Baxter McDonald is a field officer of the Rocksfellow Police Department.


Baxter is a 38-year-old police officer who sports medium blond hair. He wears a standard police uniform, consisting of a blue police shirt with pockets on both sides. He has a pencil on his ear and a notepad in his pocket. He plays with a fake gun when bored or when being talked to by strangers. He is known to be mistrusting, knowledgeable, and self-conscious.

Notable Events

Baxter first met the player in The Stakes Are High to help identify two people: the victim, Logan Knightley and Carolina Tate.

Baxter became the player's partner for the first time in the additional investigation of Lighter Than Air. He partnered up with them again in the succeeding case. When the player investigated the warehouse entrance, he was shot in the shoulder and was taken out of the investigation.

Case Appearances

Baxter first appeared in The Stakes Are High.

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