Season 1
City Metrocity
District Setil Fields
Case Number 8
Date of Release February 1st, 2019
Partner(s) Mark Olly

Ivan Rusinksi (Setil Conspiracy 2/6)

Preceded by Succeeded by
Run Over In Plane Sight
Batgirl is second case in Setil Fields, and eight case overall in Metrocity.


Henry Douglas was arrested for treathning the Setil family. The team decided to visit David at the hospital.


While The Team was visiting David, they heard scream coming from another room. When they got there, they found a lifeless body of a young girl. Her name was Patricia Lock. She was beaten by a bat.

After some investigating, team found out that victim's firend was Anna Smith, young girl we met in the previous investigation. She said that she was victim's best firend. Later, investigation led to Joan Setil, Zvonimir's cousin and victim's classmate. Joan said that Patricia was a good classmate and that she was always looking how to help somebody. Mark noticed how Joan is almost as same as Michaela. Leo Peter became suspect after the team found a love letter from Leo to Patricia. He said that he was in a relationship with Patricia. Timmy Chang, victim's neighbour became suspect. He said that Changs and Locks were in a neighbourhood fight. When they asked Mike Lock, victim's father, about the fight he said that there was no fight.

Later it was found out that Anna had feelings for Patricia, and that Patricia had feelings for Timmy. Mike kicked his daughter out because he was ashamed that she had feelings for the rival's kid, Timmy.

Killer turned out to be Timmy. He said that he had feelings for Patricia too, but that he did it to make his family proud. He said that his family was a part of the much bigger plan to finally stop crime in Metrocity. When he was asked about the plan, he didn't want to say another word. He was sentenced 10 years in prision.

After everything was finished, Anna disappeard. Ivan Rusinksi, the profiler, and The Player decided to look for her. After examining clues, she wrote in her diary that she is going to be in the hospital room where Patricia died. When they got there, they found Patricia hanged on the celing. She left a note where she said that she couldn't take her brother's and her love's death.

In the meantime, Mark and The Player decided that they must stop the two families' fight. They succeded. Two families now get along and they are best friends.

When everything was over, the team decided to toast, but just then they got a report that plane chrashed.



  • Patricia Lock (found beaten by the bat)

Murder Weapon:

  • Bat


  • Timmy Chang


Anna Smith - victim's best friend

Age 15
Weight 65 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type B+
Height 170 cm
Profile/Appereance Takes drugs

Watches TV


Joan Setil - victim's classmate

Age 15
Weight 64 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type O+
Height 175 cm
Profile/Appereance Watches TV

Leo Peter - victim's boyfirend

Age 14
Weight 70 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type O+
Height 180 cm
Profile/Appereance Takes drugs

Watches TV


Timmy Chang - victim's neighbour

Age 15
Weight 80 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type B-
Height 195 cm
Profile/Appereance Takes drugs

Watches TV


Mike Lock - victim's father

Age 50
Weight 100 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type A-
Height 190 cm
Profile/Appereance Takes Drugs

Watches TV

Crime Scenes

Hospital Room Toilet Hospital Room Bonus
Hall Door Hall Bonus
Victim's Street Tree Victim's Street Bonus

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer takes drugs
  • The Killer watches TV
  • The Killer knots
  • The Killer is 15 years old
  • The Killer is male
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