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Battle for the Last Salvation
General Information
Season 1
City Selium
District Golden Hall
Case # 26
Initial release date 13. VII 2020.
Partner(s) Jordan Hawks (Chapter 1 & Reality or Fantasy?)
Christian LaFontee (Chapter 2 & 3)
Claudia (Chapter 4)
Willow Moonlight, Jason Blackwood, Lexy Joker & Walter Bang (Reality or Fantasy?)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Be Ready to Strike Hard Off With Your Position
(in The Secrets Unrevealed)

Battle for the Last Salvation is a case featured in Criminal Case: World of Hazards as the 26th case of the game. It is the final case of the season and takes place in Golden Hall, a district of Selium.


After the disturbing call and Noah's sign of warning by nuking the prison and kidnapping Gertrude the team knew that there is no return and after Willow successfully decrypted hashed codes from Hugo's flash card the team discovered that there is a secret part of the city, unseen by the eyes of many. Armed with the best weapons, the tea and the resistance movement was ready to strike the hardest and avenge all the fallen. The hot rain started to fall but that didn't bothered the team as they marched through the shadows of the destroyed city until they arrived to the secrets gates and after using the flash card the doors opened allowing the tam to see a totally uncovered locations. They entered inside one by one avoiding to be in the brightness. They eventually approached a golden looking door with the serpents insignia and a title "New World Government". They pushed the doors and entered inside, a dark, cold hall led the team towards the yellow light that was actually the entrance in the chamber of terror where the buffet table was. The team noticed lots of blood around and while many of them took a turn to guards the place, the player, Christian and Jordan Hawks joined the player in inspecting the room. They soon arrived to the bloody wooden wheel with shains and found the femine looking legs and arms chained, but with no boy. They decided to search more and then the team moved close to the buffet where they found a armless and legless body of DJ Syrenius, her body cleaned off organs and stuffed, being freshly baked and cut in pieces... fully ready to be served as a meal.

The team then picked up her pieces and placed them gently in the body bags. Lorenzo said how he will autopsy the body as he learned a lot by being next to her fiancee before Jordan promising him that thy will find her alive and well. Lorenzo nodded and quickly ran off, speeding the fastest he could back to the safehouse. Jordan and the player then found a business card from Jason Blackwood. With the heavy heart the team was forced to put him on the suspect list and dismiss from the duty, as well to disarm him and put in the custody cells until new event turns. The team then continued their investigation where they discovered that an ex-mayor and convicted killer Nicola Astruc successfully made it out of the prison and now is lurking around. The team quickly found him and overpowered before placing him in the custody cells. The team soon also discovered that Damian LaVey planned assassination on the victim but that he is sad someone else did it instead of him, but still the team overpowered him and placed in the cell s he could not escape before discovering that a scientist Walter Bang had a deep connections with the victim that he rejected to explain making the team to lead him to the custody cells. After the autopsy, Lorenzo wiped his sweat and laced his bloody scalper down and with a heavy sigh said how he found nothing except a weird burnt chip that he sent to Willow. Willow then said how she discovered that the chip Lorenzo dug from the victims's pieces are special wireless device who can control person's emotions and make them be excited or tired but that she didn't saw them in ages as they are illegal and how the victim had it that means that the killer probably injected it in her so they could've make her to not resist the murder.

The team then returned and grouped together to recap the case but the the lights flashed and Noah's face showed on the screen. He then said that the tea progresses too much and that they need to get the rules He laughed evilly and snapped his fingers before the blackout happened for a second. The team then looked at each other and noticed that Jordan is gone before Willow said that she needs to confess something. The team looked at her and without Jordan by their side they decided to make Christian the player's partner due to his combat experiences. He and the player then interrogated Willow who confessed that the hacking might've been her fault since she worked so hard to locate Noah that she accepted a help from a rogue hacker that she confirmed that it comes from a strange looking laboratory beneath the Noah's city hall. The team then went there and discovered a futuristic looking machine, spinning and emitting a purple light. The team there quickly discovered that Milo's daughter Wendy Vein was lurking around in attempt to find something but she rejected to say what. They then progressed their investigation and found that Nicola was threatening Syrenius on what he said that he couldn't handle that Noah has little miss as his right hand while he made the foundation for his rising to the power before on Christian's chock the team needed to mark his now-fiancee Lexy Joker. They then found out that Walter and the victim were one-night stand lovers and that he despised the victim because she gave him STD from that lustful night. Christian and the player also discovered that Damian plotting the victims death as a way to break Noah's will and use his anger in his own advantage.

Shortly after all the interrogations the team stayed extra careful while talking about the next move before a mysterious person bumped on Christian and dropping a box on the floor. With a suspicious look Christian took the box and opened it, only for him to find a head of a familiar person. Christian shakingly pulled the head outside the box, only for the team to realize that the head belongs to Xenia Williams, a scientist they saw a while ago, but as well a note in her mouth that was signed with string of numbers. Knowing that they have can't count on Willow now that she is on the suspect list the team decided to try to find the location alone, eventually succeeding to locate the coordinated to the Noah's city hall where the team found the body. They returned there where they noticed that everything was demolished and reorganized. The team then there discovered a trapdoor. The team then discovered a chained Bianca Darkmoon inside and helped her to get out. After being asked what happened she sighed and said that she doesn't remember before the team also discovered that Jason was Syrenius' uncle but that she never accepted him, saying that as the anti-Noah she can't accept him. As well the team then with a heavy heart marked Elvira Queenmoon as a suspect before discovering that the Elvira's fiancee Veronica Hyperrun sent multiple threats to the victim. The team progressed their investigation where they found that Willow was Syrenius' ex-girlfriend but also that Syrenius tried to lurk Lexy to join Noah's side, praising her figure and clever mind but that she rejected her sweet talk and offers.

Later, during their careful observations of the burning city through their little headquarters and trying to find where Gertrude and Jordan could be the lights flashed again, this time making Christian to disappear as the team heard the loud bang before the angry crowds with spears stormed in, demanding heads of the team on their pikes. As the angry crowd proceed to even hit the team while they tried to keep their cool down a mysterious figures charged and the rioters and bite some of them while rest went on the run. Lorenzo then pulled the gun up, wanting the figure to show themselves. The figure then smirked and showed themselves revealing to be the mysterious vampiress Claudia. She said how the team has no time left as she watched them all the time from shadows and secretly tried to help them, saying that she is fully against the mayor and that she saw how some people drag Christian towards the the futuristic lab. The player with Claudia rushed there only to find that Wendy had pictures of defaced victim, blaming her for her father's death but also that Elvira planned her own assassination so DJ Syrenius so they could've make a better progress before discovering that Veronica used to be the victim babysitter and that even as a child she hated Veronica. The team knew that they need to make quick progress and then then continued to work, finding out that Bianca fell in love with DJ Sysrenus and that even wanted to engage her, despises everything about the situation.

Soon after, Lorenzo analyzed the last clues and came to the conclusion about the killer Following his discovery and with faith that Jordan and Christian are alright the team proceed to arrest the double killer who ended up to be Damian LaVey. Knowing that they got him now and that he wouldn't have where to escape the player and Claudia rushed back to the new governmental building, back on the place where the body was found only to find no one there. While proceeding to exit the door shut as the laugh started to fill the room. A shadow slowly grew up as Damian appeared in front of the team, making up his tie and having a sick smirk, saying that he glad that they appeared. Claudia hisses at him, saying why he does this on what he told her to be quiet before the audience come after which he puled the remote controller and pushed the button. A lights flashed at it showed Gertrude, Jordan and Christina, tightly tied on the wooden wheels, exact same ones that DJ Syrenius used to be on. Claudia demanded to let them go on what Damian shock his head, saying that he can't let them be free and that all of them, the player included will get the same faith as Syrenius. Claudia sighed and told him to say why he killed her. A smirk slowly turned into the angry expression on Damian's face as he said that she was always supposed to be a sacrifice but that she needed to fill some requirements. Damian then said how among the elite circles it's a public secret that the highest top of them get their power, influence passion and youth from humans that they corrupt, spoil and then kill and consume as a meal. He the said how Syrenius was always made to be dead and that she was even raised in the family of cultists who then when she turned 5 was sold her to Noah and the company where Jupiter, Nicola and Damian himself worked to shape her mind, beliefs, ideas and who to support and against whom to go and that on the end she became a power fuel for Noah, explaining that she was supposed to never interact with Noah and never do anything with him and make him angry at her so he could've use the anger later on and put all his anger into her meat he would later consume which will allow him to generate the secret enzyme in human's meat that acts as a potion of passion, youth and control. With a sick smirk he said how she was such a sweet raw jewelry that he personally shaped and taught the most behind the closed doors which send the uncomfortable vibes towards Claudia who knew what he truly meant o say. As Damian continued he starts to walk in the circle, saying that he grew a soft spot for Syrenius and teaching her all about the revolution and how the second apocalypse would be the best option, alongside Nicola and Jupiter who also seed those idea into her young head. Later on, he said, when the player arrived from the mysterious portal he knew that they would be a trouble so he found Zenn who then pushed Federico Dicapuchino into committing his first murder not realizing that would've give fuel to the team to proceed more and discover all this. He then said that he ordered her to use his "mentor" Leonard Sins in the proceed to exile the player but ending up him him into shifting towards the team's supportive side and how she did amazing job at collecting everything Leonard knew about the team, making The Serpentinum always a step ahead and that he knew where the team will hurt the most while working with Syrenius under the Noah's wing. He then sighed and looked over the place where he killed Syrenius, saying that he by time fell in love with her and that didn't wanted hr to be dead anymore. He knew that it would've been hard but he decided to let his own 10 year old daughter to be the sacrifice instead of Syrenius but as he arrived to his office to talk he heard the sounds coming from inside and he decided to peak the look her saw the clothing all over the floor before seeing Noah and Syrenius being in their moment and that then his heart dropped down and in anger slammed away. He then squeezed the remove he was holding as he said that he left a deep anger, jealousy and broken heart and how all those feelings filled last bright spots in his majority dark heart. He also how hos his daughter wanted to check on him after that but that the anger and the scene he saw blurred his mind where he then assaulted and killed his own child and then he saw how lives are fragile and how feelings are poison to a mind, saying that ever sicne that day no lives matters to him and he looked at them as the currency for rising to the top. The anger then started to fill his heart as he thew the remove against the wall and saying that ever since that day his anger for Noah and Syrenius raised and that he decided that he will be the one to kill Syrenius, use her meat to get the powers from the secret enzymes and became more powerful then Noah and take his position after which he would put him as a slave i the new post-post-apocalyptic world to come. He let his anger to grow, distancing from Syrenium for magic to fully work and when the time came he called her to come, faking that she was called by Noah. After she arrived he said how he got physical and started to try to overpower her but that she didn't just waited for that and hit back hardly, leaving all those bruises on his face but that at the end he succeed and grabbed the ritual axe an then chopped her legs and arms, leaving her to scream in pain until the blood loss killed her before he carefully prepared the meat of her and left it until he went to grab all needed for the ritual that goes with it, but then the team showed up Claudia listened to all that in sickness and said how he is a sick person but asked how Xenia filled in all those plans on what he said that Xenia was his wife and that he killed her only to show that he doesn't care for his past life and to warn the team before approaching on the machine dashboard, saying how now Noah will get the taste of his own medicine before he also do the same with the team but then, using the ground lift Noah spawned behind Damian before pushing him on the sharp sword ornament, implying him through the heart. He then said that this is the least of the punishment for a traitor before taking a stake and proceed to kill the player. Claudia then took the pieces of the remote Damian broke and launched them on the dashboard, releasing the trapped trio and as how Noah charged at the player she made her way in font allowing her heart to be staked. She then fell on the ground as she slowly started to turn to dust. Noah then laughed and said that their little vampire won't be able to help before taking the gun and firing at the lanterns who then started the fire. Noah used that to escape as the team was left in the room, the fire coming closer and closer to them. As the fire was getting closer the team looked around to find anything that could extinguish the fire, or at least part of it for them to escape. Christian and Jordan then discovered the old fire extinguished and used it to extinguish a bit of fire, enough for the team to escape. After escaping the flaming room they decided to return to their little headquarters, reunite and make a plan to finally free the city of Noah's terror once for all. Just after they entered inside, Lorenzo, stained with blood and chemicals from running the lab ran to Gertrude and hugged her tightly with a kiss as Lexy did the same with Christian. After the reunion the team decided to discuss what they should do with Elvira Elvira repeated herself, adding to the plan that they need to make Noah to be on the open and for Jason to make his gun more powerful. The team then suggested that they should search the lab to find parts needed. Elvira agreed on it, sending the player and Jordan there. As they searched the area they discovered bunch of broken electronics and among dozen of no needing one the team found a scalar wave generator and quickly went to Willow to see what she can tell them about it and where could've been used. She the said that scalar waves can be seen as good, bad or both, saying that the best definition is both depending from usage before saying that Noah has a big army and just killing him would've end but if then use scalar waves on his supporters and him itself it will make them easier targets. Jordan asked if is possible for scalar waves to attack certain people she nodded in agreement, saying that she will need couple of things that potentially could've been found in the city. The team the swapped the city area, eventually discovering what she needs. Willow said that sh will analyze then and inform the team later what she made.

After that, Jason noticed the player and approached, thanking him for everything they did and for finding his niece's killer and that even if Syrenius was corrupted and manipulated he still loves her no matter what before saying that his gun needs more modifications if everyone thinks to take down Noah quickly. He said that Axel Darkwood's hi-tech devices have the weapon a new power but that they will need a better and faster ammo. The team then decided to go to Axel and consult with him about that on what the urban legend hunter said that he has a special needle ammo for bigfoots that can kill a human o the spot, no matter where it hit. They were interested in it and asked him if thy could get some on what he nodded and proceed to get the box before saying that he lost it somewhere in the city while running away from the danger. The team went back to the city to find the box, where they eventually find it. After that they returned to the headquarters, Jason went to his lab to finish the gun as Willow approached the player and in excitement said that she made it but that she will need Noah's supporter to test this on it. The player suggested Nicola as that could've had positive influence on him. Willow said why not and they then visited Nicola in his cell who mumbled something and said how Noah's boys will soon be head and decapitate every one the team on what Willow laughed and started her device, the device started to emit the waves who slowly started to be stuck in Nicola's mind, he falling on his knees and rubbing his temporal bone before looking at the team, asking where he is and what is happening. After the team explained everything he sighed and knew that the team won't forgive him as he wont forgive himself and said that after all this is finished he would be ready to face punishments for him crimes but that he will help the team by making Noah come out. The team let him to do that, still with the dose of mistrust.

Some hours later, while the team prepared themselves for Nicola's call and for the action, Jason came out of the Willow's room, saying that he did it. The team hugged hi tightly as the phone ringed. After Lorenzo picked up the line and spoke for a bit he said that it was Nicola who managed to make Noah to come out, saying how he made him to do a duel with the team where the strongest would win. Knowing that they need another ally the team asked Wendy for help. Wendy with the determined voice said that she would join their side and avenge her late father and even if he was not very good she will show to be better daughter. The team nodded and armed her too and headed towards the city where the Noah's supporters, army and Noah himself appeared, ready for the fight. Th team quickly separated trying to avoid to be hit by the supporters while Jason tried to aim at Noah but his constant moments slowed Jason in it. In the crowd and fights, Christina and Lexy fought side by side and Elvira and Veronica used the ships to keep the people away. Wendy used her sneaky methods and to go behind people and bite them to slow them down. The then decided for a huge bite ad charged at Noah from behind who ever heard everything and turned around, taking the stake he hid in his coat before staking her in the heart. Willow then screamed as she raised a device and activated it. A device then started to emit the scalar waves, eventually calming the group down but some of them still felt strong will and continued to fight for Noah. While the fight was one, Jason lost the view on Noah and looked around to find him, As he tried to locate him, still aiming his gun, Noah sneaked behind Jordan in attempt to kill him but as he swiped his saber Christian ran between them, getting stabbed in stomach by Noah. As he fell down, Jason noticed him and without hesitation rapidly fired at him, hitting him with all five needles. Noah then feel on the ground with the foam coming from his mouth as the last pillar of The Serpentinum fell down. The team wanted to celebrate, but Christian's health was more important as the team quickly took him to the hospital where doctors said that he would recover soon enough.

As months passed, Christian fully recovered as the city started to breath again. Elvira became elected mayor with Axel as the deputy. The city slowly started to regenerate under the new democratic regime and gained colors. The police department got re-organized as Jordan got promoted to the police chief, Christian became official officer while Lorenzo and Jason join Gertrude and Willow respectively. During of the sunny days Lexy moved the player aside, saying that she, Veronica and Gertrude planned to do a triple wedding and that they need the players help with making everything possible. Lexy then said that she will need wedding dresses and that they could ask Bianca for help. With the player's agreement they went to Bianca who cheerfully said that she can help as she lefts lots of dresses at the city square. The team then visited a newly regenerated city square where the boutiques are and found Bianca's chest with wedding dresses. After digging through them they found dresses then needed. Lexy and the player then decided to go to Veronica who she could've choose the gothic styles for dresses fr her wedding. Veronica inspected the dresses, picking the one she loved the most and went to redesign them. Couple of days later, the gardens were decorated in colorful colors and tables were perfectly made with the buffet and drinks. Guests cheered and talked as brides and grooms passed thorough heir normal buck fever because of marriages. Suddenly, Gertrude pulled the player behind, asking them for one final help. Gertude nervously said that she lost the wolf themed rings she bought for this wedding somewhere in the new governmental building while picking u papers. The team told her to not worry as they soon after found the rings and returned it to Gertrude who thanked the team. A little later, a wedding started as the bells tolled. The priest stepped up and did the usual, asking the two bridges are they ready to take each other on what Elvira and Veronica said yes. The destiny yes was also said by Christian and Lexy but also by Lorenzo and Gertrude. The couples then kissed each other as the firework and confetti flied round, the celebration begun. While everyone was partying and singing, Walter tapped the player's shoulder and pulled them away.

Walter then cleared his throat and told the player that now when this world returned the former glory he took the freedom to search the Serpentinum's laboratories where he discovered that he looked at the time for - a portal that will return the in their original timeline. He then told the player to follow them to the secret room in the laboratory where they saw a giant portal sphere. Walter said that the battery is missing that he is sure the player will recover it in a second. the player then looked around the room, finding the needed battery under the pile of scraped metals. Walter then took the battery and placed in on the spot. He then returned to the dashboard and with a happy smile said that he can't wait for them to finally be in 2060 again. The machine then turned on and the sphere started to spin around and emit purple light as the portal slowly opened. Walter then looked and the portal and the player, saying that is time for them to return to 2060 Excited to be in their reality again, a duo jumped in the portal who closed right after. A duo then successfully landed in their real timeline, somewhere in the city of West Ridge, but not in 2060... but rather in the year 2020...

Somewhere... in the middle of something, in the dark room full of monitor and computers where only light was coming from the monitors, a group of people watched the player's every movements, their trip through dimensions and years, space and time. As one of the people sipped their coffee another was smirking and marking something on the tablet with an evil laugh. The camera slowly spin as on the wall were pics of the player and Walter and above them was a headline "The Revolution Enemies". Shortly after that the people walked over to a big space ship looking vehicle and entered inside. The same purple light emitted again before the machine, alongside the people who were monitoring everything, disappeared from the face of the Earth....



  • DJ Syrenius (her arms and legs were found chained on the wooden wheel as bed body was turned into a meal)
  • Xenia Williams (her head was found in the box)

Murder Weapon

  • Axe


  • Damian LaVey



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer has access to mood changing chips.
  • The Killer knows physics.
  • The Killer knows knots.
  • The Killer has a black hair.
  • The Killer has bruises.

Crime Scenes

Secret Government Building Nephilim Throne Secret Government Building Bonus
Old City City in Flames Old City Bonus
Futuristic Laboratory Glowing Tube Pipes Futuristic Laboratory Bonus
Secret Trans-dimensional Portal


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Chapter 4

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