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Arrest the killer now!
Leonard Butler: Coul, we've had enough of your lies, we know you killed Cyril!
Coul dé Bristynt: What do you mean? I didn't kill anyone, I swear!
Leonard: You thought your little 'summoning' would throw us off your trail but you can't stop <RANK> <PLAYER> once they're on the case!
Leonard: To start off, why did you kill Cyril in the first place? To hide the secret of the brainwashing technique?
Coul: Brainwashing? What brainwashing? I don't know what you mean... Just leave me alone...
Coul: I don't know what's happening anymore. I woke up yesterday without remembering what happened the day before... I'm going crazy!
Leonard: Hey, hey Coul calm down, no need to cry! Please just be calm and tell us what you mean.
Coul: I don't know! I don't know what happened, I don't remember killing anyone...
Leonard: Umm <RANK> <PLAYER>, I actually don't know what to do here. If he doesn't remember killing Cyril and is having a breakdown, should we still bring him to court?
Leonard: Right, let's bring him back to the station so Peter can have a talk with him, maybe then we'll find out something...

Leonard: This is a tough case to crack, I really hope Peter can tell us what's going on with Coul.
Leonard: You think this could be related to the brainwashing? Like maybe the mastermind behind it tried to hide his secrets by making someone kill Cyril?
Peter Maryson: Hey guys, got some news for ya!
Peter: After having a talk with Coul and looking at my files I had left over from Caroline, I can confirm Coul was inflicted by the same brainwashing!
Peter: What's interesting is that it seemed to have a very different effect on him than it had on Caroline.
Leonard: So what do we do now? Is he still going to prison?
Peter: I was on the phone with Judge Anemone and she told me that a trial will be held tomorrow after I had some more time analyzing the effect the brainwashing had on Coul.
Leonard: Well this case turned out differently than I expected, but that doesn't mean we're stopped in our tracks!
Leonard: <RANK> <PLAYER>, let's continue our investigation and make sure this crazy criminal is behind bars!

Loss of Heart and Soul (3/6)

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