Barb Bellamy
Biographical information
Full name Barb Bellamy
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1986
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Internal security officer
Game information
First appeared Case #21 For Pug Sake

Barb Bellamy was the suspect in the murder investigation of therapist Catherine Kelly and her dog in For Pug Sake (Case #21 of Laroy Bay)


Barb is a 32-year-old internal security officer with long black hair tied in a ponytail and light brown eyes. She dons a white t-shirt underneath a blue buttoned-down shirt tucked into black slacks and a belt. Additionally, her shirt is adorned with a radio, a gun, and an ID badge.

Age 32
Height 6'0''
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A-

For Pug Sake

Barb was interrogated when team found out that she was security on this dog pageant.She said that every dog owner was good person and that nobody would actually do this.

Barb was spoken to again after team found picture of her and Catherine Kelly.She said that they knew each other and that Kelly was nice person.

Barb was found innocent after team arrested David Rosenberg for a crime.

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