, Delphine twirled her crimson locks and admitted the thought crossed her mind many times, but killing Selmer would’ve been detrimental, and instead she planned to use him to elevate her career - declaring her success would’ve been the best revenge. Genevieve also wished to fire Selmer from the project due to him making multiple modifications to the dress without asking her, but her husband’s demands left her trapped. As the pair recapped the investigation on stage, Lawrence insisted they needed to find the killer before the show, as a mothball named Maudeball attached itself to Lawrence's blazer. Delphine then ran to them, screaming someone was in her dressing room.

They rushed to the dressing room where they found Eustace - his hands held high in the air. Eustace insisted he only wanted Delphine’s autograph as he believed she was the face of a new wave of mayoral support, but she freaked and panicked upon seeing him, just like Selmer. He further explained that he had seen Selmer attend movement speeches and was bribed to keep quiet, confessing his fury that Selmer would listen to ‘dirty movement supporters’ who had destroyed his business and livelihood. Franky was also caught between Selmer and Genevieve’s feud as the pair forcefully ordered him to adjust the dress no matter his efforts, before learning Rosana had singlehandedly funded the mayoral event - lending further weight to the theory that she was the Fearmonger. Finally, the evidence incriminated Franky.

Franky crumbled, placing his head in his hand as he let out a remorseful - yet defiant - sigh. He reached into his side satchel and pulled out a pair of bloody scissors, handing them over to a bewildered Lawrence. The man then crossed his arms and explained that he, as they knew, was being blackmailed due to being in close vicinity to imprisoned Rose Movement supporters. However, due to Carolyn Deville's death and Lillian Snowe's incarceration, Franky was instructed by the Fearmonger to sew the Triskelion Dress for the Mayor. Franky reluctantly agreed and was soon hired by Selmer, though the designer's supercilious and domineering nature quickly reminded him of the Fearmonger. Incensed that he had been roped into a conflict that did not belong to him, Franky decided to take a stand. Franky swiftly stabbed Selmer in the neck, killing him painlessly and instantaneously. However, like he had done for the Triskelion Dress, Franky got to work on sewing his masterpiece - a bold and brazen message of rebellion carved in red ink. Franky apologized, but decreed that if nobody else was to take a stand, then he needed to for his own mental wellbeing.

Judge Haddid agreed with the likeness that Selmer and the Fearmonger shared and conceded that the Fearmonger was a sickness that needed to be medicated. However, she held her gavel high and told Selmer that two wrongs don't make a right, thus sentencing the downtrodden man to fifteen years in prison. Outside the court, Lawrence theorised that Rosana had blackmailed Franky after funding the event and suggested they dash back to the show before the unveiling to discover more.

---Public Enemies Number One (5/6)---

Cornelius exclaimed that Hugo and Genevieve had told him to walk with Owen and Francesca behind Delphine as a symbol of solidarity. Despite his wishes, Cornelius had agreed and needed help in finding a suit. Hope quickly agreed to help and the pair returned to the dressing rooms with Tobias. After finding a suit, Tobias made the pertinent adjustments, much to Hope's joy. Later, Delphine's dress was unveiled; a long, flowing mermaid dress with triskelion symbols etched into the fabric. Mayoral supporters like Eustace and Andre Oldman cheered from the crowd, as the Osborne children held hands behind her - a visible grimace of dismay sewn onto Cornelius' lips.

Backstage, Hugo and Genevieve applauded the trio. Hugo coyly admitted that the event was arranged to get the three children back together as Genevieve appealed that Cornelius reconsider his place in the Ravenedge Police Department, angering the inventor. Cornelius demanded that they accept who he was and what he wanted to do; the couple arguing that Cornelius' job left him at the forefront of a violent feud and noted how he had already been injured by a hostile crowd. Hugo declared that no matter how far Cornelius pushed them away, he wouldn't stop trying as he refused to lose him. He then turned on his heel as the Osborne family followed suit. Back on stage, Delphine relished in her praise as the crowd deemed her the Maiden of Honour.

Elsewhere, Antonio shouted that Sienna had started to wake, only murmuring incoherent words. At her bedside, Sienna slowly and weakly muttered that she had seen her shooter on a nearby building before everything went dark. Returning to the building, the pair were able to find evidence which led them back to the woodland quay. After a secondary search of the overgrowth, they found a hidden box with the gun used to shoot Sienna. Pedro soon confirmed that DNA found on the trigger matched Rosana Vianello. Furthermore, Pedro discovered Antonio's name scratched onto the side as the weapons expert gravely realized that Rosana had used his gun - which he shot Evaldo d'Ascoli with - to shoot Sienna. Infuriated, he stormed out.

Moira promised to closely monitor Sienna and nurse her back to health but asked they bring Rosana to justice. Confused that Rosana had chosen to shoot Sienna herself yet blackmail others into following her instructions, they theorised that Rosana funded the event so she could choose the location and collect the gun from nearby without suspicion but was too late. With no time to waste, Charity permitted they race to Rosana's villa.



  • Selmer St. Snape (found dead before the show; "no strings on me" carved into his chest)

Murder Weapon

  • Sewing Scissors


  • Franky Lewis



Cornelius Osborne
Height 5'11"
Age 23
Weight 161 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A-
Hugo Osborne
Height 5'11"
Age 51
Weight 169 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A-
Sienna Everett
Height 5'5"
Age 28
Weight 139 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A+

Killer's Profile

  • The killer hunts.
  • The killer eats macarons.
  • The killer lives in Serene Creek.
  • The killer has a bruise.
  • The killer has greying hair.

Crime Scenes

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