Bad Omens
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Rainforest
Case # 12
Initial release date 25.10.2020
Partner(s) Elena Yellowstone
Case chronology
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Steer Through the Storm The Floor is Lava

Bad Omens is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twelfth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the forty-second case overall. It's also the second one to take place in Rainforest district.


After the team got ready to sleep, Autumn told the player that she found the cursed tomb that Luz del Sol cult was interested into. The duo then went to tell Elena about their discovery, who promised them that they will disguise and investiate the tomb as soon as possible and without Rosa noticing them. After telling their plan to Clint, Elena and player decided to find the cursed tomb and investigate it in the morning. After making sure that Rosa is asleep, Elena and player headed to the tomb, wearing a disguise in case they run into some cultists like Dexter Milner. However, when they entered the tomb, they saw a body of a young man, clutching a statue in his hands. After bringing his body to others, Rosa immediately identified him as a cult member Erik Rye. Rosa then asked them where did they find his body, prompting Elena to lie that he was dead near their camp. The duo then secretly returned to the tomb and searched it again, finding enough clues to suspect another cult member, victim's boyfriend Ben Dover, forest witch Ernestina Osborne and cult member Dexter Milner, who failed to recognize them under their disguises. When they got back to others, angry Rosa approached them, saying how they can stop lying because she knows that they discovered the tomb.

Elena then calmed her down and told her that they never told her about it since they are still enemies and they are still trying to stop her cult, making Rosa chuckle and tell them that they won't find anything in the tomb either way. Chief Russo then came by and lead Rosa away to make sure that she doesn't try to contact her cultists. After dealing with Rosa, the pair investigated the forest hut and found enough clues to suspect former reality TV star Silvano Strong, who disappeared in the forest around 6 months ago, and cult's therapist Valeria Romero. The pair later discovered that Dexter never trusted Erik, suspecting that he might give up on the cult and that Ben discovered that Erik has a pregnant girlfriend back in Raxelville. As they were walking back to others, Dexter came out of the bushes, telling them to stop playing games and remove their disguises.

When Elena tried to explain that they really are cult members, another masked cultist approached Dexter and told him to leave them alone because they are trusted by Rosa and by the entire cult. Eyeing them suspiciously, Dexter returned back to the tomb before the masked cultist removed the hood and revealed himself to be Dustin, who winked and told them to thank him later. The duo then investigated the tomb steps and discovered that Ernestina tried to curse the victim for stealing herbs from her hut, and that he oftenly borowed money from Valeria and never returned it. Later on, they also discovered that Erik ran into Silvano few days ago and tried to shoot him with his crossbow, suspecting that he has been following him. Few hours later, Elena and player found enough evidence to incriminate Ben as the killer.

Elena and player confronted Ben, who tried to deny their accusations and claimed that Erik probably held the statue on his own. However, after Elena presented the evidence against him, Ben cracked and said that he killed Erik on accident. Nervously sweating, Ben explained that he wanted to leave the cult after discovering that the cult sacrificed multiple people in farmhouse rituals. Wanting to go home, Ben told Erik about his plan and Erik decided to join him. However, the night when they were supposed to meet in front of the tomb for their escape, Ben arrived few minutes earlier and discovered that Erik is waiting for him, along with few other masked cultists. Realizing that Erik had betrayed him, Ben hid in the tomb and tried to think of a way out, but eventually got found by Erik. The couple engaged in a struggle before Ben grabbed a cursed statue and threw it at Erik, who instinctively caught it without his gloves and got killed by the curse. Realizing what he had done, Ben ran away from the crime scene. When Elena suggested that he should explain everything to their chief, Ben panicked and said that the cult probably wants him dead more than ever before and told them to watch their backs because dark stuff is about to happen. Before Elena could react, Ben ran away deeper into the forest.

After Elena and player explained everything to the team, Logan's boyfriend Jay Riorta suggested that he and Autumn should dress up in cult cloaks Autumn made earlier and distract the cult, making nervous Logan volunteer to join them, but Jay calmed him down and reassure him that he will be fine before kissing his cheek, making Logan blush. After disguised Jay and Autumn successfuly convcined the cult members to leave the tomb, Elena and player went there and investigated, finding a folder among cult's stuff. They decided to sent it to Clint, who told them that the cult hid something in that tomb and that it could probably Rosa's backup plan. Elena and player, accompanied with Clint, then returned to the tomb and started digging, eventually finding a stone platform with weird symbols on it. Elena analyzed the symbols and explained that the platform is actually a map, but is unsure where it leads or why the cult wants it. Clint suggested that the map could lead to the village of Yahatu, Elena sighed and reminded him that Yahatu village disappeared a long time ago and that there's no way the map could randomly lead to it. The trio then decided to hide the map on a different location and return to others.

Meanwhile, Caroline told the player that something's off with Rudy and that he hasn't been acting as usual for few days now. Worried about their youngest team member, Caroline suggested that they should investigated the old tree since Rudy used to rest there, isolated from the rest of the team. After searching around the old tree, Caroline and player found Rudy's vlogging camera. The duo then sent it to Autumn, who scratched her head and told them that something has been affecting Rudy's behaviour and that he seems very distant and sad for some reason. Right then, Rudy walked in on them, politely asking Autumn to give him his camera back. Jokingly, Autumn promised to give it back if he confesses that he's part of the cult, making Rudy snap at her and storm away in the forest. Worried for him, Caroline and player went after him and found him sitting by the tree, throwing rocks in the water. Caroline sat by him and asked him if something's wrong, making Rudy sigh and rub his eyes. With his voice cracking, Rudy said how the team would be much better without him and how he's just a fifth wheel everywhere he goes. Caroline kissed his cheek and reassured him that it's not the truth, but Rudy shook his head and told her that everyone remembers him just because he's Clint's son and that he's tired of living in chief's shadow entire life. Knowing that only Clint can convince Rudy to think otherwise, Caroline and player told Clint what happend, prompting him to find Rudy and ask him what's wrong. Clint put his hands on his shoulders and told him that he's much stronger and braver than him. Confused Rudy, asked him to explain, making tearful Clint tell him that he's the reason he's still alive today. Rubbing his eyes with his sleeve, Clint told Rudy that he considered giving up on life when his wife, Rudy's mother died, but after seeing that he has an amazing son worth living and fighting for, he knew he had to do anything to make him proud and give him the best life possible. Clint hugged Rudy tightly and promised him that he's still one of them, whether he's his son or not.

After Clint and Rudy returned back to others, Elena told everyone about the strange map the cult has been interested into. Rosa, who was restrained by Autumn for attempting to run away, mocked them and told them that this is a battle they aren't gonna win. Knowing that Rosa won't tell them anything, Clint told everyone to take some rest before investigating further into the cult's actions...



  • Erik Rye (found murdered in the cursed tomb, clutching a statue)

Murder Weapon:

  • Cursed Statue




Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats blackberries.
  • The killer uses insect repellent.
  • The killer knows how to make fire.
  • The killer has brown eyes.
  • The killer has black facial hair.

Crime Scenes

Cursed Tomb Statue Post Cursed Tomb Bonus
Forest Witch's Hut Witchcraft Table Forest Witch's Hut Bonus
Mysterious Tree Mysterious Tree Trunk Mysterious Tree Bonus
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