Barry Killingworth
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Biographical information
Full name Barry Killingworth
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Blunt force trauma
Nationality United States of America American
Residence Pinefield, U.S.
Profession(s) Novelties salesman
Partner(s) Jasmine Stanton (ex-girlfriend; incarcerated)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: Sticks and Stones (s1)

Barry Killingworth was the victim in Sticks and Stones (Case #1 of Pinefield).


Barry was a novelties salesman who was trying to survive the streets of Daytide Coast. He had brown hair combed to his left and brown eyes. He also donned a neat suit with a white shirt and a blue tie at the time of his death.

Murder Details

Barry was found underneath the Daytide Coast bridge with his hands impaled onto the ground and his face bashed in. He was quickly identified by street vendor Henry Gleason. The autopsy from the team's coroner, Ina Khanna, determined that the killer used sharp wooden stakes on Barry's hands to pin him into the ground then they used something heavy to break his bones before bashing his face in a total of fifteen times. Ina deduced the killer had to apply certain force in order to break Barry's bones, which correlated to the body mass. After calculating, Ina deduced the killer weighed at least 140 pounds.

Killer and Motives

After exploring new crime scenes such as the Bayview Park and Plaza Square and identifying the murder weapon to be a large stone, the team gathered enough evidence to catch Barry's ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Stanton, guilty of premeditated homicide. Jasmine hated Dexter's sudden accusation of homicide, but the crime writer-turned-detective took time to snap at her with the player's findings during the murder investigation. Jasmine revealed that Barry would spend the money he earned, along with her earnings, on alcohol and physically abuse her in his drunken states. Jasmine dropped a bomb when she also reveals that she was carrying Barry's child two months prior to the events of the case until one night, Barry got so drunk he threw the pregnant Jasmine against a wall, resulting in her miscarriage. Jasmine considered this to be murder and was grief-stricken. Unfortunately, her grief got to the point where she plotted out a sadistic murder as revenge.

Dexter expressed his sympathy and was saddened upon hearing this but pointed out that nothing excuses murder before shipping her off to court where Judge Alfred Bloodworth currently serves as the city's justice. At trial, Jasmine was willing to accept her sentence and said she took justice into her own hands. Judge Bloodworth understood her grief (as his daughter was murdered by a burglar on Christmas morning) and because of this, he sentenced Jasmine to 20 years in jail with mandatory counseling.

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